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There are heavy armor shining with golden light.

Yes, riding a dragon with wings like a giant lizard
There’s a big horse riding in armor and holding a pike!
This is a protoss army!
The former protoss is temptation.
This time, the protoss really launched an offensive against the wild mainland. The first protoss is strong and horrible, even if it is a picture, it makes the three people feel stuffy and suffocated!
This is the protoss emperor!
And more than one!
This picture shows the same words as the fifth picture-Taikoo War.
"I know!"
Extremely angry, he said, "Long Huang, Kun Peng and the Great Fierce clan launched an ancient war against Kunlun and the protoss also launched a war against the wild!"
"The world knows about the earth-shattering war outside Kunlun, but it doesn’t know that there is a god in the depths of Kunlun, facing the wild and blocking the valley of God alone against the protoss army to protect Kunlun!"
"This is the real ancient war!"
Three people staring at this scene I don’t know eyes gradually red.
Throughout the ages, the world has misunderstood God.
Gods are taboo.
But he’s not killing god, but guarding the true god of the wild!
The three-person method imagines what would happen to the wild land of Kunlun without the protection of these two gods.
These two pictures stopped for a long time before three people moved on to the seventh picture.
The seventh picture vaguely shows that the Taikoo War is over.
The Kunlun Mountains have been completely ruined, and the bones are covered with blood.
The mountains and rivers are broken, the sky is pierced, the stars are destroyed, and it is devastated and desolate.
There are bodies of all protoss piled up in Zhashen Canyon.
There are no more protoss coming out of the colorful Guanghua Cave.
There are many protoss bodies with purple paralysis, and the breath of life is rapidly passing away, but my eyes are dim and I still stare at that cave stubbornly!
Gold has been defeated and has retreated to the valley of the god of slaughter, and purple stands side by side.
And the two taboos, Long Huang and Kun Peng, left the big fierce clan all the way to kill Jin Cheng and came here to see the scene of killing God Canyon.
As if for an instant, the two taboos cleared everything up.
The two taboos faced two gods and bowed their heads to show remorse.
But the ancient war has been saved by law.
Both gods were seriously injured and saved the day!
This war exhausted all their lives!
At the end of the war, Zi Gui didn’t retreat half a step to cut off all protoss departments and kill God in the valley!
The seventh picture is taboo
The two gods, Long Huang and Kun Peng, suffered heavy losses in the first world war.
Two gods died physically.
Long Huang and Kun Peng were soon destroyed by the failure to hit Du Jie hard.
Su Mo finally came here for nothing. The elders of Candle Dragon once told him that Long Huang had regrets before he died.
That kind of regret is not caused by the scars of this war.
But because of Long Huang’s guilt for the two gods!
The ancient war was provoked by the protoss.
But not necessarily without the selfishness of Long Huang and Kun Peng!