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"There are still ten thousand people who have to sell a purple card every day for ten days …" Erxiu typed in the management group and said.

"Well, the event was on January 13th, and today is January 13th. If it is sold in an auction house, it may not be cleaned up before the event unless a’ kill price’ is given," Tianyu typed back.
"What price do you mean by’ spike price’?" Two whew typing asked
"At present, the price of purple cards has risen to 50,000 seconds, which is almost 150,000. Of course, in this period, 10,000 yuan will definitely be sold by seconds. If we play price reduction, we might as well play price reduction war with other businessmen," Tianyu typed and explained.
The meaning in the message from Erxiu Bai Tianyu.
The so-called "spike price" is not too surprising. It is controlled at one piece. Now the price difference is about 50,000. It is estimated that someone will leave in a lot of seconds.
Imagine that the current card price is 50 thousand. If someone in the auction house sells hundreds of cards at the price, the businessman will naturally analyze them when he sees them
50,000 MINUS 10,000 can still earn 51,000 cards, and 50,000 will be tens of millions of profits. If it is cashed, it may be hundreds of dollars.
It’s like a factory selling directly and a factory looking for an agent to earn the difference in the market.
Tianyu, they are manufacturers now, and what they want now is to let the "agents" who see the price difference share part of the goods in their hands.
However, if you really want to recruit "agents", Tianyu will also "direct sales".
Once this happens, it will harm the interests of the "agent"
But Tianyu can’t care so much. Who told these "agents" to set up when they saw the card at the price difference and wanted to make money?
This reflects the difference in sales methods, and another is to engage in price war.
Bargaining is the most common among businessmen.
For example, at this time, other sellers sell purple cards for 50,000 yuan, and they have built hundreds of them for 40,000 yuan. Other sellers will continue to build their own card racks when they see someone pushing down the price. The price may be 30,000 yuan, which will definitely be lower than Tianyu’s.
And Tianyu continues to build purple cards here. At this time, the price is lower than 30 thousand, which may be 10 thousand
As a result, the price of the second card is declining with the price reduction of several’ wave’ merchants.
Until it is low enough for merchants to understand or the price is low enough for players to buy, then the card price will not continue to fall.
The reason may be that businessmen see the opportunity to sell at a low price for seconds and then speculate the card price for profit.
Another reason is that it is so low that the majority of players want to buy it, so that the sales volume will be left by the players before the seller comes to lower the price, and the price will naturally remain low.
The price war can more truly reflect the price of the black trader without the intervention of the black trader.
Tianyu, they are now faced with the choice of these two sales methods.
"The auction house’s sales model is very suitable for playing a price war, but … if the price war is fought, the sales volume will definitely not increase unless we push it to a level that other sellers can’t accept, reflecting a certain price difference … thus, we will return to the way of showing the price difference to sell cards." Erxiu typed and analyzed.
"Yes, I’ve thought about it. To clear so many cards in our hands quickly, we must do both."
"You mean to bargain in the auction and then sell it to bulk merchants in other channels?"
"That’s right"
Chapter 948 Shout the transaction.
Now that the plan has been decided, we have to look at the details (
In this period, the game is also like "spring bamboo shoots" after the rain. There will definitely be many people hanging up and shouting on each channel.
Of course, the right horn message is also full of all kinds of shouting messages.
"Online brothers work harder and look at the account area under their jurisdiction," Tianyu personally typed in the online group.
"Brother Xiong, what you said is really a stranger. It’s not that we help Brother Xiong and the second husband to handle these cards without pay and earn money. Brothers should work hard." All kinds of difficulties set an example in the group, so typed.
"That’s true, but there are still ten days to go. Whether the sales can be completed depends on the success of everyone’s respective sales and the degree of heart. It is still calculated by 1%." Tianyu typed back.
They looked at 1% into stupid’ desire’ to move.
This time, the amount of goods’ delivered’ is much larger than the bone ring.
At the beginning, a bone ring sold for 100 million yuan, and we became 10 thousand yuan.
This time, one purple card and five pink cards will take ten thousand percent’ pay’ price for the former and ten thousand percent’ pay’ price for the latter.
In this way, there are 100 million barters in front and 500 million barters behind, totaling 500 million.
This 500 million has achieved 250 million with only 1%
If this money is cashed, it will be more than 1 yuan
Making more than one yuan in ten days is quite satisfactory for the line.
Of course, these data are all theoretical, and how much each line will earn will definitely be different.
But in any case, if the benefits are enough to lure people, they will be full of motivation.
After Tianyu commanded, each district line began to focus on the area under its jurisdiction.
In the game, because there are scattered merchants, you will often see some merchants collecting miscellaneous things in the horn news.
Professional businessmen are the owners of expensive equipment, while amateur businessmen collect some cheap shippers but win by quantity.
Cheap traders need relatively less funds, and the quantity can be selected flexibly, which is suitable for businessmen with insufficient funds.
It is not a problem for buyers to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars for a piece of sky-high equipment.
Therefore, how much money you have and what kind of businessman you are willing to become depends on your will and courage.
On the birth day of this card synthesizer, naturally, many businessmen will shout cards on the loudspeaker.
And they shouted that the average price in the auction house was a little different.
If readers are not deeply impressed by the scene of calling for cards, they must remember some kinds of calling for cards clearly.
"Millions of challenges, millions of horns, millions of heroic fates" and so on.
Here "10,000" is the price that the merchants are calling for.
This bidding price is in a certain knowledge.
Careful people will naturally compare the selling price in the auction house with the price they bid.
Once compared, it is not difficult to find that the price they bid is actually a certain amount cheaper than the auction house.
For example, in the auction house, the price of "crazy’ chaotic’ demon challenge" is 351 pieces at the moment, and the price they are calling for may be 30 thousand; The price of the horn in the auction house during this period is 130 thousand, and the price they bid for may be less than 110 thousand
The same is true for other vendors.
It is because of this price difference that these businessmen enjoy it.
For Tianyu Line, it’s almost like finding the "gold master" to see the card horn shouting and receiving.