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If Sunday really received any baby and was stared at by those saints, it was already robbed. Sunday told those people next to him that it was no big deal, but now the problem is; I haven’t had anything good on Sunday.

Er, it should be said that Zhou Tianshen does have a treasure that makes those saints move, but the other party failed to find those things, but instead, the yard where Zhou lived; On Sunday, I remember that I didn’t put anything important in it. How can I tell others about it on Sunday?
Yes; Although it is said that it is such a thing, it is only clear on Sunday. No matter what Zhou Tianru answers, those people present today have already identified Sunday’s hand as a treasure in such a situation; Sunday again how to explain estimates that those people also won’t believe.
And the lie Zhou Tianyan disdain can’t say; By such a nòng;; To put Sunday in a rather embarrassing position, let Sunday all don’t know what to say
If thing go on like that; It is estimated that even if it is Sunday, the truth will be told, and no one will believe it in the end; Just this matter afraid of Sunday, he will also want those people to pull a skin.
But in such a situation; The original small courtyard was suddenly changed at that time, and everyone’s attention, including Sunday, was attracted to the past, so it helped Sunday to get around.
However; If you give Sunday a choice; Estimate the Sunday should be another willing to face the embarrassing situation before and don’t want to see the changes behind it.
Just on Sunday, I don’t know if I want to talk to those people around me, but the small hospital where I live; It was at that time that a black hole was suddenly hit, and then suddenly a line of people came out of the black hole.
"Royal elder sister, Meiqin, Alice …" Sunday never thought that when the channel was hit; The purpose at that time; It was his daughters who came out of the line at that time, if it were just that; Sunday also won’t care too much. After all, Royal Sisters are not enemies. Sunday is naturally unnecessary because of their appearance.
But; Now the problem is when the royal sisters appear; At that time, they followed the saints who should have disappeared. The situation is naturally different.
On Sunday, when I only saw such a picture, I was puzzled at that time. It was not clear on Sunday what kind of friends the saints had made. Those saints wanted to catch the royal sister, but they didn’t understand it on Sunday. I don’t know if those things didn’t want to see the royal sisters appear; It is enough for Sunday to react at that time.
According to Sunday’s character; When strange saints appeared; At ordinary times, it should be to stay out of the way. After all, if there is a J and reaction on Sunday according to the strength of the saint, it will be cleaned up by the other party immediately, and it has not lived enough on Sunday; Nature is not going to do that kind of thing to die.
However; That is, in general, it reflects reality; When the Royal Sisters appeared, it was already doomed that there could be no concession on Sunday. At other times, regardless of the importance of the Royal Sisters to Sunday, if the Royal Sisters did not see it when they were captured; That kind of thing is impossible to do on Sunday.
Roots have no other thoughts when they see the royal elder sister for a moment; On Sunday, I was able to go out of my hand at that time, ignoring the fear of the quasi-saints around me and ignoring my great strength. On Sunday, I knew that the royal elder sister’s eyes fell on each other’s hands. I have to save them at that time.
Unfortunately; Although Sunday took out the corresponding courage at that time, courage could not smooth out the strength difference between the two sides. When Zhou Tianli attacked and attacked those saints, one of them just reached out and flicked his finger, and Sunday was blown out by the other side at that time.
It’s not just the time when the sage was attacked and fell on Sunday; On Sunday, but directly, it was broken by the other party’s snap of the finger. Not only did people get hit and fly out when they landed; Sunday was seriously injured.
Moreover; At this point, things still haven’t come to an end. Sunday dares to take immediate action when the royal elder sister is in trouble; This courage is commendable, but it is not enough for the other party to let him go and dare to shoot the saint; The corresponding consequences; On Sunday, nature is necessary to bear after the Sunday bomb flies out; The saint is immediately and once again launched a second attack on Sunday.
Stretching out his hand and covering a huge palm shadow, he fell from the sky towards Sunday at that time and went straight to see the situation; If nothing happens in the end; Afraid of Sunday, it will die in the other party’s attack.
Facts; Although the heart is unwilling on Sunday, when the other party attacks and falls, Sunday himself has already recognized him as a dead man at that time. After looking at the royal elder sister, Sunday is already ready to meet the other party’s final blow.
Chapter three hundred and four Choice
Chapter three hundred and four Choice
Saint attack; Even if it’s just a blow, if it really falls on Sunday; Then you can be sure that Sunday will definitely die in that attack unless it is a saint’s rescue; Even the quasi-saint has no resistance.
And Yuan Tianzun’s eyes are trapped in a strange place. Now even if you know what happened here on Sunday, it is naturally impossible to come to the rescue at this time, and because you know why you have no ability to resist, on Sunday, when facing the attack of that saint, you will stop resisting and prepare for your own death.
However; Just when Sunday is ready to meet death; The accident happened again.
When Sunday is going to be struck by the sage; But suddenly there was a magician; At random, it will also block the attack of the sage.
If you can stop the saint from attacking nature, there will be a saint, and the saint you know on Sunday will also have a Yuan Tianzun. Now when you see that the saint’s attack has been stopped, Sunday is naturally a Yuan Tianzun coming at this time, so you are full of joy and look back at the past at that time.
But it turned out that Sunday was disappointed when Sunday turned around; It is found that the root of Yuan Tianzun did not come back. On Sunday, it is impossible for reinforcements to appear naturally.
Without the help of saints; On Sunday, they thought of what those saints fought for here; When my heart sank, it was Sunday, and at that time, I looked back at those saints with different origins.
On Sunday, it was time to look at those saints again; It was an accident at that time that I found out that except for the saints of the royal sister; Since there is such a strange figure.
The royal elder sister and her party really look like they have been restrained, according to their expressions; Obviously, the eyes can’t even move, and all the action ability has already fallen into the control of those saints. In this case, Sunday is psychologically prepared, just like Sunday will have such a big reaction after seeing them caught, if it is not stopped; Royal elder sister, they also can’t until the eyes have no movement.
But; In addition to those saints who were restrained by the royal elder sister and her party, since there is another figure, what surprises Sunday most is that; Since that figure can still move freely in this way; Then you can’t ignore each other on Sunday, especially; The other party’s hand move is consistent with the previous rescue of Sunday’s law, so that Sunday knows that just saving others is the other party’s situation, and Sunday is even more impossible not to pay attention to that person
And on Sunday when I saw the man’s face; Zhou Tianxin was taken aback at that time.
There is no other reason because that person looks like a person, but he is too similar, if his age is not a little different; Even Sunday will treat them as the same person.
"No, it’s impossible. How could Lori have such a strong repair?" There is nothing wrong. That figure is as long as a little girl, only a little different; There is probably an age. The little girl is a girl of ten thousand years. I haven’t grown up much in the past so many years, and that figure word; It is a young girl who can see each other even though her appearance has changed a little; Then you can definitely recognize that it is the little girl who has grown up.
Yes; Although the little girl’s strength is said to have a certain growth, when she finally saw each other on Sunday; At that time, the little girl was just an ordinary fairy now; After seeing that this girl is a saint and has taken her hand; Before Sunday, the saint stopped. Even at the saint level, he was afraid of being quite top-notch. In this strength, if there is no meeting for a few yuan, add a few more adventure exercises. It is estimated that it is not even possible to appear, but how long will it take for a little girl to meet on Sunday? A few months of kung fu is such a situation; Sunday is really hard to imagine that the little girl will be the same person.