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Red hair Sumo said with a smile, "Why don’t Brother Wu come to my place for a little sit-down? I just happen to have a few drinks and do my best!"

"This …"
Qunlong was stuck.
They came to meet Wu Ri and go to Cang Long Long Cang.
I didn’t expect to be picked up by Su Mo halfway now.
And Su Mo body candle dragon little master they are not good to refuse.
The consciousness of the dragons looked at Wu Li.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ten Kill!
Wu crime one leng.
Intuitively, he felt that something was wrong with it.
He has never met a young master in Candle dragon, let alone friendship. The young master in Candle dragon seems to be too enthusiastic.
But he can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong.
But Wu crime also didn’t think much.
Although Taigu Jiuzu is not harmonious, there is no deep hatred.
He came to the Dragon Skeleton Valley as a wizard, and there would be no danger even if he didn’t receive him with courtesy.
What’s more, this is, after all, Candle dragon’s less dominant position, and his identity is quite.
Being able to make friends is not humiliating yourself.
On second thought, Wu smiled, "Well, it would be disrespectful if the friends of the Dragon and Candle Road warmly invited each other."
Sue ink nodded slightly sideways to make an invitation gesture wu crime side by side toward his cave.
The original meet Wu crime group dragon looked at each other.
Although they are all dragons, there are many dragons among them, but their status is not comparable to that of Su Mo, who can watch Su Mo take Wu Ri away.
Many Candle dragon have long heard that they are curious to see Su Mo coming towards this side with Wu Ri.
"Not the kui is a small main face is big enough to invite all the witch owners here."
"That is to see that two people seem to have some friendship?"
The dragons are talking.
Listening to the surrounding discussion, Wu Yan smiled slightly and said, "Although it is the first time for us to meet, I have an illusion in my heart that we seem to have known each other for a long time."
"This is not an illusion."
Sue ink footsteps seemingly random said 1.
Wu crime look zheng at that time didn’t want to Bai Sumo the implication of this sentence.
"Daoyou, does this mean that we have met before?"
Wu Crime reveals the color of memory and muses, "This is the first time that I have met a Taoist friend from the memory of Ghost Curse Cemetery."
Su Merton stopped, turned around, and the corners of the mouth of the mask slightly tilted and said, "Of course we have met."
Wu crime consciousness asked.
"Just now."
Sue ink with a sigh seems to blame wu crime so quickly forget.
This sigh came to Wu’s ears, and he suddenly felt a chill in his back and his hair stood on end!
At this time, his mind is still a mess.
But I don’t know looking at Su Mo’s face with a latosolic red mask, he has a thrill!
Just met?
What do you mean?
Wu crime mind faintly flashed Su Mo figure.
But soon this guess was denied by him.
That’s impossible!
Sumo has been separated from overseas. Terrans can never enter this place!
Then what does this Candle dragon young master mean?
"Daoyou, take off your mask."
Wu crime frowning slightly and staring at Su Mo slowly said, "Since you invited me, I should be honest and secretive."
Normally, when he visits a dragon, even if he sees a dragon wearing a mask, he has no interest in asking the other party to pick it.
This is too polite.
What’s more, this is Candle dragon Shaozhu.
But at this time, there was an anxiety in Wu’s heart, and he felt that the other person’s eyes looked at him with a trace of ridicule, pity and sadness.
This is by no means normal!
At this time, there are a lot of Candle dragon here. Seeing that the two people are eccentric, they all look over here.
Su Mo stretched out his palm and slowly took off his mask to reveal a slightly handsome face. He smiled at Wu Ri and said, "You have no chance."
This is the last sentence that Violet said to Wu Ri before she left.
Now this sentence is simply a death warrant from the dragon’s real mouth!
Wu looked at this familiar face in front of him, and his pupils contracted violently, and he felt that his scalp was almost scared out of his wits!