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Double knife flow "wind dance"

Drink a pair of knives, scabbard, gas, oblique strokes, two ripples in the gas, then blink of an eye and turn two pieces as thin as cicada’s wings and chop them off towards him.
Haha, that’s it. When the sword says it, it will set up a blade to launch a chop. However, for a moment, his face changed, but he quickly blocked the knife in front of him.
The harsh sound of "before" suddenly sounded, and it was still far away. Two wind blades had instantly hit the blade of the sword, and at the same time, they would slowly push it back, even his feet had already sunk into the ground.
Drink low, drink medium, and two wind blades have been thrown to the next room by the sword. Then listen to the continuous sound of "snow". The sword turns to look, and suddenly the pupil shrinks and the room is still standing there, but at the same time, there are two invisible gaps in the same room. He can already see that all the rooms behind the room are the same, and there will be the same gap here.
Is now a double-edged sword wave.
At the moment of howls, dozens of slashes have been blasted towards the sword. Although the slashing power is several times smaller than that of the front blade, it is better than the number.
A loud bang
Cang Chun gasped at the front covered with smoke and muttered, "Did you kill it?"
Just then a golden chop flew out of the smoke and flew straight to Cang Chun.
By talking, the spirit-cutting knife has crossed the scabbard and hit it together
As pale pure this deep drink sounded golden chop has been he left to the right side of the building, at the same time there was a few roar.
"bad!" Cang Chun looked at the sword covered in wounds and suddenly appeared in front of him and exclaimed.
A spurt of blood from Cang Chun’s body made him gasp, and his face became even paler.
Damn it, it’s really good to go like this. Before the end of the attack, all his physical strength was almost exhausted, and suddenly he was so seriously injured that even if he bled, he would die!
"Wait" looked at the sword Cang Chun who was about to start work again, but for a moment, he felt a blur in front of him and saw an illusion.
Knowing the sword, Cang Chun frowned and said, "It was because of your excessive mental pressure that I felt a weak breath. I didn’t expect you to become so weak and your hair was dyed at that time?"
"Xiao Jian, you are so fierce that you finally won." A small figure shouted back to the sword back.
"Well" sword should be one.
"Bastard, stop the bleeding. Do you want me to die?" The original curse Cang Chun said in the end, but he didn’t have the strength. He now has physical strength and even the ability of demon fruit
"Cut" more wood blade cut one by one and then Cang Chun ran towards the quadruple team
"Ten minutes later"
"Come on! Small sword this way "cried the little girl with a face of excitement pointing to the road.
Bastard, what? I have a bad feeling that Kuchiki Soujyun has heard a thousand streams pointing the way several times since the beginning. What’s the matter, it’s not far from the quadruple team?
You bastards, when you send me to the place, I will be dead long ago. Cang Chun broke his sword and roared.
Yo, it’s recovered. Jian looks at it and can’t see the wound. Cang Chun laughs
"You two road idiots" shouted the pale black face.
He would have bled to death if his physical strength recovered in these ten minutes had not been his ability to make the devil bear fruit.
At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Cang Chun. Who is this Kuchiki Byakuya who is not late?
"Are you sleepwalking?"
Cang Chun looked at it with a face full of words, even wearing a dead bully outfit, and his shawl looked like white zai. "Don’t hurry back and comb it."
"Father, your hair."
Just dyed … Cough … Damn it, it seems that it will take a while to recover from the injury when I look at the pure eyebrows of the palm of my hand.
"Father, this is you …" White zai looked at pale pure hand blood that dress like a beggar and chest wound pupil fierce shrinkage.
I’m all right pale pure looked at him and said, "this kind of injury will soon be restored. You’d better go home quickly! What do you look like? "
Know the white zai should be a then draw out a sword, pointing to the sword cold way "father’s adult body injury is you"
Is my sword not cocked his head provocative way "because he is too weak, just now I didn’t even a third strength! Really interesting. "
Damn it, you said that the spirit-cutting knife had sunk into the ground, followed by two rows of huge blades rising from his side
Jie Qian Ying Jing Yan
Cold sound, followed by two rows of huge blades, instantly turned into several pink petals, which surged towards the sword light.
"Still so disobedient?" said Cang Chun, turning around and leaving for the six teams. At this time, Bai Zai had already mastered Qian Ying’s solution. Cang Chun was not worried that he would lose to more wood blade.
Chapter 20 A bald head overnight ()
I smell it, though it’s very weak, but it’s definitely pure that guy’s mental pressure. Hahahaha, madness is like morbid laughter. The net hall rings.
I felt it, too. The man lying on his sword shoulder in front pointed to the fog in front and shouted, "Small sword, hurry!"
Hear laughter pale pure eyebrows a wrinkly "more wood blade? It’s really a bad time not to be caught by him, otherwise his current situation is estimated to be very bad. "
Thought of here pale pure hurriedly ran towards six teams.
"Boom" suddenly sounded a huge roar, and then a strong strong breeze instantly blew away the surrounding fog.
"Got you, Kuchiki Soujyun." The sword looked at him with a knife and grinned.
At this time, a small figure jumped from the blade to one side of the roof and shouted "Come on, Xiaojian"
"Hey, good morning …" Cang Chun hasn’t finished yet, but the pupil is shrinking because the grinning face of the sword has appeared in front of him.
Say hello, and then accompany me to play a wave. First, the grinning is full of serrated blades, and the blade has split vertically towards him.
I said …
Ma Dan, this is Cang Chun throwing up when he flies out.
I don’t know how many walls I ran through, and finally "bang" stopped.
As soon as he stopped, Cang Chun felt dirty and rolled, and then he spit out one mouthful blood. Now he feels that there are thousands of grasses rushing by in front of him, but for his own skin thickness, he would have to lie down.
"Cough cough" severe cough sounded.
No, I’d better get out of here quickly, or I’ll die. I’m just thinking about it, and my feet have disappeared at the same time.
Damn sword, at this time, I found Cang Chun’s body. Even his initial solution is not out of physical strength, and it is less than one tenth because of excessive consumption of life source. It can be said that it is his weakest period.
"You can’t run to accompany me to play a game! Ha ha ha "
"ding ding ding"
I cann’t believe you can’t even fight back. What’s wrong with you? You’ve weakened so much. Is it because some terrible guy called before and didn’t even inform me?
Bastard listened to the sword’s chattering words while blocking the attack. Cang Chun felt so wronged for the first time
One knife flow * live together to cut.
Is it blocked?
How could I be cut to the sword by you again? Look at him and laugh.