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As soon as Ling Youdao spoke, he was in charge of delivering the medicine bag containing the refined Polygalan auxiliary spirit.

After checking the mistakes, he sent people out to seal the alchemy room to refine polymagic pills.
Polypanacea is a second-order panacea, which is most suitable for monks to practice in the early stage of the foundation. Of course, monks in the middle stage of the foundation also have certain effects after this Dan practice, but it is definitely not as effective as monks in the early stage of the foundation.
In the later period of Tsukiji, the cultivation effect of this Dan by friar was negligible.
Ling Youdao is a second-order alchemist. It is not difficult for him to refine Polypanacea. The only thing that interests him is the rate of alchemy.
After all, the higher the rate of Dan formation, the more polypanacea can be refined, which means that more people can practice this Dan or more Dan.
Clean the furnace first and then start the fire to warm it up, which is also called preheating.
When the temperature is right, what panacea should be put in first in the order that has been arranged in advance? Put in what panacea and finally put in what panacea.
When each new elixir is put in, it is necessary to wait until one elixir is refined until the liquid part of the elixir needed for refining Polypanacea is refined, and then these refined elixirs are polymerized together.
Polymerization is orderly and cannot be polymerized at will.
Because different elixirs have different properties, random polymerization will not only lead to the failure of alchemy, but also have terrible consequences such as furnace explosion
Ling Youdao is not the first time to refine polymagic pills. He has refined them many times before going to the chain of Wan Islands, and he has rich experience.
It took him more than half a year to complete 40 heats of polymagic refining.
Four pills are less in each furnace, and six pills are more in one furnace.
Forty furnaces of Dan medicine produced a total of 219 polymagic pills, which were packed in jade bottles.
Even if the alchemist in the second order refines Polyhedron, the rate of alchemy will not be much higher than him.
When Shimen, an alchemist who had been closed for half a year, suddenly struck, the family monk who kept the door immediately handed over and said, "I have seen the elders."
Wen Yan Ling Youdao nods, "Clean up this alchemy room."
Ling Youdao took the refined poly-magic pill to find Ling Yuan as an alchemist, while two people cleaned the alchemist’s room. They were very serious and dared not be careless.
Ling Youdao saw Ling Yuanxiang say with smile, "Two grandfathers luckily didn’t fail to accomplish their mission, and a total of 210 poly-magic pills were refined."
He kept nine pills for himself and handed in 210 pills.
"How wonderful it is to have two hundred and ten pills. You have made great progress in alchemy. My fifth brother will be very happy if he knows."
"With this batch of poly magic clan, many elders’ strength will definitely rise."
He couldn’t help laughing at the thought of this.
Laugh and say, "Your family will have to reward you for refining Dan medicine this time."
Ling Yuanxiang thought for a moment and said, "Well, I’ll reward you with 500 points of family good work in ten pills of Poly Ling Dan. Are you satisfied?"
"listen to grandpa two."
"Well, that’s it."
With a wave of his hand, Ling Yuan, like a sleeve, waved ten pieces of stone, and a jade bottle filled with ten poly-magic pills flew to Ling Youdao.
After receiving the reward, he excused himself and returned to the top seven-room compound of Qingcang Mountain.
He gave Ling Yuanxiang ten pills of Polypanacea directly to Mu Yanran, hoping that she could break through to the middle of Tsukiji as soon as possible.
Then Ling Youdao went to the seven-room abode of fairies and immortals and quietly entered the sapphire glass bottle department.
After a while, I opened my eyes and saw that Lingtian had changed.
Accurately speaking, the elixir has changed. More than three years ago, it was transplanted in twenty or thirty years at most, and as small as ten years.
At present, none of the 30 elixirs is less than 40 years old, and none of them is less than 45 years old, and even more than one year old.
Rich aura can really accelerate the growth of elixir, but isn’t this growth rate terrible?
Chapter two hundred and forty-five Ten times the velocity
Ling Youdao can’t believe it.
"What the hell is going on?"
Both mortals and monks are afraid of the unknown.
"There will be such a big change in these gathering grasses in just three years?"
He is close to a julienne grass, and he is very familiar with this julienne grass.
Because this is the shortest one of all Chinese herbs, it is only fifteen years old when it is transplanted.
But at this time, look at the age of this juling herb, which has reached 45 years, with a difference of 30 years.
Three years and thirty years …
Ling Youdao suddenly had a bold guess, "Is it possible that a year has passed since ten years ago?"
Once you have this conjecture, Ling Youdao can’t help thinking about it.
He immediately went out of the sapphire glass bottle and returned to the abode of fairies and immortals, where he collected the jade bottle and went out.
Mu Yan ran is just not far from the abode of fairies and immortals, and you can see it here.
Seeing Ling Youdao coming out, she immediately came over and asked, "Brother Youdao, aren’t you practicing closed?"
"Oh, I came out to find something."
Ling Youdao said something perfunctory, but before Mu Yan ran continued to ask him, he had already offered the Xuanguang sword of Yin and Yang.
He bought a 10-day flower seed from the family charity hall and immediately returned to Guandong House.
Walking in front of Mu Yan ran, Ling Youdao didn’t talk to her.
Now his mind sapphire glass bottle wants to solve his doubts, and it’s hard to look forward to it at the moment.
Ling Youdao, with a wave of his sleeve, suddenly hit the stone gate of the abode of fairies and immortals, and he immediately jumped in, while the stone gate of the abode of fairies and immortals fell slowly again.
Before going in, he also looked up at the sun and remembered its position.
Mu Yan ran doesn’t blame Ling Youdao, but his heart is full of curiosity.