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After all, the older you are, the higher your status is, the harder it is to change. Pei Fengping not only accounts for both, but also is the top in the same level. It is incredible that such a person can change his mind in his heart.

Therefore, she has never told Pei Fengping about this matter.
However, it seems that it is not impossible to think about Pei Fengping’s character and temper.
Thinking about Tian Tang, let people call So Chol in directly.
Since it’s Pei Fengping’s business, it’s better for So Chol, a student, to tell him in person.
After So Chol took the door, he was also puzzled.
"Xu touts want to trouble you to go back to the town of gods to meet Pei Lao" Tian Tang looked at So Chol.
So Chol looked at her in disbelief and quickly bowed down. "Did God make adults have orders?"
"No command" Tian Tang Xiao said in So Chol’s increasingly puzzled eyes "is to ask Pei Lao how to choose among the three attributes of intelligence, physical strength and agility?"
So Chol was stunned and his face slowly changed from shock to joy and excitement. "Does God make adults really mean this?"
"Well," Tian Tang nodded, "I think you should want to tell Pei Lao about it yourself."
"Yes," Xu Zheda replied. "Thank you. I’ll go back to the teacher. I’ll go back!"
Say that finish So Chol turned and ran outside.
Tian Tang watched him leave his back and shook his head. He turned around to go back to the desk and sat down. Suddenly he heard the shortness of breath behind him.
Looking back, I turned out to have just left So Chol.
"God has made adults a long way!"
Tian Tang couldn’t help but laugh and nod and promise "Well, you go."
Xu Zhe walked out again, this time slower than before, but when he walked out of the house, Tian Tang easily heard the sound of running away outside.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Addition effect
"Teacher, teacher! ! !”
"What’s the panic?" Pei Fengping listened to the familiar sound and walked out. "How can such a big person be so immature? Which child am I? "
"teacher!" So Chol quickly before, beside PeiFengPing, hand salute, face full of laughter to say exports is still the simplest words, "teacher, teacher …"
"Now, now," Pei Feng Pingnai sighed and took So Chol inside, talking as he walked. "When you were a child, I never saw you so detached. I always praised you, saying that you acted steadily. How can I praise you with others after you do this?"
"Teacher" So Chol followed Pei Fengping into the room step by step, regardless of what he said. He didn’t look at Pei Fengping with a smile until he recovered. "Does the teacher think that my intelligence is much higher this time?"
Pei Fengping looked back at him. "I taught you humility, not arrogance!"
"Teacher, what the students say is true, but do you seriously ask the teacher? Do you think the students are better than Qian Cong now?" So Chol carefully looked at PeiFengPing.
Pei Fengping frowned and thought for a moment. Even though his temperament was based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, he nodded his head. "It’s a bit. It can be said that you haven’t slackened off these years, which is not the reason for your pride."
So Chol told Zhao Tu something about loyalty, but so far Zhao Tu has not reached 1% loyalty.
He once wanted to tell Pei Fengping, but he knew Pei Fengping’s personality, Pei Fengping’s fairness, and no matter how much others said, it would not affect his thoughts unless he thought thoroughly.
There may even be rebellious psychology.
And it’s not like you can change your mind just by saying it.
For example, Li Erzhu and Li Erzhu knew about loyalty long ago, but it was his heart that really changed his mind rather than external influence that really reached the full value.
When Xu Zhe saw that Pei Fengping still kept his original education, he asked for a gradual deepening of his smile. "What the teachers and students said is true. Please sit down and tell the students in detail."
Take the game of life to the ancient section 166
So Chol holding PeiFengPing sat by himself and moved a chair, sitting opposite PeiFengPing, carefully explaining the loyalty and the attribute.
Among them, Lin Chengfu, Li Erzhu and Bai Guanzhong were also visited.
Lin Chengfu and Bai Guanzhong, like him, choose to add intelligence, which is inseparable from their physical intelligence, but they have a lot to do with those three attributes
Bai Guanzhong has always been in Shenshen Town. He is a little younger than Pei Fengping, but he is similar in age. Sometimes he will sit together and chat.
Pei Fengping also noticed Bai Guanzhong’s situation and noticed that something seemed to have happened to him, but he never liked to pry into other people’s privacy and never asked for it.
Now that So Chol said this, Pei Fengping quickly reacted to the situation of Bai Guanzhong and believed the information revealed in So Chol’s words a little more.
"When the teachers and students come back, they specially discuss with the teachers. Now the teachers have three attributes to allocate?"
"How could I have?" Pei Fengping frowned.