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Moreover, he is one of the three people in heaven, earth and man, and he is said to be one of the top ten innate treasures in the wild.

Spring and Autumn Cycle Pen, also known as Judge Pen, is not as big as the book of life and death, but it is also very powerful. His fame has resounded through the three realms, which makes people smell bad.
With one stroke, you can change your longevity, change your fortune and judge your life and death.
This is the birth of life and death, and a part of the concept of reincarnation is integrated into it to make it more powerful.
The power to provoke the law of life and death with a hook of a pen to achieve the effect of reversing life and death is terrible
In particular, the Spring and Autumn Cycle Pen Life and Death Book is a set of supporting magic weapons.
The combination of the two is even more powerful!
The creature of Luo Jinxian can be killed in an instant by touching his name in the judge’s book of life and death.
Even pick Jin Xian is not can’t kill.
It is necessary to arrest a breath into the book of life and death, and the judge’s pen will not fall well even if he picks up Jin Xian.
Those who are light are really shocked, and those who are heavy are hit hard!
Life and death book Spring and Autumn Cycle Pen is definitely a first-class killing treasure in the wild.
And the most terrible thing is that he secretly kills people in the form without the contact of the dead, which is extremely insidious and unpredictable.
On this point alone, there are very few people who can compete in the wild, even some cursed innate Lingbao murders are hard to match.
Can be called the most wild!
Such treasures
It’s him. It’s the wind.
If it’s not exciting
There are only three great magical powers in the underworld.
Road flyover Feng Zichen’s Houtu Styx
Been is the reincarnation of the Lord in charge of chaos treasure The six great divisions in the wheel of karma disk, this book of life and death reincarnation pen, of course, can not be given to him
Otherwise, the underworld will really get what you want.
Road flyover Styx is the spokesman of the blood sea Lord, and he already has five extremely precious treasures, which can’t be given to him.
Counting it, it is Feng Zichen, the present owner of hell and the future ghost owner, who is most suitable for running the spring and autumn cycle pen of life and death book.
These two treasures will appear before Feng Zichen.
"Hum …"
Without hesitation, Feng Zichen collected the book of life and death in the Spring and Autumn Period in the previous step.
Sure enough, these two things are that he is ready to be branded by Zichen without any resistance.
"Ha ha!"
Treasure to hand wind zichen don’t laugh.
Previously, he wondered if it was his fate that the underworld had not seen the book of life and death for so long.
He was disappointed for a little while.
I didn’t expect them not to appear. It turned out that they were waiting for the birth of hell.
This time Feng Zichen fully learned a lesson.
I found out early that I was wrong, and I moved the power of the underworld to cover everything around me to make outsiders spy on me.
Of course, not everyone
At the very least, he can’t hide it from Taoist Houdi Styx.
These two people
He is also a high spirit in the underworld.
Unless it is otherwise heavy, it is definitely the biggest competitor dominated by the wind and the ghost.
That’s why Feng Zichen’s control of the source of the underworld is not much better than that of the two until he becomes the master of the underworld.
He hides nature from them.
But it doesn’t matter.
With the birth of the underworld, the three high spirits belonging to the underworld naturally became an alliance.
The interests are the same!
Even if you don’t help him, you won’t tear him down
Walking at a brisk pace, Feng Zichen soon came to the place where the underworld was located.
"This …"
Zichen felt uncomfortable when she was away from the underworld, and his strength, which was close to that of the enemy, disappeared in an instant