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Seeing this scene, all creatures are conscious of staring at their eyes with their mouths open.

The emperors even forgot to breathe and stood still.
Wudao Zun is powerful, and all emperors have seen it.
Even the four-nine-day robbery failed to destroy the purple flash of Wudao Zun, but it was easy to split the destruction into pieces!
After a long time, the cracks in the sky slowly closed.
It seems that the purple flash just now is the illusion of all the people.
However, the majestic posture of the East China Sea has completely annihilated that purple!
Many strong people shook their heads and sighed.
"Wu Huang has succeeded in Du Jie, but it is somewhat naive to be provocative …"
"It’s no wonder that he ended up like this."
"In any case, Wu Huang’s two real bodies, Du Jie, have succeeded in soaring to the top, and it is fortunate that they have saved the two real bodies."
People of all ethnic groups have been talking about it for a long time near the East China Sea.
Some strong people still want to look for budo zunwu bag, but they find it.
That kind of power estimates that the bag has gone up in smoke.
Many strong people think like this.
In fact, when the purple came, the martial arts statue was covered by the blazing purple light, and no one noticed that a touch of silver light fell into the East China Sea and disappeared.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and twelve Carjacking
As Su Mo’s two true bodies soared, Wu Daozun was chopped to death by the purple heavenly punishment, and all the creatures lingered near the East China Sea for a long time before gradually dispersing.
This time, the soaring of Du Jie in Wu Huang has brought great impact to all ethnic groups!
Some creatures choose to sit directly by the East China Sea and realize the Tao.
Some strong people completely gave up the idea of Du Jie soaring.
And some people are more determined!
No one noticed that a touch of silver brilliance floated into the depths of the East China Sea.
Sumo, Du Jie, the robbery cloud enveloped this East China Sea area, and no creature dared to stay here!
There are naturally no creatures in the deep sea who find this silver brilliance.
This is a silver mask.
This silver mask came from the world, and the bronze Fang Ding fell to the wild mainland at the same time.
And there is a drop of blood with spiritual wisdom in this mask!
Makes this mask turn blood red.
However, this drop of blood was imprisoned by Wu Daozun’s soul fire and red-violet industry fire, which restored this mask to its appearance.
Now that Wu Daozun has decided to defy the will of heaven, he has already predicted that there will be a scourge.
Although his combat power borders the enemy,
But this punishment can definitely destroy him easily!
So this silver mask is the last card of Wu Daozun!
When that scourge came, Wu Daozun already felt that his roots could not resist the impact of this scourge!
Suo Wudao Zun decided to hide a drop of JingXie in a silver mask.
(just) as expected/anticipated