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This time, Tianyu has shrunk by nearly two thirds, and the recovered money is almost 7%. At that time, the proportion of game coins was 1:5, and the game coins were quite lost by 3.5 billion.

Tianyu hasn’t figured it out yet. Almost all of the two big investments have lost blood, and everyone is in Tuen Mun. All the analyses are also very practical.
Tianyu’s "think impassability" will be solved in the near future when he meets his first little friend.
Remembering his past life, I made up my mind that my two investments were bleak, and Tianyu was shaken in my heart.
"Even if you know the business opportunities in the future, can you really be as profitable as a businessman in the game? And Yan also said that my rebirth may affect this era and I don’t know if it will affect dnf changes … "Tianyu seriously pondered the feasibility of this road.
"But did you have any other advantages besides knowing dnf like the back of your hand in your previous life?" Tianyu thought of here and shook his head.
Young people who don’t work hard, old disciples are sad to think here, and Tianyu is lost in his heart.
"If you really go to college in five years, you will almost waste four years, and the third school is the most expensive … This kind of investment is a huge burden for money and life now, and it is also a burden at home."
Then Tianyu finally made a decision that shocked his parents.
"Go back early and talk to your parents … but this university banquet is all set. If you let friends and relatives know that you suddenly don’t go to college …" Tianyu gathered her eyebrows and thought about the influence of this decision.
"Although I don’t know if this is a forced reversal of what has happened, the terrifying hints that it should be for me to complete this agreement through games. This should be the’ window’, so it’s better to take it one step at a time."
It is also because he wants to live, he must earn millions in five years by his own ability, but now he seems unable to find such a suitable job. The only hope is to rely on his own understanding of dnf and make huge purchases every time he has a business opportunity.
He knows a lot of people who make money in the game, but he doesn’t know if he has earned millions in five years, but Tianyu wants enough money, business opportunities, accurate means and malicious profits will naturally float like snowflakes.
However, in any case, this is an unprofessional "manner", and parents must not understand it, and then they can explain why.
Really "can rely on their own ability" …
At this time, it is already eleven o’clock at night, and Hymie has made three people stay up all night.
Tianyu just sat in front of his brain and thought for an hour.
"In five years, I almost smashed 30,000 rb, and I just saw that bloody knife in pk, which is almost 5. In the future, all kinds of gift packages will be opened, and it will cost less. I heard that this game is also quite economical compared with other online games, but the number of players should be as good as other games in terms of profit." Tianyu continued to analyze the feasibility of being a game merchant
"Well … I’m a layman in this respect, but I know how to do business opportunities … Let me think again …" Li Tian seems to want to find something from his past life memories.
"That street fighter just now … I remember that I wanted to learn to be a businessman when I had my physical strength card. At that time, I seemed to be reading a post called Mark Jiong’s writing" The Road of High-end dnf Businessmen in the Game "(comments), and the landlord’s writing was really sharp, although it looked like a novel … When it comes to novels, what I have encountered now is more like a novel … The promise of rebirth and death …" Tianyu thought of some self-mockery here, but everything has already been so bloody.
"The story is about a team, in which the technician in charge of propaganda is a female street fighter, that is, he guided the pk attack speed theory. Of course, the price of attack speed and speed release equipment was so expensive later. I don’t know if those people were cheating, but in my opinion, everyone pk will notice this sooner or later, and then everyone will pay attention to the output and blood volume on the three-speed basis, otherwise it won’t be sky-high when the hp limit card is released. At that time, the tree essence hp limit card is much more expensive than the attribute attack card!"
"Well, anyway, after reading that story, I feel that success requires a group of like-minded people." Tianyu thought of this and paused to look at Xia Peng and Haimi on both sides. "After graduating from college, they seem to be doing well. I can’t change their life choices because of my personal interests. I can take my time …"
Now that you have made up your mind to make money by playing games, you have to start planning.
Now, I don’t want to say that the start-up fund for the game business is that I haven’t even added a level 5 account to the game. I don’t know what to do. For a novice business, it is really difficult for Li Tianyu to start from scratch. Worse, he is a failed businessman with the shadow of hoarding goods …
"Since I don’t know what to do for the time being, I must change what I know in my mind about dnf because the price has changed. Make a statistic on the huge equipment and calculate as much as I can think of! But here … It’s better to go home and make a record, or it’s too painful for Xia Penghai to see it and can’t explain it. "
Tianyu self-care nodded and then looked at the desktop game window and moved his gunman in Hutton Mar.
Since we have determined our future development route, the way to start is to accumulate through learning.
And the 6-line trading channel is a natural learning base.
Chapter 10 There is no’ cheap’ cheap
Aside Xia Peng and Haimi are playing pk in full swing, and they have called Tianyu several times, but there is no way to brush the pk channel for several times and it has been full.
Of course, Tianyu didn’t have pk momentum at this moment because he had more important things to do.
The 6-line trading channel is crowded with people, even in the early hours of the morning, the number of people has not decreased at all.
It’s the last days of the summer vacation, and the student parties cherish the dnf game time, but in the trading floor, the accounts are wandering the street with different purposes.
"Selling Long Ming leggings costs money."
"10000 Wan Ren holy light sword, please welcome the deal! ! ! ! !”
"The most bloody shoulder pad wants to talk to me privately …"
"Day wedding don’t play the ink bamboo gouge out heart streamer all kinds of packaging materials a gold coin! Don’t miss it when you pass by! " ……
The white font of the trading channel is moving rapidly in the chat box, and Tianyu carefully looks at the names of the equipment they receive and carefully examines the goods and prices of each booth.
As soon as I went to a bunch of players’ gathering places, I saw an old trick-1 gold coin throwing equipment.
In those days, Tianyu passed 110,000 colors with millions of seconds. Now I recall how stupid I was.
"If you really don’t play, then don’t play. Do you have to shout loudly in the channel to send equipment? Some even brushed the horn and said that they would send 880,000 red envelopes when the players gathered. When the players gathered, it was a stall. It seemed that all the transactions were a gold coin to sell materials, but suddenly several materials were changed to expensive prices to sell him unprepared and make a lot of money. "Tianyu looked at the other party and began to shout countdown, remembering this scam in his heart.
What’s even more interesting is that this trick was enjoyed by people until their sudden death. I really don’t know how many newcomers will be involved in this game.
Tianyu looked at the 30,000 game coins in his bag and immediately waited for the scam shop to "open"
"In fact, if you slow down, you haven’t played for a long time. It’s to exercise your eyesight and hand speed." Tianyu put the mouse on the other side to spread the name and waited for the change of several Chinese characters.
When the other party finishes counting down, the name of the store becomes "send", and finally it can be opened.
After Tianyu opens, there are colored and four-color crystals and various materials, such as rags, rusty iron sheets, furnaces and rocks, which are cheap materials.
"It’s a gold coin. Well, it’s the first time to reduce everyone’s alertness. The second time, it should still be a gold coin. Then the third time should be the time to cheat …" Tianyu’s heart analyzed the psychology of the other party. If Tianyu was allowed to cheat, he would ask himself that it would be "one has two and no three".
But Tianyu didn’t even think about being cheated in the game! Let’s put aside this practice first. Does it count as what Yan Yan said? Even in the past life, he didn’t have this idea. Don’t forget that he was cheated by his profession!
Cheating money and equipment to tell the truth is not terrible for Tianyu. Only cheating feelings … The so-called cheating on the highest level is cheating on the walking dead. It is conceivable that Tianyu hates cheating ()
Moreover, Tianyu has been cheated since he played this game, and he has never cheated anyone. This is also his life purpose. After all, whether his father graduated from college or a rural teacher was educated since childhood determines his nature. "You can guard against people’s hearts, but you can’t harm them." "Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you." These are also taught by his father since childhood.
Tianyu bought several small crystals in the first round.
The second round began. Tianyu opened a shop and looked at the sharp decline in quantity. The material was still a gold coin, and the hand was slow to arrive.
It’s time for the third round of the horse
"Everyone noticed that this guy is cheating and may modify the material price!" Tianyu quickly typed these words in the chat box and then kept clicking on the chat box and pressing the arrow key to repeat the sentence just now.
Tianyu interface immediately pop up a flashing dialog box.
Tianyu looked at the dialog id, and it was a stall to cheat and smile.
There are these words in "mind your own business"
"Mind your own business, nb" Tianyu answered in the private chat box.
Then he continued to open the chat box and brush his words. Even if the chat box flashed again, he ignored it. It must be some dirty words.