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Intelligence is what Su Yu lacks most now.

And if you want to get information, you can start with this small mouth!
"It seems that it is necessary to exchange that thing."
Su Yu sighed, and it hurts a little. There is not much popular energy, and now there will be a lot of sales.
35 Chapter 35 Coercion
However, Su Yu should take this black jade bronze plate for himself before exchanging that thing.
In any case, this is a restraint. Godsworn Jin Dan’s aura is a good defense magic weapon for Su Yu at present.
After all, Su Yu is not even in the territory now.
"How to erase the ink jade bronze plate binding? Let it be my magic weapon? "
Su Yu asked about the system in his heart
[Consumption of popular energy system can erase the spirit binding! According to the strength of the appliance binder, the energy required to erase the binding will be different.
System simply said
Everything is easy with money!
Su Yu said decisively
"Hey ~!"
Thick milky white energy flew out from the screen, and this milky white energy penetrated into the black jade bronze plate.
After about ten minutes.
"rub ~!"
A faint something broke and the black jade bronze plate suddenly dimmed, and then the milky white energy soaked and once again glowed with crystal clear color.
Su Yu can feel that she has a faint blood connection with the black jade bronze plate, and it feels as if her mind can manipulate it at will.
[drop! This erasure consumes 30,000 people’s energy! 】
Unified sound
Let Su Yu just happy mood suddenly sank.
hold it
It costs 30,000 to erase a spiritual weapon. Wouldn’t a more advanced magic weapon consume more people’s energy? Su Yu felt pain at the thought of here.
In fact, he took a big advantage, and only 300,000 people’s hearts and minds can win people’s efforts to warm up treasures day and night. Where can I find such a good thing?
As Su Yu erased and seized the black jade bronze plate, the four-legged disc boy was suddenly "poof!" A coma spit out a mouthful of blood.
This is a treasure given to him by his master, but Su Yu forcibly erased his mind connection, which made the disc boy’s mind hurt and he couldn’t help but spit out his blood.
Harsh blood stained with snow-white drunken sleeping flowers also made Su Yu look up and notice this small
Su Yu cold hum a body wind automatically floating chains imperial city with Su Yu feet appear.
Su Yu is wearing a white robe and stepping on purple thunder flowers, flashing like a master of the world.
At this time, the disc boy just woke up from a coma because of severe mental pain.
He looked around with dim eyes and endured severe pain and found his situation and Su Yu in front of him.
"Su Da Di"
The disc boy’s eyes flashed with pain and resentment, and he whispered, "Can Su Da release me? I have something important to come here this time!"
At this time, the disc boy was shocked by the dust array of the two instruments. He didn’t dare to speak to Su Yu and didn’t dare to tell people what to do like the previous arrogance.
After all, the array of two instruments and dust is said that if this thing is born, it will definitely fix the true plane and set off a bloody storm; Several people want this array, but several people will die.
Of course, if he knew that this two-instrument dust array was a weakened cottage, I’m afraid his attitude was not so humble and polite.
"Something important?"
Su Yu ponder a smile cold eyes looked at the disc boy indifferent way "I ask you to answer! If there is something wrong, you must be embarrassed! "
The disc boy’s mouth barely squeezed out to smile and suddenly froze. This is the bullying of the Soviet Emperor. He has always heard that today is really seen.
Su Yugen, whether you are a guest or an enemy, everything in front of me is me!
How dare people in the border areas be so crazy! It’ s really a worm!
The disc boy gnashed his teeth in his heart, but he had to bow his head before the threat of life and death, saying, "Emperor, you said I would know and not speak."
"You came here."
Su Yu asked
"I came from a small world of 3,000 to learn from the immortal temple gate."
The disc boy honestly said that his sentence had no important information, and he could also hint to Su Yu that his background and background were tough, so that Su Yu did not dare to hurt him easily.
Sure enough, it comes from the plane of fixing truth!
And from his tone, it seems that the people in the immortal temple have mastered the concept of plane. Maybe they have been to his plane?
This is not good news. At least the other party is an experienced "traveler" and even "traveler"! These people are different from the indigenous people in the four continents, but a generation has recognized that this world is heaven and earth, but everyone knows that there are more planes running side by side with the world
Su Yu analyzed an intelligence message from the first sentence of disc boy.
Su Yu’s deep eyes flashed and continued to ask, "What are you doing in the four continents?"
This disc boy has a broken spirit, and his strength is equivalent to the fusion of the realm of fixing truth. His strength is even lower than Su Yu’s.
"I came to Tianjiao Road, Qiwanzu, Dongda in the name of my master, and recruited the world’s outstanding talents through Xintiange to fill the door of Xiandian to supplement the number of new-generation repairs."
Disc boy took a deep breath and barely pulled out a smile and said
He lied!
These four words flashed through Su Yu’s mind. He is still blessed with Zhuge Liang’s wisdom. Zhuge Liang’s experience directly implies telling him this little lie!
His eyes wander, and he avoids the important! The root of the immortal temple is not filled with truth, but only those who have come to the four continents!
Su Yu smiled and asked, "Oh? So you’re coming to me? And what are you and Xintiange? "
Su Yu needs more information, so naturally he won’t expose and force him at this time.
"The emperor is Terran tianjiao! Young, in a high position, and gifted in cultivation! For those aliens who are not human, ghost and ghost, we prefer to have Terran talents like the Great Emperor to join us! Because our immortal temples are all Terran monks! "
Disc boy kowtowed to Su Yu and walked on and said, "And we also hope that the emperor can help us introduce more Terran Tianjiao to join the immortal temple gate. Let’s seek immortality and pursue greater power together! The emperor may not know that we fix the truth, then the realm is equivalent to the four continents, and the four continents are the end, but fixing the truth plane into the then avenue is just the first step. "
This disc boy is also exciting. He knows that the first step in the Terran dilemma in the four continents is to point out the fact that the fairy temple door is the same as the Terran in an attempt to impress Su Yu. Then, he pointed out that the fact that the practitioners are powerful makes Su Yu have a good attitude towards the cultivation of truth, and at the same time, his heart rises with a desire for strength.
It seems that this so-called fairy temple Taoist Sect is not unreasonable. At least he has a glib tongue and is a genius.
Shouldn’t the first step in repairing the truth be to build a foundation?
I really don’t know anything.
Su Yu sneered at the surface in his heart but calmly waved his hand and said, "Go on."
"I have secretly visited many foreign countries and countries in recent months, and most emperors have agreed to join the Tianjiao Road! This is a prosperous time and a test. Joining the Tianjiao Road of all ethnic groups, the strong can get a rare opportunity to seek the truth of immortality! Become a strong man! "
The disc boy became more and more excited, and his face was bloodshot as if he were an immortal. If he hadn’t been chained by thunder, he would have danced.
What a good lobbyist.
Su Yu sneer at
"The emperor, I sincerely invite you to join the family Tianjiao Road! Only a strong person like you deserves more powerful strength in the environment! Immortal! Become a god! Raise your hand and cast your foot to decide the lives of the ten thousand people! "
Disc young face sincere with a hint of temptation to Su Yu said
"I’m not interested in Tianjiao Road! Fairy? God? I am not interested either! Tell me what you and Xintiange are! "
Su Yu asked with a cold smile
What a big breath this world has! I cann’t believe you even look at the fairy. No!