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Yao Xue pointed to the cloth bag in Su Mo’s hand and said, "This thing is an object bag, which is very common in the field of repairing reality. Almost everyone will wear a dry kunke with many things."

"But the bag can only be played if it is stimulated by aura."
As she spoke, Yao Xue took a bag and slapped it on the palm of her hand and fell out of a pile of things, mostly bottles and dozens of fist-sized stones.
"This is the essential consumption of the spiritual stone, which is divided into three levels. Of course, there are also extremely spiritual stones. These dozens are spiritual stones."
"Spirit root can be roughly divided into five categories: pseudo spirit root, common spirit root, spirit root and the rarest spirit root …"
Yao Xue is very clever, and seems to see that Su Mo is curious about the fix-true, so he explains some common sense of fix-true.
These things are rare, and Su Mo is hard to listen to.
One side humbly asks for advice, and the other side knows it’s already dawn, so the night has passed.
Even those who fix the truth will be tired after a sleepless night.
Su Mo stood up apologetically and said, "Miss Yao, thank you for your generous advice on these things."
Yao Xue laughed. "If you want to thank me, give me three Cang Lang skins. This is also the purpose of my visit."
There are hundreds of Su Mo in Cang Lang Pi’s cave. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Take whatever you want."
Yao Xuedao said, "The real spirit beast is covered with precious fur, which is a necessity for the operator. If you sell many spirit skins in this cave, you can exchange a lot of spirit stones."
Just now Yao Xue told Su Mo that there are four kinds of people who fix the truth, and their status is extremely special, even higher than that of ordinary people.
An alchemist can refine Dan medicine. There are many kinds of Dan medicine, and a wide range of ways is indispensable for the practitioner.
The refiner can refine the lingqi of different orders, and the lingqi is the most obvious and necessary thing for the practitioner to improve his strength.
It is a kind of symbol to make the symbol ofuda Yao resist the seven siege of joy before the snow. If it were not for this diamond symbol, Yaoxue would have been defeated and captured.
The array master is proficient in array law, and together with some large doors, the large array will be protected. If the person who fixes the truth falls into the array law arranged by his opponent, he will be restrained everywhere and will be worried about his life.
Of course, if you want to become one of these four types of practitioners, you must have spiritual roots to become a practitioner.
Su Mo shook his head. "Even if I can change LingShi, I won’t."
"Why not?"
Yao Xue immediately said, "You should know that a lingshi is worth thousands of dollars. There are various things sold in some firms in the repair world, but all of them are lingshi transactions. If you have enough lingshi, you can even release some practitioners to complete it. Of course, the higher the level of practitioners, the more expensive the price will naturally be."
I heard that Sue ink heart move vaguely feel this LingShi oneself may really get it.
Pondering over a little Sumo, he asked, "What realm practitioners are Huanxi Seven?"
Yao Xuedao said, "The weakest of the two guards is the five-story trainer who escaped, and the fattest and most powerful one is the seven-story trainer."
Sue ink nodded his head.
After all, a year’s experience has not been in vain, and now even the practitioners are no match for him.
Su Mo has a feeling that even the nine-story practitioner is run by his melee!
Of course, there is a premise that the other party will not make the first move.
Actually, flying the imperial sword consumes aura. In the fight, both the practitioners and the Godsworn Tsukiji will try their best to protect the aura attack means.
Even if you fly the sword, the other person can attack you by stepping on the ground and controlling the flying sword.
Few practitioners and Godsworn Tsukiji will attack while flying with their swords.
This will not only distract you, but also greatly increase the consumption of aura.