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At this time, a colorful light flowed out of Xiao Zhan’s body and quickly calmed down the withered meridians. The colorful heat flow went all the way and flowed into the Pan Longding Pan Longding, where the flames were instantly annihilated.

The huge red dragon, whose eyes have been closed, suddenly opened its eyelids and uttered an earth-shattering dragon song.
"Mom, what the hell is this artifact? Is this dragon alive?"
Shaw war was immediately startled by this idea, but the thought of what the dragon follows the beast in the novel is the younger brother’s story behind him and immediately smiled.
"The Four Elephants Eucharist is indeed the Four Elephants Eucharist. It’s worth the effort to help you." The cheap master squinted and laughed.
When the red dragon opened its eyes, Xiao Zhan felt that the blood in his body was boiling, and it seemed that he wanted to burst through the body.
"What is this?"
"Is this guy going to eat me?"
"If you can’t be old and have a good youth to squander, don’t be buried in the dragon’s belly?"
"Not good hot old really want to become warped braid …"
Xiao Zhan’s body is changing. Although the colorful warm current has stopped the heat wave of Panlongding, the red dragon has been shocked by Tianlong Yin, but it has been echoing Xiao Zhan’s body, which makes his blood boil as uncomfortable as being in a fire.
Xiao Zhan’s body is red and full of hot breath, and the body spreads, and the bones, meridians and internal organs are all hot. Even the blood becomes hot, and the pain in his place is so hard that Xiao Zhan almost fainted several times.
"Hey, it seems so small that Panlongding Shenlong wants to help you transform your body. It’s really lucky, lucky …"
Cheap teacher with a full face of surprise staring at shaw war has become red and cooing.
"Hey hey so harmony not only helps you to transform your body, I’m afraid your personality will also change greatly. It’s a generation of madmen who have withstood the dragon soul purgatory. It’s much worse than the old man’s half-hanging mad god …"
Shaw war doesn’t know what’s going on in my mind. The red dragon wants to eat himself, just like in the novel. Naturally, it won’t let him succeed. Although the soul force is very weak, it’s hard to hold on with this obsession.
It lasted for half an hour, and Xiao Zhan didn’t know how many times he had gone through the test of life and death, and finally gritted his teeth and persisted.
"Master, you lied to me …"
After the dragon soul purgatory, Xiao Zen came to say a word and fainted.
"Smelly little cheap also tell if the teacher can have you this kind of opportunity in those years will not be beaten by those old guys to survive." Cheap teacher a burst of aggrieved pointing to Xiao Zen scold scold Youzi sigh "Dragon soul purgatory is a fart compared with those guys’ attack. Hey hey, good apprentice master’s revenge plan will fall on you …"
There is a dead chess on a table in the shabby thatched cottage.
Two old men sat at the table with ginseng dolls squatting beside the bed and kept scratching their heads and faces with plaits.
"Is he all right, senior?"
Ginseng old man has lost chess glanced at his bed shaw war some concerns asked.
"Hey, hey, it’s okay. This little born cockroach can’t die."
Cheap master looks like he has no liver or lungs and waves his hand.
"But you should wake up."
Cheap teacher walked to the front of the bed ginseng doll head shrank to one side just then shaw war in a daze with your eyes open.
"Master, what’s wrong with me? Where’s the artifact? You didn’t take it, did you? "
Shaw war woke up and patrolled around and found no dissatisfaction with Pan Long Ding Ying and cried to the cheap master.
"Hey hey old guard you a night also don’t ask old tired not tired mouth is artifact true his niang heartless …"
"Ah … hey hey, master, you have a lot of adults who won’t dispute with your disciples? Where is my artifact? Did you help the apprentice put it away? "
"You’re a ghost. Now Pan Longding has recognized that your Lord is naturally in your body."
Cheap teacher played a shaw war head muttered turned away.
"Strange dragon soul purgatory didn’t work? How is this little character still this picture? "
Sure enough, as soon as Shaw War closed his eyes and settled his mind, he saw a huge red dragon hovering in his mind. At this moment, the Panlong tripod has once again become a bronze tripod, which is circled by three bronze dragons, and the tripod body is carved with three bronze dragons. The huge top cover is still carved with three bronze dragons to make up the 99 number. It looks quite spectacular.
"Darling proved to be a good baby. Just look at the modeling of the earth and wait for the process. Then calculate the age value. Is it that antiques are always made …"
Shaw war mouth smile crooked, but this idea is not realistic.
"Hey hey artifact have is this big guy exactly to do? Still want to ask the old guy … "
At the sight of the huge red dragon Xiao Zhan, I felt a chill. This time, the red dragon seemed to be sleeping soundly, and there was no sudden ghost call. Recalling the pain of the dragon soul purgatory, Xiao Zhan was in a cold sweat.
"Since you are already a crazy temple person, I will teach you how to watch the housework in the crazy temple. Do you want to learn?"
The cheap master said outside the thatched cottage that he jumped out as soon as he heard what he wanted to learn.
"After learning the master and his legacy, my brother has tried his best to study until he beat the master …"
"Well, this is not his legacy …"
"Of course, I mean to study hard and help the master stand tall."
"thud …"
Cheap master gave Xiao Zhan a chestnut "that doesn’t need to beat the master."