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"You can think it over. If you choose, then we will go out and register. If we register, there will be no room for regret." Zhai Lao finally felt unwilling and encouraged [

Thinking of A Dai’s poor life experience, he has never asked for anything since he followed himself. Now he has such a request. Can he still not satisfy it? Think of this suspection.i Zhantian and nodded firmly.
"Well, let’s go!" When Zhai Lao saw that he was determined, he stopped persuading him. Holding the lux armor, he walked towards the door, followed by Huangfu Zhantian holding the big stone.
When two people came to the door, they were all silly when they saw that Huangfu Zhantian came out with a big stone in his arms. wait for a while looked at him like an idiot. Huangfu Zhantian saw their eyes look red. If it weren’t for my A Dai, I would choose this stupid thing. Huangfu Zhantian was also unbalanced and thought angrily, but since he decided to have this thing, be calm. Don’t let them look down on themselves and think of Huangfu Zhantian. His face became very calm as if they didn’t look at himself.
It is incredible to see Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes become calm so quickly in the face of them. You know, he is still a child, and many adults can’t do this. How can a man be a fool if he can enter the palace treasure house to choose treasures? But since he is not a fool, why should he choose this broken stone?
"Are you sure you want this thing?" One of the guards kindly woke up Huangfu to fight heaven 3.
"Will this thing to register a" suspection.i Zhantian calm way.
As one pleases, the bodyguard, stopped asking. Anyway, it’s somebody else’s business to take something. I can’t think of it myself. The bodyguard started writing and asked, "Name treasure?" "HuangFuZhanTian this … this is called stone" The man picked up a pen and wrote the name HuangFuZhanTian in a volume; After writing the treasure stone, he wrote Zhai Bin again.
Then the man looked up at Zhai Laodao. "What is this in your hand, Zhai Laodao?" "Fire spirit armor" Zhai Lao replied.
After registering both things, Zhaibin and Huangfu Zhantian returned to the palace and told the emperor where they were staying, and then left the palace.
At the gate of the palace, "where are you going now, uncle Zhai?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"Go and see the teacher. I have been traveling outside for three years. It’s time to go back and see the teacher." Zhai Lao’s feelings Section 38: Evolution of A Dai 1
"Well, I still have some things to wait for. After I arrange things, I will also visit a Zhan Sen blade master." After all, Zhan Sen’s old man has taught himself so many things, so he is half a teacher. He has to go to see an old man’s house when he comes here.
Zhai Lao also knows that Huangfu Zhantian will go to the inn to see his little girlfriend. He is always disrespectful, hey hey, smile and then leave.
Huangfu Zhantian walked slowly towards the inn, and he finally asked the question out of his stomach.
"What’s so good about that broken stone? Why should I take such a broken stone? Didn’t you see the way those people look at me? Today, if you don’t give me a story, you won’t have any fruit porridge to drink. "Huangfu Zhantian has endured for a long time, and now he finally said it with a gun, and it’s a shame for this shameful guy to threaten A Dai with fruit porridge.
A Dai still screamed "making baby" and Huangfu Zhantian Nai still asked Xiaohei to be a translator [
"A Dai said that it wasn’t a stone, it was something delicious. It said that he wanted to eat it now." The little black faint way.
A Dai said it can eat this stone-like thing. I can’t believe it. Because of the hardness of the stone in the treasure house, Huangfuzhantian secretly tried to punch the face with his own strength, but nothing was left, while his hand was fixed. Huangfuzhantian couldn’t help secretly staggering. This stone is really hard. So hard can A Dai bite?
Huangfu Zhantian found a place where no one paid attention to it, and threw the thing that Huangfu Zhantian recognized as a broken stone in his hand into the small world. He just threw it in and saw A Dai fart and fart and ran towards the broken stone. A Dai put the stone in a claw face, which was very small for his body now. Huangfu Zhantian heard a "scratch" sound, and then there was a click sound. When he saw that the stone had lost a little face, he was bitten off with a small mouth. The color inside was not black as it looked. White is as milky as suet, and that piece was bitten off. A Dai’s mouth A Dai is clicking and eating vigorously. This situation makes Huangfu Zhantian very depressed. This A Dai doesn’t eat anything except Xiao Yan’s fruit porridge. Huangfu Zhantian tried to feed it the meat of Warcraft, but it seemed to be dismissive and didn’t even look at it, which made Huangfu Zhantian very depressed. Now it seems that he actually eats this strange stone. Huangfu Zhantian finally knows that it actually eats something else. Besides, this stone looks like it’s hard to find.
A Dai soon finished eating this bite, then took a bite and ate it with relish. I don’t know when it will be eaten at first sight. Let him eat slowly here. I’d better not watch it here or go back first, otherwise Xiao Yan and them should be worried.
And after visiting blade master, Zhan Sen, I have to go and see how Xiaoyu is doing, and see what he has achieved in cultivation. If there is anything else, Fang Jinyu doesn’t know where he is now. I don’t know if he went back with their college people. I should have asked a sunset emperor just now. He should have known Section 39: Evolution of A Dai.
Any suspection.i war horizon thinking about walking unknowingly went back to Xiao Yan where they settled. Any suspection.i war day went in and walked directly towards the building. The inn man knew him and knew that he was with the fairy girl, but it didn’t stop him.
After suspection.i Zhantian building, I knocked on the door of Tong Biao first. "Brother Tong, I’m back." The door "squeaked" and Tong Biao leaned out of the door. When he saw that it was suspection.i Zhantian, he knocked the door and asked, "What about Xiaotian? Have you informed my family? ""Well, I have informed my family that they are expected to come and pick us up soon. "After answering Tong Biao’s words, I asked," What about Xiao Yan? You haven’t eaten yet, "said Tong Biao." We haven’t eaten in Xiao Yan’s next room. "Speaking of this, Tong Biao was a little embarrassed." You didn’t leave us any money before you left … "I didn’t leave any money for them when I heard that Huangfu Zhantian. Where are they going to eat? I thought of this Huangfu Zhantian Heaven." Let’s go out and get something to eat. I’ll go back to my room and pack things. "Then Huangfu Zhantian went back to his room.
Why are you in such a hurry? It turns out that A Dai roared in a small world as if it was very painful, which made Huangfu Zhantian feel very anxious. Because A Dai was small, but he had never suffered so much. Is it that stone, mom? I knew it was not a good thing. It had to eat. Now it’s painful, right?
Although he blamed A Dai for disobedience in his heart, he was still very impatient with A Dai’s pain. After returning to the house, Huangfu Zhantian quickly flew into the small world and came to A Dai’s place. Now this small world is Huangfu Zhantian. Where he wants to go, he can reach it with an idea, and if others enter it, he needs an idea to destroy it. Of course, the former is that this person’s strength can’t exceed himself, otherwise he will be attacked by himself, and the realm will be retrogressed, but his mind will be disordered.
When Huangfu Zhantian came to A Dai, he saw that the stone at A Dai’s foot had disappeared, which made Huangfu Zhantian even more anxious. Since it disappeared, it means that this stone is now as big as a stone in A Dai’s belly. Even if it is not a stone, it is eating, then A Dai’s belly will definitely not be able to hold it [
At the thought of this suspection.i Zhantian, I quickly looked at A Dai. At this time, A Dai’s belly was not as big or flat as suspection.i Zhantian imagined, which made suspection.i Zhantian wonder where the stone went.
At this time, Huangfu Zhantian no longer thinks about this problem because A Dai has already started to roll in pain. Look at it. Its expression seems to bear any great pain, but there are waves in his mouth. Huangfu Zhantian is anxious, but he has no good way to watch A Dai’s pain, so A Dai can’t get close to him. Section 4: Evolution 1.
At this time, the little black voice came, "Master, don’t worry, A Dai, it’s okay. It’s just that it absorbs too much energy. This kind of pain is okay. After the pain, maybe A Dai will be different." Hearing the little black voice, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t rest assured, but worried and asked, "When will its pain end? And what exactly is this stone? What will make A Dai like this?" "It should be okay. This stone is not a real stone, but a stone that contains the energy of heaven and earth. I don’t know what was sealed by a hard thing, but I didn’t leak out the energy. The magic stone is the most abundant energy body in the world. A little bit of this magic stone is comparable to two pieces of seven-order Warcraft magic nuclei. A magic stone is almost the same as one hundred pieces of nine-order Warcraft magic nuclei. "Speaking of this, Little Black can’t neglect to know that his master is worried about A Dai." A Dai doesn’t know what Warcraft can actually swallow this magic stone. " You know, this stone is the hardest thing in the world. I didn’t expect it to be chewed up so easily by A Dai and eaten into my stomach. Look at A Dai, this sample should have evolved because of eating this thing. This is a good thing. Maybe it will become very powerful when A Dai’s evolution is completed. The owner doesn’t worry about this. "After listening to the little black words, Huangfu Zhantian gasped. I didn’t expect this stone to be so big that Huangfu Zhantian didn’t expect that A Dai could eat this sacred stone and it had to evolve. But it has no attraction for Huangfu Zhantian now. What he is most worried about now is whether A Dai can absorb the energy in this sacred stone to see A Dai’s pain. Huangfu Zhantian is also blocked in his heart, but Huangfu Zhantian has the ability to watch A Dai’s pain in this situation.
HuangFuZhanTian gaze after about a quarter of an hour, A Dai finally quiet, but at this time, A Dai seems to have just been fished out of the water, and he is all wet with sweat.
Huangfu Zhantian was just about to walk past when Xiaohei was a little envious. "Master A Dai is sleeping and digesting those energies. It seems that A Dai has got a great opportunity this time. Although A Dai is a strange Warcraft, it can’t digest it so quickly because it is still in its infancy, and it can slowly absorb these energies through painful dormancy." "How long will it last?" "It’s hard to say if A Dai wakes up, then I’ll inform the master." After listening to the little black words, I know that A Dai may have to sleep for a long time and I can’t wait here all the time. Let’s go out first, otherwise Xiao Yan and Tong Biao can’t wait for themselves to be anxious. I thought that this Huangfu Zhantian took a deep look at A Dai and then left the small world to go outside.
When Huangfu Zhantian went out, Xiao Yan and Tong Biao knocked at the door. Huangfu Zhantian should have rushed over to Section 41: Evolution.
"Xiaotian, what are you doing? So half a day to the door I also you don’t room? "TongBiao woman.she said, but it is full of affection.
Xiao Yan, on the other hand, finally breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Huangfu Zhantian with big watery eyes. "Don’t disappear later, otherwise I can’t bypass you!" Say that finish holding a fist waved.
"Ha ha, he must have disappeared for no reason." Huangfu Zhantian saw Xiao Yan like this and laughed. Now Xiao Yan is getting more and more prosperous. She is no longer blushing when she talks to people, but she still likes to blush from time to time.
Hearing Huangfu Zhantian laugh at her, she can stomp her little feet and say, "Don’t laugh at me and A Dai. I haven’t seen A Dai for a long time. I want to play with A Dai." Huangfu Zhantian can wry smile. "A Dai is evolving now, but it can’t play with you yet. Let it play with you after it has evolved!" Xiao Yan was disappointed and pouted. "Well," said Xiao Yan. "That pink and plump mouth really wants to take a bite. Huangfu Zhantian secretly swallowed saliva.
Reluctantly, he turned his eyes from Xiaoyan’s seductive mouth to Tong Biao’s way, "Brother Tong, let’s go to dinner. I’ll take you to eat delicious food, but first I have to find a friend and then we’ll go." "Friend? Male or female? " TongBiao hear any suspection.i war days immediately pricked up his ears and stared at his not too big eyes way [
"Ha ha, of course, it’s a man. Let’s go." Huangfu Zhantian laughed.
I don’t know what I heard when I heard that it was a male Xiao Yan’s heart. She couldn’t help but scold herself. Is this jealousy? I thought that Xiao Yan’s face was inevitable. Seeing that Huangfu Zhantian and his brother didn’t pay attention to themselves, they quickly lowered their heads.
Huangfu Zhantian said that his friend is of course a small fish. I haven’t seen him for so long, and I don’t know what happened to this little boy. He was more handsome than himself before. I hope he is not more handsome than himself now! Any suspection.i Zhantian very lewd thought.
Three people soon came to the sorcerer’s union, which was still so magnificent. Xiao Yan and Tong Biao shone fiercely at the moment, but now Huangfu Zhantian is not in the mood to see this thing. Now he wants to see the little fish early and see what happened to the little fish.
Huangfu Zhantian took Xiao Yan and Tong Biao and entered the wizard’s union. The reception was not an act of God, but another magic apprentice.
Hao Xing became a magic apprentice at the age of ten this year, which was the top news in their small village. Later, he was taken by the great magician Roque, who took a fancy to accepting his disciples and then joined the wizard’s union. Although the wizard’s union was so big, his talent was also very strong, which made him a little complacent. Later, Roque may see that Hao Xing is impetuous, and his impetuous personality is the main factor that hinders the wizard’s progress, so Roque transferred him to the door as a reception to let him hone more.
This incident made Hao Xing feel a big knot in his heart. He admitted that his teacher didn’t pay attention to what he was doing and didn’t do it seriously. He didn’t see someone coming in and others were busy. He couldn’t get up and receive Huangfu Zhantian. Section 4: Conflict 1
"Hello, I’d like to meet your elder Rox, please leave a message." Although Huangfu Zhantian is very anxious, I think that Rox is a senior after all, and I am still a small fish teacher myself, or I will be said not to be sensible.
"You want to see the elders? Who are our elders? Who are you? " Hao Xing looked at Huangfu Zhantian with an idiot’s eyes, and with a face of disdain, Hao Xing was in a bad mood. I knew that they were not rich when I saw the three of them wearing them, and that woman was still wearing a veil. She must have been too ugly to see anyone, right? She didn’t pay much attention to them. But now I heard that they had spoken wildly and wanted to see their big elders. Hao Xinghuo came here, and I haven’t seen them for such a long time. You poor people still want to see the big elders, so just now that sentence just rushed out.