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Especially in emotional matters, no one can make decisions for anyone.

I want to go further with your affection.
At night, Tang Luoling and his party found an inn to have a good rest.
In the summer, he still talks to Yunsu alone at night.
If they really have no future, Xia Houlian will put Yunsu’s position in his heart when he plans to leave the dreamland.
After all, now for Xia Houlian, he is fond of Yunsu.
But in fact, should he and Yunsu pay?
Xia Houlian is an evil spirit, and he should live alone in this life.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t be keen to go to Zunyuan country, let alone ignore his mother’s pleading. He left home and didn’t want to get married because he knew that his evil spirit identity could not be met by the world. Chapter 955: Shizhou Dacheng 4
Xia Houlian has an idea in this life that he wants his family to be safe, so he can also do his own thing.
At night, the lights of Dacheng Street in Zhangzhou are lit up with tea houses, gambling houses and flower houses, and people are swarming. Various means of attracting customers are endless and dazzling.
Yunsu sat face to face with Tang Luoling in the room.
Tang Luoling looked at Yunsu’s pale face and seemed strange.
After thinking about it, she said directly, "Su Niang, I don’t know what kind of feelings you have for your cousin. If you don’t have any feelings for your cousin, I hope you can keep your distance from your cousin in the future."
Yun Su trembled. She was very excited, but she still trembled and asked, "What?"
"My cousin is passionate about you."
"I …"
Yun Su’s desire for words and tears first frightened Tang Luoling.
Actually, the last thing she wants to see is women’s tears.
If tears can solve all problems for women, it will be peaceful for the world if women cry twice on this day.
At that time, I looked at Yunsu Tang Luoling, who was crying like a crybaby, and sat there silenced.
She knew that if Yunsu cried loudly at this time, she couldn’t guarantee that the next summer could not hear her.
If you hear this, you might even rush in and ask what’s going on. Of course, Tang Luoling can be sure that once cousin Lian intervenes, their brother-sister relationship can also guarantee that cousin Lian’s personality will definitely make her eat more than she can chew!
"Su Niang, can we talk it over?"
Tang Luoling has a headache and can soften his voice.
Yunsu seems to have made up his mind to stop crying by sniffing, and then he said, "Then I will tell you that I like summer weather."
Mud sister
It turned out that the mutual affection made her worry so much!
Tang Luoling immediately some want to call names what the hell!
Yun Su went on to say, "I also asked Master Zhiyi that day what my marriage would be like in summer. The answer given by Master Zhiyi was to let me wait for me. I would wait for a long time, maybe a year, ten years or a hundred years, but I still turned my back."
When she finished, she cried red and her eyes showed a happy smile. "Is he really passionate about me?"
Tang Luoling opened his mouth and was about to answer when there was a knock at the door "Benedict Benedict-"
"Su Niang, did you sleep? Can we talk? "
Tang Luoling heard people’s voices funny.
Cousin Lian is really impatient
So Yunsu winked at one side. "Go, cousin Lian is looking for you."
And Yunsu glanced at each other and saw Yunsu’s eyes panic. It seems that she also doesn’t know what happened to the sudden visit in summer.
Yunsu quickly stretched out his hand to wipe the red and swollen eyes. With the help of Tang Luoling, she wiped a little bit of spiritual spring water under her eyes and quickly returned to its original state.
In the blink of an eye, there was no trace in her eyes that she had cried.
Yunsu just opened the door and opened it. Yunsu looked at the sound of summer in front of him. "You wanted to see me?"
"Su Niang, can we talk alone?"
Xia Houlian is a whole head taller than Yunsu at this time.
And she just arrived in the summer. Chapter 956 Confession 1
Now it seems that their height difference is a good match.
Talk alone?
Yunsu nodded and left with Xia Houlian.
After leaving the inn, Yunsu followed Xia Houlian and found that his body gave off cold meaning, which made her have the illusion that he was emotional about himself, even if it was false.
In summer, such an imposing manner is to keep people away!
They walked on, not far away, with unknown purple flowers blooming everywhere, until a large stone bridge appeared in front of them.
That stone is actually made of hanging stones. It is convenient for a waterfall with a width of 100 meters to clear water and splash and smash white water mist, which causes the whole face of the stone bridge to be soaked. The bridge deck is very slippery. If a careless foot slips, it is estimated that it will slide to the bottom to take a bath.
There is also a gazebo behind the entrance to the bridge, which seems to be a beautiful place to rest.
Yunsu didn’t step on the bridge at the entrance of the bridge, so she couldn’t help but reach out and then the white mist made her hands covered with water drops for a short time.
Summer is around her, and in his eyes is Yunsu’s gentle smile. She is reaching out and touching the naughty water mist, and her smile keeps warming his heart.
She was the first woman to walk into his heart after his rebirth.
"What are you thinking?"