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Three years is enough for many people to forget many things.

Su Yun also didn’t make anything early and was forgotten.
Ji Fan listened to what Lu Xun said and nodded and said, "So you call me him again?"
Lu Xun nodded.
Then go ahead.
Chapter VI Turn and run a big talent
Moyu town has been run by Su Yun for three years, and it is very prosperous. There are all kinds of buildings, including brothels, of course.
JiFan look complicated staring at an alley constantly Shouting.
"Come on, big ye! You haven’t been here for a long time. Let Xiaomei accompany you! "
"Come on, let’s sit down and make sure you want to come back."
"Oh, little brother, look at you. You look natural. We have the most tricks here to ensure your addiction."
JiFan rubbed his face and wept directly.
This Su Yun is such a fucking talent that he can even build a brothel.
Ji Fan and Lu Xun walked around in brocade robes, bought some gadgets and ate many chaotic dumplings on the roadside.
After the contented visit, the two individuals changed their positions, and Ji Fan’s servants walked towards the town center.
Two foot soldiers also lean to see people hurriedly put out the pike and shouted "newcomers stop here"
Before the foot soldier finished speaking, there came a rather unexpected sound in the room.
"Let them in!"
Lu Xun awe-inspiring. It seems that people inside know who they are. Frowned and walked into the hall.
A scribe in his thirties looks ordinary but his eyes are extraordinary. He looked at Lu Xun and then at Ji Fan and smiled. "Sit down, two!"
Lu Xun consciousness looked back at a JiFan only to see JiFan repeatedly wink.
A careful heart when yourself.
Because of this consciousness, Su Yun quickly confirmed who is the Lord.
Su Yun said to Ji Fan with a fist, "The pavilion is Ji Jizhou!"
JiFan out smile in return for a slight bow and said
"I’ve heard for a long time that Mr. Su Yun’s talent came to bother you today!"
Su Yun is a little surprised. It is reasonable to say that JiFan is the secretariat of Jizhou! If you don’t salute him, you should smile and nod your head. You can’t help but compare him with Kong Yu and think of it here.
This gift alone can’t be compared with the sage’s tolerance.
Lu Xun is very subtle in observing Su Yun’s look. He should be decisive and directly say, "Ji Jizhou hopes you can go to Jizhou to help him manage Yecheng government."
Su Yun’s look brightened and then dimmed, and he said with a wry smile, "The old couple and concubines are all in Su Jia Village, and I Su Yun won’t easily recognize my master."
Lu Xun was smiling more than saying, "Su Xiong intelligence can’t see what we’re doing here? To recognize the master, hehe, my master is not stingy. "
Su Yun nature is to see it, but some can’t believe it.
And staying in this small place does have some cowardice. Don’t blame me for being unfaithful to him if Kong Yu is unkind to me.
Su Yun looked at Ji Fan and said, "Yes, just now, the courtesy of a wise man was not a narrow-minded person. Then Su Yun will come with you!"
Without hesitation, the deputy was appointed to lead the town, and then the clothes and money were packed and the two armies went out of the city.
——————————————————— The dividing line.
In a camp ten miles away from Pingyuan City, Ji Wu growled at a foot soldier.
"What? Say it again! ! ! ! There are trees 30 miles away? Three miles? It’s three miles! Asshole! So many trees are gone? I’m from the plain. I don’t know. Believe it or not, I cut you down! "
Before persuading "master, be calm, this foot soldier is not so bold"
The foot soldier said with a bitter face, "They cut it down and burned it."