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Then the kings gasped when they saw the hag afraid of the king.
A ghost hag!
The poor devil was swallowed alive by this ghost hag!
Most of the hags are worshipped in heaven.
Of course, there must be some scattered ghosts in the three thousand realms, or other evil spirits are too lazy to pay attention to them because of their small number.
For example, the Shura Temple in the Great Tiewei Mountain suppressed an Asura family.
But it is too rare to practice this realm!
Hag is afraid of the king, grinning while chewing the skull of the poor devil. He looks excited and his eyes are shining with bloodthirsty light.
King Anshi took a deep breath and calmed down as much as possible. "This hag Taoist friend, we have a feud this time. I hope you will stay out of it."
Although the poor devil is one of them, he has died after all.
King An Shi doesn’t want to show weakness in the tone of this monster because of the death of a poor devil.
An Shi Wang Dao "is a great fairy land in the world. If you are willing to sell me my meager sensibilities, you will be grateful in the future."
Hag is afraid of the king monster and laughs. "Don’t thank me. Just thank me with your life."
King An Shi shook his fist and pressed his anger in his heart to smile. "Friends are joking."
"Hey hey!"
King Hag grinned and licked his scarlet lips, stared at King An Shi with malicious intent and asked, "Do you know who I am?"
"I do not know"
King An Shi hesitated.
Hag feared the king and said slowly, "I am the one who fears the king’s seven emotions!" "
More than 30 kings, such as King An Shi, changed their faces and looked at each other with indecision.
Fear of the king?
There is also a fear king in Tianhuang Sect?
King An Shi also has some confusion in his mind.
The appearance of this hag has disrupted his plan, and his information is also different. When will a king of fear emerge?
But on second thought, there are indeed six magic generals in the joys, sorrows, fears, loves and hates.
Theoretically, there should be another king of fear.
But this scared wang qian never showed up?
Don’t say it’s Anshi Feng Wang’s remnant days, Zhen, Yan Beichen, Ji goblin, etc. People here are also a little confused.
Just then, in the middle of the semester, there was a sharp noise and blood gushed out.
It was the hag who feared that the king suddenly disappeared and came to an ordinary fairy king’s side. He grabbed his head and smashed his flesh and blood, mixed it with the Yuan God and sent it to his mouth!
The second king is dead!
All eyes are on hag, afraid that the king will disappear again.
The posture is too fast!
Like a ghost, the naked eye can hardly see through his tracks!
"Look out!"
"Over there!"
"Not on my side … Ah!"
A scream came to an abrupt end.
Another Buddhist king died, and his body was torn into pieces and fell from the middle.
A king hurriedly propped up a hole in the sky, but was afraid that the hag would break the king’s flesh and blood, and then he would crash into a ball of meat!
Don’t say it’s a group of celestial beings, immortals and immortals. This group of kings have never seen such a cruel killing method!