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"The three of them also agreed to cooperate with us at that time!"

A series of orders, the Speaker’s Cabinet and Mr. President’s arrangement, have been thoroughly implemented, and those who are very responsible for implementing the orders do not know what these so-called plans and personnel are and their identities. After issuing the orders according to the orders of the two elderly people, they all got positive feedback through inexplicable channels, but specifically, no one can say clearly about the feedback.
"Well, it’s up to those guys to give it to us." It’s useless and the two old people are all smiling in the encrypted communication with the earth. There is no such thing as a horse facing the most humiliating surrender ceremony, the highest leader of the military and the people
Semi-human and human beings are the same to a great extent. This kind of human surrender also requires a very grand surrender ceremony. The whole grand ceremony will be held in the semi-human capital. The two top leaders will be brought to the semi-human society, and the semi-human society will formally declare their surrender in front of everyone in the highest management body of the joint parliament.
All ceremonies will be broadcast live by human and semi-human media. Semi-human and earth humans can directly receive all the details, and of course, they can get these live signals from the earth if they want to.
Among these half-humans, the masters specially found an auspicious day of the zodiac and looked forward to it. When that moment came, they held a ceremony.
Preparatory work has been the earth sitting in the Speaker’s Pavilion, and it was first taken up separately and entered the semi-human warship.
And the human high command, Mr. Chairman, is also ready to leave at this moment and report to the designated area of half-human like a trap, so that those ferocious guys can continue to create tragedies among civilians.
However, just as Mr. President is about to leave, the semi-human side has put forward more stringent requirements. The bombing of the high crane and the ice base has caused great casualties and losses to the semi-human. Others will not pursue it, but the two special soldiers who are responsible for carrying out this project must appear with Mr. President. If you don’t agree, then the semi-human will be even more bloody and try to get the human to agree.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Confidential exposure ()
I don’t know who came up with the idea for this additional condition. At this moment, human beings have agreed to surrender and set up two supreme leaders, the government and the army, and those guys still want to hand over human heroes. Is it tolerable?
Anyway, the combination of Gaohe and Bingsha is just two lives, but the enemy has tens of billions of people as hostages, which is more important? Everyone can still tell.
Those politicians see two lives to ensure the lives of hundreds of billions of people, which is a sure-fire business. If the enemy keeps his word, he will sacrifice both of them.
However, from another perspective, considering the fate of mankind, fighting hard and sacrificing excellent soldiers, instead of falling to the enemy battlefield, are bound by their own hands and given to the enemy. In the final analysis, if this is really done, it will make all the front-line fighters who are still fighting cold.
No one can make this decision. Maybe the Speaker’s Cabinet and Mr. President are forced by the enemy’s cruelty to civilians to declare their surrender to half-human beings. There is no way, especially Mr. President. He is not controlled by the enemy himself, but he can still make sacrifices for human civilians. This is what everyone sincerely admires. No one can say anything about their dedication regardless of their personal reputation.
But once someone hands over the crane and the ice demon, that’s the real chilling act. Once this is done, no one can say for sure whether there are any brave fighters and heroes who charge.
Although Mr. Chairman had arranged everything before departure, this sudden change had to stop Mr. Chairman’s trip.
"What do you think?" Re-sit in the battle command meeting room. Mr. Chairman looked around at a bunch of generals asking for advice.
Everyone probably knows the seriousness of this matter. Look at me. I’ll see if you don’t talk to anyone.
"General Zhao Qi, camels and icebergs belong to you. What do you say?" No one spoke. Mr. Chairman looked around and asked General Zhao Qi, who was not far away.
"I don’t agree!" General Zhao Qi directly refused without thinking. "Today, they want camels and icebergs, so they can let all his soldiers put weapons. When will this demand be met?" I don’t agree! "
Everyone can understand General Zhao Qi’s mood. No one will promise others to tell the truth. Although they have made outstanding achievements, it is not so difficult for them to sacrifice two people. However, General Zhao Qi is now the most prestigious general of the highest command except Mr. Chairman, and no one will say much about it.
"I’ll talk to camel iceberg myself!" With a long sigh, Mr. President, you can tell from everyone’s expressions that you don’t ask anyone what you think.
Gao He and Bing Sha are now returning to General Hammer. We don’t know this semi-human ultimatum. When you see General Zhao Qi accompanying you, Mr. Chairman suddenly appears. Everyone here is surprised and rises to salute.
"Camel iceberg, you two walk with me!" Mr. Chairman directly brought Gao He and Bing Sha out without saying any nonsense. General Hammer wanted to say something, but General Zhao Qi shook his head and stopped him, ordering him to arrange security around him.
Mr. President, the crane in front of him and the ice demon are side by side with the chairman behind him. Naturally, they will not take the initiative.
"Camel, I’m deeply sorry about your parents." After a walk in a place where there seems to be no one else, Mr. Chairman stopped to look at Gao He and Bing Sha’s two young faces, and his heart was slightly sour.
Gao He didn’t answer, but anyone can see from his tightly highlighted angular masticatory muscles that he is biting his teeth severely at the moment.
"Is there any way that others can’t hear us?" This time, Mr. Chairman said to the ice evil spirit that the ice evil spirit nodded, and Xuan Bing offered the ice evil spirit in the three-person package to ensure that no one was superior to the ice evil spirit, and no one could hear the conversation between the three people.
"I know you don’t approve of the surrender decision made by me and the Speaker’s Cabinet, but the supreme commander of the human army, I can’t be responsible for my own safety and the safety of some departments. We need the whole mankind to take responsibility," Mr. President said slowly.
"You are the most good soldier I have ever seen, and I have no doubt about it." Mr. Chairman looked at the two of them and they did not have stage fright and looked at the chairman.
"Now I need your help and your cooperation with us!" Mr. President watched the two men make their own demands. "I’m sorry that our law can guarantee your lives, even our own lives, but we need your help for the future of mankind."
"What?" Bing Sha didn’t speak, but looked at Gao He Gao He, and he didn’t have the ideological struggle or hesitation as imagined by Mr. President. He just asked like a cold robot.
"Come with us to the semi-human capital to attend their surrender ceremony." Mr. President calmly told this matter, which is probably the biggest stain in his life, as if it were about what happened to others.
After thinking about it, Mr. Chairman added two sentences: "This surrender ceremony was held on the spot by the Supreme Council of Half-human, and the surrender process will be broadcast live by all media of human and half-human. They named you two to attend. According to our analysis, they want to investigate the bombing of that base and ensure your life safety by our law."
The words have been very straightforward. Mr. Chairman also said that it depends on the consequences of Gao He and Bing Sha’s reaction to not going. I believe Gao He already knows that there is no need to repeat it.
"We still have hope to overcome? Sir! " Gao Hemeng raised his head.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Confidential exposure ()
"I hope there are always camels!" Mr. President’s answer is very inscrutable. "If there is no hope, we don’t have to surrender humbly."
"I see, sir. When do you leave?" Gao He nodded firmly and asked Mr. President, there seems to be no expression on his face. Since Gao He learned that his parents and sister had been killed, Gao He seems to have never shown his expression. It has always been like this.
"Let’s go now!" With that, Mr. Chairman turned and walked. Gao He and Bing Sha looked at each other and chased after each other without saying anything.
General Zhao Qi certainly knew that Gao He and Bing Sha were still chasing to say goodbye to them before they set foot on the battleship this time.
"Mr. Chairman and the Speaker’s Pavilion are getting older. Camel iceberg, please work harder and take care of the two officers!" "It’s a general!"
"No matter what the situation, we must protect the lives of the two officers!" "It’s a general!"