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Liancheng said without thinking, "It seems to be a woman that it was a man and now it is a woman. We all know that, but what’s the matter?"

"Then she can’t be my school sister?" Yi Nanxun asked
This words a Liancheng instantaneous nu crevasse scold a way "ghost pull an egg is a female is your pool? Then why don’t you say that Xuanyuan Tianyue is your brother-in-law’s longing for the flute, and that you are the imperial doctor who makes irresponsible remarks? "
Listening to this, Yi Nanxun is happy, don’t tell the truth. He tilted his head and looked at Xuanyuan Tianyue with a treacherous smile. "Yeah, how did I forget that this temple wants to marry me now? Should this pool call me a brother?"
Xuanyuan Tianyue tilted his head and looked at Liancheng with excitement. He turned to Nanxun and raised his eyebrows and said, "As far as I know, this is the ancestral training of the Valley Lord regardless of his generation."
"…" Yi Nanxun mercilessly gouged out Xuanyuan Tianyue. Can’t this person be soft? Anyway, he is also a brother Xiaoyan, so what’s wrong with calling him a brother? This man is just too clever, and sooner or later he will let Xiaoyan repair him well.
At this juncture, Liancheng can’t understand anything. When he took a look at the couch, he felt turned upside down in his mind. Generally, what kind of world is this woman? It’s too strong. Haotian Lord Wang Houbang is becoming more and more fair day by day, and Tiange’s mistress is now Yi Nanxun’s school sister. The dragon has seen the tail, and Wang Gugu’s master Su talks nonsense. How can these men live if they are blocked in front of him? Just say that Xuanyuan Tianyue is holding on to people. This woman is really the only outstanding one in this vast mainland.
"… the forehead …"
A low voice suddenly came on the couch.
Xuanyuan Tianyue was shocked. She woke up and suddenly looked back at the couch girl Nai. She still said something with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open.
Is it a dream? Xuanyuantianyue’s heart is slightly relaxed, and her pale face is gently caressed, and she still dreams. Does that mean nothing? Nothing is good.
This way, Nanxun immediately came over to take the shallow pulse and then he nodded at Xuanyuan Tianyue. "Although her pulse is low, I can still feel that she should be fine."
Liancheng also came over and looked at the slightly closed lips and suddenly said, "She seems to say something …"
"… brother …" Shallow mouth jar jar gas said but vaguely can hear two words.
"Brother?" Liancheng looked at Xuanyuan Tianyue jokingly and said, "When did our cabinet owner have such a hobby to let a woman call you brother?"
Yi Nanxun took a look at Xuanyuan Tianyue’s eyes and unconsciously smiled.
Xuanyuan Tianyue’s cool eyes swept through the eyes to make fun of him, but their hearts flashed a bad feeling, brother … When did the shallow son call his brother? Why didn’t he remember it? However, when he heard the words in the couch, his slightly pale and handsome face suddenly turned black, and a kind of coercion suddenly appeared (after he finished this prevention, how did he jump out again? This is someone’s mind mending the sky, and his brother’s psychology)
"Brother YeHua …"
One side is easy to Nanxun Liancheng. Two people look at Xuanyuantianyue at the same time. Both of them are aware that this person is in a very delicate mood. It seems that they are all stained with a somewhat gloomy smell in the air. They immediately took a step back and said with a smile, "I suddenly remembered that Mujing Qi is still waiting for my medicine. I have to go over and give it to you to take care of it."
Liancheng here also pulled "those people in Tiange are still outside. If something goes wrong, it will be bad. I have to take care of them. I have to go first."
It’s one thing to make fun of the fact that both of them slipped away without waiting for Xuanyuan Day, but if things really happen, they will become punching bags if they stay back. The Lord of the cabinet can never wronged himself and never wronged others.
Looking at Yi Nanxun and Liancheng, the two people are far away from Xuanyuan Tianyue’s eyebrows. These two people are running fast enough. He tilted his head and looked at the couch girl’s eyes with a glimmer of Naise to blame, so he could blame him. She met her too late, and he knew all about her in the past, and even if she forgot, those people were killed by law.
"YeHua brother … ChengChuan" couch people opposing cried little face appearing somewhat yearning.
Not far from the waterfall, the water splashed and flowed, while the spring in the stream tinkled, and several bamboo buildings stood in the depths of the jungle.
In the bamboo building, the sound of the piano drifted out, and an eleven or twelve-year-old girl slept on a cushion. I don’t know how long it took before Alan Yu woke up. When she looked up, she saw a white figure sitting in front of her. She opened her eyes and whispered, "Brother YeHua, what is this song?"
"Qingpingdiaoer also want to play? Shall I teach you? " The white figure seems to have a fog shadow on his face, which makes people unable to see his appearance clearly, but his voice is soft and can’t be said to be soft and beautiful, which makes people want to get close.
"Good." The girl got up and walked beside the white figure, put her hand on the guqin, and played the music that the white man had previously played. The piano skill was not worse than that of the white man.
"It’s really impressive," the white man said with a smile. "This song is excellent."
The girl took back her hand and looked at the person beside her with a smile and said, "I played this song before and Chengchuan taught me."
Chap 35 Aren’t we that closest people in this world?
The girl took back her hand and looked at the person beside her with a smile and said, "I played this song before and Chengchuan taught me."
"ChengChuan this guy said several times I have some taste" white man said with a light smile.
Next to the girl smell speech delicate eyebrow eye slightly pick gherardini looked at the white man "YeHua brother less than I joke about my bean sprouts which can’t compare with your beautiful wife who is about to enter the door but ChengChuan" Here her eyes flashed a soft color "He is the best person in the world, to be exact, he gave me a second life".
"It’s really a good idea to hear your son say this, but when it comes to getting a wife, I’d like to marry someone as charming and lovely as your son." The man in white is quiet and shallow, although he is not enthusiastic all the time, but he is quite comfortable to listen to.
The girl listened to this and glared at the man in white. "The old cow eats young grass and wants beauty!"
"It turns out that I’m old. Isn’t it that the older a man is, the more attractive he is?" White man smell speech also not angry said with a smile.
Listening to this, the girl took a white look at the people next to her. What is all this? She turned her head and looked at the green bamboo in front of her and said, "I don’t know what happened to Chengchuan after I left without saying goodbye."
"Don’t be a man in front of me all the time, but I’m really jealous of the consequences of my jealousy …" Others said slowly.
Girl smell speech picked his eyebrows and looked at the person next to him and said with a chuckle, "The consequence is … hmm …" What? Suddenly, her neck was tight with a big hand, and she almost breathed. She stared at the light and shadow in front of her and struggled "hmm …"
"Loose YeHua brother quickly loose …" The couch girl suddenly raised her hand clutching her neck and struggled to speak out, though low and weak, with a little panic.
The scene changed. The bamboo house surrounded by bamboos has disappeared. The white man who suddenly pinched her neck has disappeared. The girl on the cliff stopped her feet and listened to the sound of gravel rolling. Her heart sank and she looked back at the chasing man and said, "Why did you save me when you wanted to torture me?"
"Shallow son, come here, how can I be willing to hurt you? You know that it is best for you to have me in this world. Everything I have done is that you have to worry about me for the rest of your life." A pet voice slowly came out of the air
"A good sentence will worry me forever, but I won’t trust you again." The girl gritted her teeth and stared at the black robe that was close to the figure, swaying and coming towards her step by step. She suddenly turned around and jumped into the bottomless abyss without hesitation.