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Chapter 19 Escape from Life [Chapter Words 134 Last Updated 1399 19:58:5]

Dazzling kung fu can clearly shake from the soles of your feet. The trees on the edge of the grass area where the pigeon house is located have been destroyed, and an object less than four meters high jumped out of it.
A bigger impact vibration appears on the grass.
Mu Jiao Jiao looked at the situation here and immediately turned away without hesitation.
"What is this!" Chen Ying was frightened by the shadow that jumped out, and the whole person hasn’t got away from here quickly.
Mu Jiao Jiao hurriedly pulled her handfuls and pulled her to run.
"Is this still a ghost monkey?"
Wu Xiaojian vaguely recognized what this huge monster-monkey-like thing seemed to be placed dozens of times. It was a small BOSS—— on the top floor of the haunted ancient temple-a ghost monkey! However, a normal ghost monkey is half a person’s height, and this is simply a king kong!
"Run quickly. It will really kill you if it chases you."
Xueyu wakes up
He knows that if she doesn’t wake up now.
In the haunted ancient temple, the level of ghost monkey has reached 39, approaching the edge of level 4, and it is also a BOSS with a higher natural attribute than ordinary monsters.
Now it’s mutated, and it’s so huge, and the level is at least level 5
As it happens, the Shadow Devil has no reason to stay here, and he is not going to challenge this monster that really killed them.
"Magic cow!"
I didn’t forget to let the sword fight the magic cow to delay its footsteps, put away a shadow demon seal card that had just been sealed, and started to run in the opposite direction to the ghost monkey. When I passed Mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying, I picked them up one by one and put them in my armpit, and they dreamed that they could escape the pursuit range of the ghost monkey.
"elder brother"
Chen Ying was pleasantly surprised to remember Wu Xiaojian’s moving speed.
Mu Jiao Jiao changed directly into a hamster again. He got into his coat pocket and hitchhiked with his head exposed.
"It’s safe to leave here."
Comfort them in the mouth. Even if the seal is broken and the haunted ancient temple and ancient pagoda collapse, there is still a stronger seal on the periphery of the forest park. It may be that when people designed this place, this kind of similar situation was expected. Two double insurance houses were specially set up. These monsters can wreak havoc in the forest park but will not go outside. Let the reporters broadcast outside without a close contact with these monsters.
"I really want to get Qianru back to see if she’s not around or not."
Mu Jiao Jiao express her opinion.
Look at the situation now, and it will get worse and worse.
The Phantom of the Opera has probably damaged more places after destroying the seals of the Third Hospital and Forest Park.
Compared with letting her stay at home and be protected by her brother, she believes that Wu Xiaojian has the strength to protect her. After all, he is her real star, which makes her have the ability to awaken and fight.
"I think so too."
Wu Xiaojian agreed to go to uncle miscellaneous sauce or the old man in the library after feeling this, and whether they already know what’s going on here or not, they should be told to ask if there is any way to deal with it
Where to go in this way or what kind of game is simply a prelude to killing in reality.
Keep walking. The wind boots are moving as fast as the Vatican windbreaker, and they are heading for an exit in the forest park.
Many monsters along the way were disturbed by them, but before they responded, they were far away and wanted to chase them, so they couldn’t come.
The surrounding scenery has also become a streamer, and it has quickly regressed to the back. In the past, there has been a blurred scene.
"Brother, hurry up."
Chen ying suddenly woke up and looked behind anxiously. She kept looking back to make sure that the other party was coming.
"So soon?"
Wu Xiaojian immediately understood what she meant when she said this. lisieux feather’s ability conjured up an ice mirror and looked back like a rearview mirror.
In this ice mirror, it is almost like seeing the moon, and Sun Wuqing’s face and fangs are on all fours to catch up with them quickly. The visual distance between them will not exceed 4 meters.
"It’s too fierce."
Judging from this situation, the sword fight magic cow was solved even if it stopped for three seconds, otherwise it wouldn’t chase them like this
The only living person in this monster park is just like the living person in the zombie crisis. Although the IQ of monsters is much higher than that of zombies, there is no difference between them and zombies. It is conceivable that they are like a few pieces of running fat and thrown into the wolf’s den. It is strange that they can’t be crazy.
"If you go like this, you will be chased by it sooner or later." Wu Xiaojian confirmed that the goal of this big monkey is to lock him.
I feel that my remaining strength will die faster if I go around in circles. This big monkey won’t slow down because of trees. Instead, they go around left and around white waves.
Suddenly turn around and make the body continue to slide in inertia, so that the feet can slide out of the sand on the ground full of fallen leaves for more than one meter and raise a large area of dead leaves before stopping.
Chen ying can’t understand his line. What do you think? Now it’s important for them to run for their lives. Why did he stop?
Wu Xiaojian put her on the ground without looking at her face, puzzled and frightened, knowing what she was thinking, and said to her, "I won’t be so noble if you run first. Let me stay when you fight for it, and the horse will chase you. It’s very tight now."
Wu Xiaojian made a long story short, which made her understand some situations and even made a little joke to tell her not to worry.
Chen Ying looked at him and looked at Jiao Jiao as a hamster. Finally, she chose to believe him. She turned around and continued to run in the direction of the park gate, believing that he would come at once.
Wu Xiaojian has also confirmed that it is absolutely impossible to continue running like this … Fighting with the mutant super GREAT GHOST monkey?
Unless he goes out early today, his head is caught in the door, and even the sword fighting magic cow can’t stop it for three seconds. Isn’t he going to die directly if he fights?
Knowing that the present tense is urgent, it is also in the race with the time, and he has released Chen Ying’s instantaneous ghost monkey face, which has never been seen as a shadow, and the distance between the visible contours has been shortened by more than 200 meters in an instant.
"trouble monkey"
Knowing that he was going to leave him alive, it was hard to find a way to save Li Qianru before, but it was only eight years since he secretly loved her as a boyfriend and girlfriend. How could he lose his life here?
The happiest thing in this world is that when he can’t recognize the goddess in his mind, he suddenly finds that the goddess has always had a crush on her.
Although he and Mu Jiao Jiao … Ahem.