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"Thanks to you, he finally adapted to the life in Shenshen Town."

In a chat, you Ning took the initiative to talk to Tian Tang about swimming in the river.
"Huh?" Tian Tang looked up at her in disbelief. "But I didn’t do anything?"
"It’s enough for you to do this." You Ning smiled and raised her hand and rubbed Tian Tang’s head. "You are special here. Even if you are a god, even if you have absolute words and control, you are still willing to let us choose the path of freedom."
"Isn’t this supposed to be?" Tian Tang calmly said that his eyes were full of seriousness. "What kind of road we choose once in our lives depends on what kind of road we like. People in Shenzhen can choose freedom, but you can also do what I like. Isn’t that great?"
"You are very special." You Ning leaned slightly and looked straight into Tian Tang’s eyes. "Do you know that I like you very much?"
Tian Tang immediately held his face and his eyes were occupied by a smile. "Really?"
You Ning looked at her and raised her hand and poked Tian Tang’s eyebrows. "I really lied to you about what to do …"
Tian Tang looked at Youning’s hand and took out the test paper from nowhere, moving the chair and silently retreating.
You Ning raised my hand and the test paper fell on Tian Tang’s head and gently knocked on it with a smile. "Come on, I know you don’t like to change the test paper. I won’t force you to change it. Go deal with the prescription. Shenzhen will upgrade and expand as soon as possible to do what you want."
Tian Tang immediately got up and smiled and opened his hand and hugged You Ningyi. "It’s very kind of you to swim teacher."
Say that finish Tian Tang immediately turned and walked to the door of the office.
When she looked back, she saw that You Ning was already correcting the test paper and her hand was so fast that she could almost see the ghosting.
It’s a real ghosting!
Tian Tang … Not the kui is a youning!
And then … she really doesn’t like the boring thing of correcting test papers.
In the latter period, the development of Shenshen Town has been going on all the time.
When it is necessary to develop prescriptions, but after Bai Guanzhong’s intelligence has been improved, the speed of this piece has also been greatly improved. However, what Bai Guanzhong wants most is to make prescriptions that can be widely and universally selected, and he has a great mind.
The relief workers in Yangnan County have been in progress for three times a month, and many people have been sent to Shenzhen. The morale of the soldiers in Linchun House has risen a lot with the naked eye. Wenping is the relief effect. Later, he took the initiative to raise the garrison of Yangnan County from 1,000 to 2,000. As a result, the number of relief workers in Yangnan County has increased, and the population of Shenzhen has grown faster and faster.
In Wen Ping’s eyes, the soldiers only left for 20 days, and they had many times of experience in changing the guard in just 20 days. Every time they changed the guard, they could go back safely, and no problem could arise.
But it is precisely these twenty days that have caused a "big change" in the soldiers of Linchun House.
The more times of changing the guard, the more blood belongs to Shenshen Town in Linchunfu barracks, and the morale of the soldiers is naturally higher and higher.
Because this means that it is only a matter of time before Shenshen Town completely occupies Linchun House.
Soon after, a prescription was reached, and the news that Shenshen Town was officially upgraded to a five-level small town system followed.
[Congratulations to the player for completing [resident 16(16/16) house 5(5/5) prescription 1(1/1) guard member 1(1/1)] the five-level town will be rewarded with silver *8 two forest farms (1 square meter) *1 eucalyptus seedling *1 bamboo seedling *1]
Take the game of life to the ancient section 148
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven A little skeptical
Five-level town awards are also considered as supporting facilities, and the forest farm planting area is dedicated to planting eucalyptus and bamboo.
The map of Kaian District in Tiantang Point can clearly see that there is a small area on the map, marking the forest farm.
A 1-square-meter forest farm is neither small nor big, but it is just a square with a side length.
Converted into today’s measurement unit of Shen Zhen’ an District, it is actually 1 square kilometer.
But it’s a good reward
At present, several major industries in Shenshen Town, such as weaving cotton, squeezing oil and soybeans, and daily living expenses, all come from three days, one harvest, one fertile field, ironmaking, specialized iron ore pharmacy and medicine nursery. Only trees have to be cut in distant mountains and transported to paper mills.
Eucalyptus and bamboo are fast-growing trees. Among many trees that can grow for more than ten years or decades, both of them are absolutely extremely fast. Besides building houses, they are more important for papermaking. With these two kinds of trees and forest farms, the papermaking achievement in Shaoshen Town can be greatly reduced, and learning paper is more expensive, but the price of daily toilet paper can be reduced a lot, which is also a good thing for the people.
Tian Tang carefully confirmed the situation of a forest farm.
Different plants grow at different speeds in forest farms, such as bamboo. Ordinary bamboo can grow tall in a few months, and its roots are flourishing. Bamboo shoots are born, and bamboo shoots grow into bamboo very quickly.
However, the geographical location of Shenshen Town is not suitable for planting bamboo. It takes days to grow to a cutting level in the forest farm and will not take root, multiply and spread like natural growth.
Eucalyptus has strong adaptability, and it can grow even in the natural geographical location of Shenshen Town. Although it takes 5 years to grow normally, it takes 4 days in the forest farm to grow to the point where it can be cut down.
In addition, the biggest difference of fertile land in forest farm is that fertile land can be planted and harvested by her life skills, while forest farm must be planted, maintained and cut down by people.
Of course, this has brought great changes to the current production structure of Shenshen Town.
It is confirmed that the forest farm can be planted directly. Tian Tang will soon release a new one in the trading hall. This time, people can take further ability tests without looking at the score ranking.
The location of the forest farm is just around the edge of Shenshen Town, and there are not many trees there. At present, there is a gift of 1 square meter for the residence, and there is still a considerable area to expand around the forest farm.
Tian Tang intends to let people continue to develop tree planting areas near the forest farm according to the road construction model. After expanding the amount of trees planted in the forest farm, even if the security area continues to expand outward, it can be left as a real forest farm
Soon after the new release, someone signed up for this application, which is completely different from those who took the factory recruitment examination.
Fang Chengmu is among them.
He is a native of Fengshou Town. After he changed from Tian Jiacun to Shenshen Town, Tianjia Village has lost a lot of people, not to mention Fengshou Town.
I’m afraid many people don’t know that there is such a place except the original people of Fengshou Town. Even now, the location of the house is in the original Fengshou Town area, and people don’t know that the place used to be Fengshou Town.
Fang Chengmu is a harvest town. He still remembers the harvest town, but he seldom tells people about it. It’s not unwilling but embarrassing.
The people in Fengshou Town were the first people to live in Shenshen Town-at present, most of them have passed the exam and entered the factory, otherwise they have entered the guard. He is one of the few people who have not entered the factory or entered the guard.
He can plant trees, cut down trees and make some simple furniture by himself. If he is a tree, he will order it, but he is stupid and sleepy at the sight.
Several times he thought about studying and fell asleep without reading two lines.
He also tried to stab himself in the head, but in addition to hurting himself all over, he learned that every time Qiansun Zhao Li Yi Wang Dingtian opened the class, it was always that page, and then he discovered that he was really not learning material.
However, he didn’t give up his daily life. Besides building roads, he also took a lot of time to study. Although his grades were still average, he naturally knew some things after watching them too much.
The forest farm recruitment examination was held in the big classroom. Fang Chengmu sat in the examination room with a pen and looked around. Many people were as confused as he was. He was relieved and his mind was in the examination paper.
On, for example, he must take the exam this time.
It’s just a qualification. If he passes the exam, he will be ranked according to his ability and his grades. He will definitely pass the exam!
After an exam for half an hour, except for the first few minutes, Chengmu has been seriously answering questions. Even if he can’t do the questions, he has been pondering over them in his mind. Before class, the teacher said it many times and then he really came up with the answers to some questions.
After the exam, Chengmu went home fidgeting and eating was not fragrant.
The exam results will be available one day later, and the next morning, as soon as it dawned, he went out and quickly came to the school bulletin board.
At this time, before the exam results were posted, he just sat in a corner and looked up from time to time, waiting for the results to come out
After another, people came over and knew Fang Chengmu, sitting beside him and chatting with him, but several people’s minds fell on the fact that they had not come out yet. When chatting, chickens and ducks told each other that they didn’t know what each other was saying, and then they could continue to pick up a topic.
At 7: 30 in the morning, a person walked out of the school without looking, waiting outside the school, and everyone posted their grades on the bulletin board directly, and then turned back to school with a yawn.
Waiting at the door, everyone glances and rushes to see it immediately.
Fang Chengmu is among them.
He knew that his grades didn’t look back from the front, so he started looking for his name from the back, so he found a few, and he saw his name in it
He also re-carefully confirmed that the name of the face was indeed that he jumped up happily.
"I passed! ! !”
"Really? Really? How many points? "
"6 points! ! ! I got 6 points! " Fang Chengmu jumped up from the ground happily, holding a fist and laughing. "I checked it several times during the exam and found out several mistakes and some problems. I thought about it for a long time. The teacher said it was okay when I was in class. I remembered that I qualified. Hahahahahahaha! ! !”