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There is no need to say more about bathing for the time being.
After taking a bath, it is leisure time.
Two people live in a hotel.
Although I can’t understand it, Ji Shenqiu Sha just looks at it.
Sitting for seven nights and drawing with manuscript paper.
In order to earn a living, he began to draw by hand again.
However, he is not the only one in the world because there are many painters and they are more famous than him.
He’s just a newcomer.
But it doesn’t matter. He just wants to paint anyway.
What is it this time?
Consciousness draws a witch.
Still a loli.
"This painting me?"
I don’t know when Ji Shenqiu Sha came to seven nights and looked at the characters on the manuscript paper.
A little girl in a witch’s black hair and straight hair
It’s like painting her.
But …
"I’m not dressed properly."
She said so.
Seven nights is right about this.
How many clothes can you wear well in the room?
"psst" tore the manuscript paper directly.
Qiu Sha looked at him with a puzzled face.
The witch stopped drawing. Don’t draw.
"Okay, Xiaoqiusha, it’s time for bed."
"What about you?"
"I didn’t sleep, and I’m going out later."
Seven nights shook his head.
Their present position is Britain.
Wait for one or seven nights to find a file that says "vampire killer"
Although I have studied it a little these days, it would be better if there were data to compare it with.
Qiu Sha, Ji Shen, knew this and didn’t hide it from her for seven nights.
Yeah, she’s a little worried
"Don’t worry, there is no danger."
Seven nights shook his head.
He doesn’t recognize the world. What danger will he have?
Although there are a lot of powerful.
But those powerful people don’t show up here
What’s worse, I’m just going to borrow one, and I’ll forget it if I recite the information. I didn’t plan to take other people’s things for seven nights
It’s not a precious thing, it’s just some information and documents. There’s no need to take it away.
I want to study the magic of this world more than those seven nights.
Magic is not a simple thing, but also complicated and powerful.
There’s nothing wrong with him. It’s mainly about the magic circle.
The magic circle of this world is so powerful that it can affect the world.
But those things are out of the reach of ordinary people
Seven nights is not a magician, and no one will let him touch these things
But this so-called
After seven nights, I didn’t plan to study and study by normal means because it was impossible to succeed.
Therefore, through some unconventional means,
It is not difficult for the ability master and the mental ability person to secretly look through some books.
I was able to find those nationalities before.
"If you can’t do it, go and exchange it with someone."
Seven nights so muttered.
Even wizards have various needs.
I think some magicians don’t mind letting him learn a variety of magic if he wants to take out enough benefits
Everyone has desires, and when they have desires, they have weaknesses.
Finding a person’s weakness can defeat a person.