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"It’s a pity that the powerful people who fell here thought that there were three veins of stone monkeys, macaques and horse monkeys, and later generations came here to inherit their Taoist awakening veins …"

Su Mo came to this grave and felt a little abnormal.
This grave gave him an unimaginable sense of oppression!
It’s more than a dozen tombs of the emperor’s strong, which can’t reach this level.
This feeling of oppression is familiar. He once felt it in the grottoes of A-bi Hell and the grave of the Emperor.
And these three places are buried by the great and the strong!
Su Mo looked at her feet and thought of a possibility.
I’m afraid this grave will bury not only more than a dozen strong emperors, but also the Great Warrior!
The tomb of the Great Warrior was buried among his magic soldiers!
Sue ink heart movement seems to think of what blooms in the eyes of a Guanghua murmured "maybe don’t disturb budo look …"
The monkey jumped into the blood pool, half of his body was covered by blood inside, and his blood was boiling, and his neck was exposed with blue veins, which was suffering great pain!
It is very likely that the blood of the ape in this blood pool was left by the Great Warrior.
Even if several eras have passed, the residual strength in the blood of the emperor will not be underestimated.
If an alien touches the blood of the Great Emperor inside, I’m afraid it will be instantly obliterated by the middle power!
After all, the monkey has awakened to the blood of the ape, but the degree of awakening is not great
Now, with the help of the Emperor’s blood, the monkey’s qi and blood are soaring, and the strength in the blood pool will be as much as the monkey can bear to help him raise his blood!
Su Mo also sat next to this grave and closed his practice.
The blood pool and the Daoism inside are really monkey chances.
And this grave is likely to help him take the most crucial step!
At the same time
In the hell world, Wudao Zun wakes up before the cold spring of hell, opens his eyes and breathes lightly.
Over the years, Yuan Wu cave has absorbed and refined many cave fragments, which has already reached the last step of breaking through the edge difference.
Moreover, he has refined and integrated the Jiuquan Hell Classic into the field of martial arts.
However, if you want to step into the emperor’s territory and unite the world, you will still be a little poor.
Wu Daozun got up and prepared to go into the cold spring of hell and head for Styx.
First, the heaven and earth in hell are incomplete. If you don’t practice Yuan Wu’s cave and martial arts here, it will be difficult to break through.
Styx has left the realm of hell.
Secondly, Wu Daozun wants to practice with the help of the power in Styx!
Hell Jiuquan already has incredible power, and the source of Jiuquan is the cradle of ghost life. The river Styx must contain more mysterious power.
Wu Daozun got up and jumped into the cold spring and controlled his body to sink continuously.
When he first entered the bitter spring, he had just cultivated the countercurrent in the field of martial arts, but when he encountered great resistance, he had to fuel his veins to resist it.
Now he has cultivated the world power in the field of martial arts, and he has also achieved the quasi-emperor.
In addition, he has fully realized that the Taoist scriptures in Jiuquan Hell have been integrated into the Taoist body and field, and the power of the cold spring of hell has no influence on him.
The deeper you fall, the darker it gets around.
There is no light in the deepest part of the cold spring of hell. Wu Daozun’s eyes are burning with two purple flames to see things around him.
Come to the depths of the cold spring and feel the direction of the surrounding water. Wu Daozun goes against the current.
I don’t know how long it took for my eyes to suddenly regain light.
At the end of Wu Daozun’s eyes, there are nine big rivers with waves, which are like the milky way across the sky, emitting a completely different breath and rolling in!
One end of these nine great rivers leads to hell, forming the nine springs of hell.
And at the other end is the most mysterious Styx in hell!
The Styx is dark and gloomy, flowing quietly, but every drop of water seems to contain conan the destroyer!
When Wu Daozun came here for the first time, the roots in the Styx couldn’t last long, and everything broke through the water, and finally he was able to retreat.
Now budao Zun has set foot on Styx again!
This time, Wudao Zun propped up Wudao Purgatory, urging blood to resist the great pressure brought by Styx and keep moving forward.
He wants to break through the water and come to Styx to see what’s going on!
Styx seems to have an endless hand dragging his figure and trying to pull him away.
However, this time is different. Although Wudao Zun was a quasi-emperor, his fighting power can suppress the peerless emperor, surrounded by flames, and his body shape of Wudao purgatory keeps rising.
Even the power of budo purgatory in Styx has been suppressed to the limit!
I don’t know how long it took to finally break through the water and come to Styx.
Wudaozun stood in the water and looked at it.
It was dark around, and there was nothing to see or life, and there was a dead silence.
If the source of the nine springs of hell is Styx
So what is the source of Styx?
Budo looked at the upstream direction of Styx and frowned slightly.