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Hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words, the jade-faced man’s face suddenly changed, and then he said, "You’re a small, medium-sized and high-ranking guy. I don’t think it’s up to you. Why don’t this uncle get along with us?"

"What he said is what we mean. If you don’t take it first, we will take it first!" Zangluo said with a smile
"Hum don’t know good or bad!" Jade-faced man snorted angrily, then turned around and whispered to them for a long time, and then came out of them, and a strong god slowly walked towards the altar.
Seeing this man walking slowly, everyone watched him closely.
"It’s not predestined friends the person who trespasses on the mansion! Die! " Just as the man just entered the altar and grabbed a sword with precious light, a majestic voice came out in verse 11: predestined relationship.
Hearing this, everyone’s face changed, and the old man at the altar just grabbed the sword and fell to the ground directly.
Feeling that the breath of this man’s life has disappeared, everyone stepped back several steps, but there was no unexpected attack. It seems that whoever enters this altar and takes something will be attacked by the altar.
Everyone here is worried about what to do. How can I get the treasure?
At this time, Huangfu Zhantian found something with a very inconspicuous shape. Huangfu Zhantian found something familiar. After thinking for a long time, Huangfu Zhantian finally thought about where this thing had been seen. Isn’t this the same thing that he once got when Li Feng was in the mainland? He has three pieces of this piece of iron in his own hand and this is the fourth one. I don’t know what this piece of iron is. Since this piece of iron has been put in this abode of fairies and immortals, this piece of iron is definitely not a flaw.
"Why don’t decree by destiny since I’m here? Come on! " Is suspection.i war, as ecstasy when the original full of majesty sound out again [
Everyone was shocked at the sound. Who is the predestined relationship? Is there really that predestined relationship here?
At this sound, the little fish raised his legs and walked towards the altar.
Seeing this situation, everyone is white. This predestined relationship seems to be a small fish.
"Hum, shit, someone is predestined friends. Hey, I don’t know if this predestined friend is predestined friends after he dies!" Jade-faced man smiled grimly, and with a wave of his hand, the four of them directly killed the small fish, while others quickly blocked them towards Huangfu Zhantian and others to block them. The four of them could dismember the small fish with moderate strength.
"get out!" Huangfu Zhantian felt ecstatic when he saw that Xiaoyu was destined to be human. When he saw that the jade-faced man had killed him again and wanted to kill Xiaoyu, of course he couldn’t let them get what they wanted. He was very tough and protected Xiaoyu’s side, but Xiaoyu still walked slowly towards the altar as if he couldn’t see these.
"Hum, how can I let you be so bullied? Be my servant!" After the sound came out, the four original attacking fishermen were directly sucked to the altar, and then they were as lifeless as the previous one and collapsed.
Seeing this, the jade-faced man did not consider attacking Huangfu Zhantian and pulled back directly.
"Bastard!" Jade-faced man’s expression is unusually ferocious at this time, and his roots are no longer natural and unrestrained. He has brought these strong families here, and he still doesn’t know how to explain to the family when he goes back. Moreover, the most important thing is that he didn’t get this abode of fairies and immortals. If he did, then everything would be fine, but now I’m afraid he won’t know what punishment he will receive when he goes back.
"Others can roll!" As the sound out suspection.i Zhantian and others feel flowers at the moment directly appeared outside the abode of fairies and immortals.
"I’m afraid I can’t stand it, but I’m afraid I can’t stand it."
Hearing this man’s words, suspection.i Zhantian didn’t feel much, but Liu Junsheng and Zangluo all looked bitter.
"Brother Lu, is this red family very powerful?" Any suspection.i war day curious asked
"Ah, Chijia is terrible. We are a small northwest. Do you know that there are many powerful families in Shenyuan mainland, and this Chijia is a family in Zhongzhou. Although Zhongzhou is not very big, it is very powerful compared with our forces in remote areas. This time, we have offended Chijia. I don’t know how this Chijia will react!" Liu junsheng said with a wry smile
"Hum, this abode of fairies and immortals is for predestined friends. Since the fish is predestined friends, it is impossible for this red family to be unreasonable again." Huangfu Zhantian light way
"You don’t know that a big family like this is very particular about face. This time we hit the red family face, but how did this red family know that there was an ancient abode of fairies and immortals here? How strange! " Zangluo doubt way
"Maybe this red family didn’t know that there was a abode of fairies and immortals. It was just a coincidence of these people!" Small deep and remote shrugged his shoulders the so-called way
"I hope so. I also hope that the status of the male red family is not high. Otherwise, this time, the territory will be strong and firm, and it will be o Zhang Shu! Don’t worry about it.
"Well, since it’s already happened, let’s go back first. What will you do?" Liu Junsheng asked.
"You go first. I’ll wait for a small fish here. If it’s too long, I’ll go back to Henaan. You all go home. It’s good for me." Huangfu Zhantian thought for a while and then said [
"I want to wait with you! "Henaan shook his head.
"I’m not leaving either. I have to wait here!" Yin Hui also shook his head a way
"Well, the three of us are waiting for him here, so you all go home. There’s nothing to do here anyway!" Huangfu Zhan Tian Dao
"Well, be careful yourself!" Lu junsheng said
abode of fairies and immortals
"Who are you?" Asked the little fish after walking to the altar.
"Don’t worry about who I am, but you are the best inheritor with qualifications that I have been waiting for for for so many years. It’s a pity that this mainland magician has fallen, and my life is coming to an end. I don’t want to make such a way before I die." When Xiaoyu was wondering, an old man in a tattered magic robe suddenly appeared in front of him and startled him.