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Luo Ao didn’t want to speak his mind again. His love for the second time came from the bottom of his heart. Seeing that kind-hearted and pure-hearted child, his heart would feel calm and peaceful for no reason.

"You need to talk more, and I don’t need to listen to you say something high-sounding. I want to ask you where Gu Jun and Mo Wan are leaning?" CenLuo cold eyes such as cone day everyone would fly straight staring at los "NingYuan Hou Fu you hurt bad enough? Mo Wan-qing was the daughter of the Prime Minister’s house, but she was teased by fate, and the chess in your hand was ruined. So you still don’t let her go and continue to benefit her. What on earth is your heart doing so badly? "
Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, and saw his eyes quickly cross a painful color, and then his eyes sneered, "A goddess suddenly appeared in Lingyue, and at the same time, there was a grandmother in the palace. Don’t you think this is a heavenly arrangement to eradicate you and eliminate the power in your hands?" Could it be her? Will the goddess be the same person and that person is her?
I’m afraid she’s the only one who can help a woman by caesarean section.
But … But she was destroyed by Mo Wan, and the pill was stabbed in the abdomen and thrown off the cliff. Can she live?
The abyss. He has seen it from the cliff. It’s the abyss. She’s not a fairy. How can she be alive and well?
Although he thinks so in his heart, he hopes that the goddess in today’s street is her, the unique woman he likes.
"Do you think I will?" Day everyone would fly face sink like water condensate to him, "I plan for many years will never fall short! Ling Yue Da Zhou is the whole Central Plains will be my bag. "
Slightly paused, he said darkly, "She is a chess player in my hand, yes, but I can’t blame her for being his grandfather’s willingness to hand her over to me. I said that I would raise you in the Prime Minister’s Office, but we thought that the old fox actually gave his first granddaughter to the ghost. It is said that this combination can show his sincerity."
"Do I believe you when you say that?" CenLuo hanging side hands suddenly clenched "you have to start from the big week? Will you find the government again? " He didn’t think that Bai Cenfu’s wealth and potential would risk genocide and join hands to commit treason?
Luo ao’s eyes flashed "I can’t tell you for the time being"
"Everything your father and I did was for a reason. We really didn’t mean anything when we sent you to the big week." From the chair, Luo Shuang walked in front of Cenluo. "After your father achieved great things, you were just too …"
CenLuo cold way "that’s enough! I want nothing. I want to take people away! "
"Mo Wan Qing was taken away from Ling Yue by your dad last night, and now he should be on his way back to Da Zhou. You said that Gu Jun has also been rescued from our hands." He held out his hand and wanted to hold his hand, but he was taken back by Cenluo’s cold eyes and frost.
Who rescued Gu Jun?
Cenluo’s thin lips pursed and wondered if it was her. Is she really not dead?
She’s not dead. She’s not dead. She miraculously survived and came to Lingyue to rescue Gu Jun, and then accidentally helped the woman to have a caesarean section. Is that so?
Cen Luo’s eyes were fixed on Luo Shuang’s body. "You didn’t lie to me?"
"How can Niang lie to you? Although Niang is not around you over the years, your mother knows everything, and she loves Yixuan Arrow in her heart. Yi Han Niang knows that you like Gu Liancheng, but she is dead …" Sighed Luo Shuang and sat back in the chair and looked at Cenluo. "Don’t think about her any more. Niang has arranged for you to tidy up a small yard in the house, so our family will live together in the future."
"I have no family!" By the way, Cenluo’s figure flashed and disappeared.
Los cream eyes red day everyone would fly at los "how did he go like this again? Does he really have no us in his heart? "
"Let him make it for two days first, but it won’t work, so he will seal the memory in his mind." Day everyone would fly in Los Angeles and make a decision with a heavy expression.
"You want me to seal Yi Han’s memory of this … how can this be done?" Los frost shook his head disapprovingly. "Without memory, he used to be white. Aren’t you afraid that he will be suspicious and disagree …"
Luo ao cut off her words "implant new memories for him"
"No, I don’t agree. I don’t want to cheat him. I’ve been sorry for him all these years. Now you want me to do this. I don’t agree with anything." Luo Shuang strongly opposed it
Day everyone would fly watching her every word, "then you would rather look at him and us? He knows a lot. "
"Didn’t you say let him make trouble for two days first? Don’t worry, I will persuade him if I have the chance." I was silent for a while, and tears fell in Luo Shuang’s eyes. "I really don’t want three children to get involved. If one of them has something to do with me, I …" She choked again.
"You think too much!" Day everyone would fly los frowned slowly "rest assured that I won’t let them have something"
He got up and walked to the door. "I’m going to read an Tang to sit down."
Luo Shuang wiped away tears from the corner of his eyes and looked at his tall back. His lips moved and said, "Don’t go to another hospital tonight!"
"I will stay in the house recently." Looking back, I said a sentence: Day everyone would fly out of the house.
"Master came over" The door was pushed by candlelight, and an ordinary old woman was sitting on the couch, slowly turning the beads in her hands. When she saw Luo Ao enter the room, she immediately got up and wanted to prepare for Jianli.
But Luo Ao raised his hand to stop "how many times have I said that I need to salute when I see you?" Without this woman, he might have lost his life soon after his birth.
Go to the couch and sit down. Luo Ao looks at the old woman and asks, "How are you recently?"
"Thank you, sir, for being tough," the old woman said, pouring a cup of tea for Luo Ao and putting it in front of her. "I wonder how the young lady is now!" I thought that I hadn’t seen the old lady for many years, and I picked up the handkerchief and wept.
Luo Ao took a sip of his tea and said, "When I went to Zhou Qian’s palace, I looked almost everywhere, but I couldn’t find my mother. Do you think she was killed early?"
"Miss won’t die. The first emperor likes miss very much, but miss has that person in her heart, so she resents the fact that the first emperor gave birth to you and let me hold you and secretly leave the palace and return to Lingyue …"
The old woman said, "Do you like my mother? Hum, if the first emperor really likes my mother, how can he accept Ying Gong’s first daughter into the palace? And let that woman have two emperors, and she wants to give the throne to that woman, and she wants me to say that she doesn’t have my mother in her heart! "