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It’s beautiful to think about it

However, the appearance of nightmare dogs also proves that they really can’t stay here. I believe there will be more such monsters following this evil smell soon.
Because I didn’t think it was the dog demon forest vision cover-up effect, it didn’t take a long time to wave a star god card.
When the interval is good, immediately summon two Spirit.
At level 5, his learning is "concerted efforts", which allows the same type of Spirit to be summoned at the same time by one of the longer intervals.
In this way, what does he care about? Directly summon the two super meat shields, the magic cow and the shining golden beast. Even if something goes wrong, they can be crushed in front. The worst thing is to let them escape behind the scenes … and because he has nothing else to take out, Spirit.
"Go" greeted Li Qianru.
Li Qianru immediately told the novel "Our side has been attacked, and they don’t know how" that she was very worried about Mu Jiao Jiao’s situation.
Wu Xiaojian is also worried.
Just now, Chen Ying didn’t contact them, so it can’t be ruled out that they have been killed or in a place where there is no way to reply. The safest way is to go and see for yourself.
The scenery outside this temporary rental place is more spectacular. An obvious word is called’ monster siege’
The whole city has been occupy by monsters and ghost gushing out of that yellow world, and it has become a world more exaggerated than Resident Evil.
Flying in the sky and running on the ground all have density.
"Ice flow burial!"
The walkway is in the area of ice flow burial. The ice sculpture of the monster was chopped by Li Qianru in a chain and shuttled back and forth to harvest, all of which were broken into ice powder.
….. A skill can kill a dozen or twenty samples.
"We are so clear about the past."
Now the stairs are full of all kinds of monsters. It takes a long time to clean up the past, not to mention whether it will be exhausted.
She began to realize that in Resident Evil, when the hero and heroine met a large group of zombies, they all chose to escape first.
It’s also true that I realized it now.
Bites don’t mutate because they have a special epidemic, but they are really surrounded. If they want to break through, they will definitely be exhausted. There is no more play in it!
"Come on!"
Wu Xiaojian suddenly waved to her and knew she was right.
Now the two of them have cleared to the third floor, and there is a ventilation window next to the corner of the stairs. It is very small and it is absolutely impossible for adults to pass through except children.
Li Qianru saw Wu Xiaojian squat down and let her look back.
Wu Xiaojian’s eyes motioned for her to move quickly. Now is not the time for them to dawdle.
"Ok …"
Li Qianru agreed to go although she hesitated and couldn’t figure out what the hell he was doing.
Wu Xiaojian took her two thighs and put her palms on her hips to make her dissatisfied and patted him on the shoulder.
Wu Xiaojian gave a casual smile and said, "I’m a pig’s daughter-in-law." He made a small joke to tell her not to be so nervous. There is a way to do it with him.
Suddenly, my eyes became serious and I ordered the magic cow to "attack here!"
The sword fight, the magic cow, and the stupid brain obeyed his order and gave up blocking. All kinds of ghosts poured in from the stairs. The workman turned around and chopped the wall directly with an axe in that transom.
"Jump! Brutal collision! "
Wu Xiaojian knew that they were so slow to clean up and didn’t know that it was going to be a long time. He directly ordered the sword fight magic cow to forcibly open the way and ordered it to "stab the wheel" like a pangolin shining beast. He didn’t forget that this new kid’s ability to open the way was as good as that of the sword fight magic cow.
Two Spirit jumped into this big hole at his command, and the newly landed horse released their skills to open the way.
Wu Xiaojian also jumped behind Li Qianru’s back, trying to avoid those monsters’ attacks. Don’t be hit by them. The speed of the boots is faster than that of the two Spirit’s.
Li Qianru immediately understood that Happy hugged his neck and pecked at his left face as a reward.
Wu Xiaojian also smiled and touched her full hip. He preferred the reward here. Li Qianru was so angry that he beat him hard on his shoulder. He dared to take advantage of her like this outside.
Two violent Spirit opened the way, and two people and two beasts quickly rushed back to their old residential buildings.
Wu Xiaojian is also glad that he deliberately chose a place not far away to rent when he came back for convenience. Otherwise, the road will take longer, it will take more energy and it will be a bit of a steal. He chose to be a summoner and have a good baby in Spirit. Otherwise, they will not want to leave the building if their fighting capacity is exhausted.
"I wonder what happened to the warblers."