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"It’s a pity that" Taixulei Tactics "can bear a wild person and have a good home."

Sumo was about to speak.
The sound of thunder emperor suddenly changed, and an obscure text kept ringing in Su Mo’s mind.
Every word contains a kind of thunder, integrity and violence. It’s awesome!
These words in Su Mo’s mind seem to be transformed into a ray ofuda flashing with filar silk awn.
I don’t know how long it will be before the whole book "Taixulei Tactics" has been printed in Su Mo’s mind.
This achievement method is vast, mysterious and unpredictable, and the essence of Su Mogen’s understanding is at one time.
At this time, Lei Huangyin has become weaker and weaker.
"There are still some insights that I will try to tell you as much as you can remember."
Emperor Lei will share his insights with others in "Taixu Leiji".
Although Su Moyuan practiced Taixulei Tactics, it was not complete.
And that’s also the avatar of Jieleifa.
It was not until this time that Emperor Lei helped the thunder gate to slowly hit Su Mo, giving him a chance to see the secret!
Lei Huang’s voice gradually weakened and disappeared.
Of course, the feeling of "Taixulei Tactics" was not finished by Emperor Lei.
But even so, it’s just that those feelings and understanding of Leidao are enough to make Su Mo suffer for life!
Lei Huang Law contains too much information.
Sumo is difficult to digest and absorb for a short time.
He can remember for a while and look for a suitable opportunity to add sentiment to practice.
Now he has more important things!
Find a way to get Emperor Lei out!
Su Mo also knows that it is almost impossible for him to break the Ten Commandments and save Emperor Lei from going out.
In those days, there were true fairies and strong men who wanted to break the Ten Commandments and all fell.
He is far from it.
Besides, even if we can break the Ten Commandments and meet Emperor Lei, what can we do?
Lei Huang Daoguo has been trapped for hundreds of thousands of years, and it may have been exhausted.
There are many immortals outside the Ten Commandments, who are really immortals staring at himself, and they may not be able to live away from the Ten Commandments, let alone take Emperor Lei.
But even so, Su Mo still has to think of some way to try one.
If he didn’t know the identity of the prisoner, he might not have thought of taking risks.
But now that we know that Emperor Lei is trapped here, it is difficult for him to leave without doing anything.
Jue lei cheng cheng Zhu fu
As time goes by, the killing in the Ten Outlets becomes more and more tragic.
More and more demons are waking up, killing indiscriminately in the ten unique prisons, and XuanXianSheng inside is getting smaller and smaller.
The ranking of hunting list is also constantly changing.
The name of Xuanxian has been killed to dozens, but it disappeared from the hunting list in a moment.
This means that this Xuanxian has fallen.
But most castellans and immortals like him, Jian Yu and others are still at the top of the hunting list.
"Cool! That Li Tian has killed more than 300 people! "
"sword rain is not bad, not too bad."
Many casters and immortals looked excited and shouted.
The bloody and killing moments in the Ten Unique Prisons stimulate the nerves of many casters and immortals.
The king of Yuanzuo County is smiling and leisurely eating fairy fruit.
Then he seemed to remember something and suddenly asked, "Jingyue’s Sumo and Tang Ziyi have not come out in the cave for so long?"
Jingyue really fairy shook his head and looked puzzled.
Arguably, in the past so long, the two men should have won the battle.
But there is still no movement in the cave now.
I can see clearly that there is no second way out of this cave, which means that the two should still be in the cave.