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The universe is far less fertile than the universe. The innate gods and demons are the highest in cultivation, but if you go to a statue of Taiyi Jin Xian, wouldn’t you want to make enemies all over the world?

Isn’t everything in the universe gone with innate ghosts and gods?
Therefore, Heaven will never allow Brother Taiyi Jin Xian to enter the world.
"Difficult …"
With a sigh, Feng Zichen’s mind sank into the chaotic fiend virtual shadow war in the battlefield of mind.
When the catastrophe comes, not only ordinary people have to fight for it, but also they have to fight for it. If they can improve their strength during this period, they should improve as much as possible.
More strength means more assurance.
"You elders came to see me today for something important?"
On this day, Feng Zichen just woke up from the closed room and saw a group of elders coming to find him. He couldn’t help asking.
"I have seen you!"
A group of elders came to Ren Huang Temple. First, they saluted Feng Zichen. After that, you looked at me. I looked at you and said together.
"Since the pursuit of Yuji, hundreds of thousands of Terrans have led the strength to become stronger and stronger, and walked out of the ancestral land to compete for hegemony …"
This is exactly what Feng Zichen, the adult queen, has done.
"What the hell?"
Listen to the wind zichen don’t look a little weird.
When these elders came to Ren Huang Temple suddenly, they didn’t say what it was, but they gave him a fierce boast. It was really weird!
"Elder’s words are heavy!"
"These are all things that are nothing!"
"I don’t know what the elders came to say?"
See you elders didn’t stop meaning wind zichen had to speak interrupted.
As the saying goes, courtesy requires something.
Look at the attitude of the elders today. It’s no small matter.
"We should know that there are yin and yang, fire and water, men and women."
"Another sage said that the solitary yin is not long and the solitary yang is not long, and the combination of yin and yang is heaven and geography."
"It’s the old man who dares to ask a woman from the clan to make it reasonable for Yin and Yang."
Seems to feel bedding about Terran elders Dong Yunshi said in the previous step.
When I heard that, Feng Zichen almost misheard herself.
His face is wonderful at this moment.
Want to choose your own queen?
This is forced marriage, right?
What a surprise!
What a surprise!
After coming to the wild, I can’t escape the fate of forced marriage.
This is really …