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Xue Jinhua turned and walked to her bed with her head down. After sitting on the bed, she looked up and said to me, "Please bandage this for me."

I was completely at a loss at this moment. I walked to the bed with the two pieces of cloth in my hand and sat beside Xue Jinhua. I looked at her shoulder wound, which was not too deep. It should have been cut in the scuffle in the courtyard just now. At this time, there was blood flowing down the wound and dyed her skin red like snow.
"Brother Sigou, hurry up!"
Just when I didn’t know it was like a hand, Miss Xue suddenly came to this sentence.
I’m suddenly confused. Let me hurry up, okay? This really makes people have to think about evil places. I’m holding those two pieces of cloth in my trembling hands, and my psychological quality is quite good. But in this case, my hands are still very disappointing. I look at Xue Jinhua’s shoulder wound and there is blood flowing out at this time. Her white and delicate body makes me unable to stop glancing at my eyes, but the more I look at it, the more my heart itches. This is not a test of my endurance. I can’t help but throw her down!
I swallowed water, grabbed Xue Jinhua’s injured shoulder with one hand, and put the cloth in my trembling hand with the other hand, and then bandaged it up for her. When I pressed the cloth in my hand against Xue Jinhua’s wound, she snorted with pain. I was nervous and looked at her face to see Xue Jinhua clenching her teeth and wrinkled her eyebrows. Although this wound is not deep, it is very difficult for a girl not to scream at this time.
I have no experience in dressing wounds. At this time, I was nervous about dressing Xue Jinhua’s wounds with cloth, which was unprofessional at all, and made her cry out for pain. However, Xue Jinhua insisted on biting her teeth until I completely bandaged her wounds.
"Does it still hurt when it is wrapped?" I asked Xue Jinhua way
Xue Jinhua then gently bite a tooth and looked up at me with a smile. "Can you be so strong that it doesn’t hurt?"
After listening to her finish this sentence, my heart is shaking again. Why does it feel strange to say this sentence at this time? I saw the beauty of her chest in my eyes again. I swear, I never meant to look at it. I said it was not out of energy or something, but I couldn’t help aiming at it.
The spring scenery on Xue Jinhua’s chest made me feel uneasy. I quickly moved my eyes from there. At this time, my face blushed and my heart beat faster. I really couldn’t hold on. Of course, all this didn’t escape from Xue Jinhua’s eyes. She didn’t dare to look at my face when she saw that I wanted to see it. "Brother Four Dogs, do you think I am very frivolous?"
I quickly shook my head again and again, thinking that this should not be called frivolous, but sexy. Besides, she is healing now. Although she has taken off a little, she still shows it to someone she likes. It should not be a slut.
I was thinking about how to refuse to include this little girl who has always had a crush on me in the frivolous ranks. Xue Jinhua sighed when she saw that I didn’t talk. At this time, she actually leaned into my arms and said to me softly, "Brother Four Dogs, I like you."
She said that she was well-behaved here and fell into my arms like a white rabbit, as attached as a newly married wife fell into her husband’s arms.
I can’t hold back my desire any longer. I can’t help holding her smooth body in my arms and stroking her smooth back. I don’t know how to answer her or give her a promise. I know I can’t control it now.
What else did Xue Jinhua have to say? I was half-naked as soon as I turned over and kissed her cherry mouth. When my lips touched the soft and greasy mystery, I suddenly felt numb all over, like touching it. The excitement immediately spread all over my body, making me unable to be greedy and put my tongue down her mouth. The sweet sweat and honey inside made me feel ecstatic like an old wine.
Xue Jinhua lay down on my body and looked at me with a pair of wonderful eyes. As I kept kissing her, she also completely fell, closed her eyes and quietly enjoyed all this. When the feeling was strong, she couldn’t help but "hmm".
After she kissed her cherry mouth, I kissed her along her tender neck, and her skin was smooth, firm, tender, smooth and comfortable like a good satin. Every time I kissed her skin, she would give out a melody nowadays and enjoy the pleasure of physical pleasure.
I can be sure that this is the first time that Xue Jinhua, a little girl, has been so intimate with the opposite sex, and it should also be her first kiss. At this time, she was immersed in this feeling, and she closed her eyes and blushed so much that she dared not open her eyes to look at me.
This makes me even more reckless. If she keeps looking at me, I’m really embarrassed. At this time, seeing her eyes closed, I kissed her along her neck and finally reached the most attractive place. Those two full and round peaks are delicate and charming, waiting for me to kiss Fangze.
I kissed her on the chest and went to the two peaks. After that, I stopped sucking my breath and my blood circulation became heavier and heavier. Now I have entered a state of ecstasy.
Xue Jinhua’s body has become hot, her face is flushed and her body is trembling slightly from time to time. I have been kissing her lower abdomen and it is so itchy that she finally can’t stand it. She stretched out her small hand and gently pulled me out and said to me, "Brother Four Dogs, don’t kiss it."
I don’t care how many hands grab her little hand now, move her hand from the lower abdomen, then kiss her lower abdomen and then kiss her along her waist, which is a relatively sensitive part of the human body. Xue Jinhua was kissed by me and almost turned over and sat up.
At this moment, my body is already hot, and I don’t have the mind to continue flirting. I grabbed Xue Jinhua’s clothes and pulled her off. Then I looked at her lithe and graceful body. At this time, she was naked on her back. Her white body belonged to that small piece of black forest except for two pink points on her chest. At close range, it could make people nosebleed and spray wildly. At this time, Xue Jinhua was shy and closed her legs. Those two straight and slender thighs were simply made in heaven, and generally did not contain any proud flesh. The curve was exquisite and perfect.
Xue Jinhua opened a pair of wonderful eyes at this moment. Of course, she knew what would happen next. A pair of affectionate eyes were full of expectation. She stared at me and said, "Brother Four Dogs, I want to be your woman all my life."
How can I stand it when I’m already here? I jumped on her again and took off my clothes.
Chapter 51 Kidnapping
I just threw myself at Xue Jinhua’s tender body, and the masculine body suddenly met her thigh, and I couldn’t help humming a quick unbutton.
Just at this critical moment, the most disappointing thing still appeared. Listening to Xue Jinhua’s door being knocked on from the outside is very urgent. Obviously, it is urgent to find someone.
Xue Jinhua and I were watching the most exciting moment, but I was interrupted by this messy knocking at the door. When I turned around, I didn’t know what a hateful guy was behind the door. Xue Jinhua was awakened by knocking at the door at this time. She was also surprised. I didn’t expect that someone would knock at the door at this time, but after Xue Jinhua was surprised, she was angry to see her sip her lips and look at the door.
"Can you knock on your door at will?" I asked Xue Jinhua way
Xue Jinhua looked unhappy. It’s no wonder that anyone would be upset at this time. Then calm down. She was a little shy and put her hand over her chest and looked at me riding her body. She was shy and said to me, "Go quickly."
I smiled gently and came from her body. I just unbuttoned my clothes and looked at the bed. Xue Jinhua was so shy.
Xue Jinhua blushed at this time. At this time, she was ashamed and annoyed. When she was still in lust, she forgot to be shy. Now she was disturbed by people. Xue Jinhua immediately resumed the girl’s shyness, blushed and looked at the door.
"Who comes in!" Xue Jinhua at this time have to wear good clothes sitting beside the bed, said
The outsider dared to come in and see that it was a maid-in-waiting who served Xue Jinhua personally, that is, about 16 or 7 years old. This little girl is a very clever person from her appearance, otherwise she would not get Xue Jinhua’s esteem and let her serve her personally.
As soon as the little maid-in-waiting entered the room, she felt something was wrong. Although Xue Jinhua and I were already dressed and sitting by the bed, the awkward atmosphere in the room was discovered by this cautious little girl. She looked at me and bowed her head. Then she looked up at Xue Jinhua and said, "Tell the king to escort Yi Gongren back to me."
"Yi Gong?"
Xue Jinhua heard one leng and couldn’t help but say that she hasn’t reacted yet. Who is Yi Gong? But I heard clearly that Yi Gong must be Yi Genjin.
The little maid-in-waiting then told her, "Yi Gen Jin Yi Gong is a good friend of Yan Gong."
"Oh" Xue Jinhua this just suddenly realized that the little maid-in-waiting waved her out. The little maid-in-waiting was afraid to say more and turned to quit.
At this moment, I found something was wrong, because when I saw this little maid-in-waiting coming in, I was very anxious, not just escorting Yi Genjin’s sergeants back. When I thought of this, my heart sank and I stopped this little maid-in-waiting and I said, "Wait a minute."
The little maid-in-waiting just went to the door and listened to me. She immediately stopped and turned to me and said, "Yan Gong, do you have any other orders?"
"Did those escorting Yigong people say anything when they came back?" I hurriedly asked the little maid-in-waiting way
The little maid-in-waiting respectfully said to me at this moment, "Back to Yan Gonghua, those soldiers who escorted Yi Gong were seriously injured. I’m afraid Yi Gong is in trouble now."
I listened to the heart frightened a few steps to go to this little maid-in-waiting near big asked "what! You say it in detail! " 、