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After a short pause, she took a sip of her lips, and then she said, "My intuition tells me that there is an ulterior secret in it, and I don’t want to mind my own business, but the child dragged my skirt and there seemed to be a palace fire in the palace that day, so I thought it was not a coincidence. Later, when my mother saw that the little girl refused to let go, I let her go home with me."

"After leaving the palace, I asked her name, and she said that her name was Yinger. She refused to say a word. When she returned to Houfu, my medicine slowly helped her excrete toxins. After some time, the little girl’s appearance gradually changed, but she grew taller."
"Lead the troops to fight until I return from Lingyue. Well, to be precise, I just learned about her recently. I led an army to go out and soon left Houfu secretly. Tonight, I went to san huang to see a little girl in a room full of hatred. Although her appearance has changed, I still know her eyes. I recognized her as Yinger and brought her into the palace."
"Let her in!" Huangfuqing pinched her eyebrows and sat in a chair as if she were instantly exhausted.
He also has a princess, a little princess who was not born in his dead mother’s womb. At this moment, he seems to have a little vague impression on that Ke.
-Living in Xianyi Palace is very weak, and she is very shy if she is gentle.
He didn’t like it very much, as if she had a body just once, and he wasn’t very happy about it.
Women in women’s harem, even the queen, don’t call out, which is a tool for his royal family to spread branches and leaves
However, he has the queen, and his concubines have no marital affection. He is still different from the queen and has some true feelings for her
Huangfuying was called into the imperial house by Liancheng. She didn’t look around, but she didn’t kneel down to the emperor after the imperial case.
She stubbornly looked at the handsome man, but he didn’t see the slightest old emperor. He was the father who gave her life, but he didn’t know her. She didn’t know what she felt in her heart.
Hate? No, she doesn’t.
Just like mom said, he doesn’t know anything, so she never hates him?
But he is the emperor and the owner of this palace. Why can’t he know Shu Fei’s tricks and that her mother was bullied by san huang? I don’t know that their mother and daughter didn’t die during dystocia. I don’t know that she and her mother lived in the dead courtyard?
He is heartless. Yes, he must be heartless. If he had their mother and daughter in his heart, maybe so many things would not have happened and no mother would have been humiliated …
From the root, she still hates this man and his heart has changed the fate of their mother and daughter; Hating him made her lose only her relatives; It was his heart that forced her to take revenge on her mother.
"Do you hate me?" Huangfuqing locked her eyes when she entered the imperial room. She was delicate and beautiful, vaguely familiar with her face. He asked her about this stubborn little girl with his blood in her eyes. He seemed to see her heart and know what she was thinking.
Huangfuying nodded briefly and then shook her head. She was afraid that it would force people to see her, but even if her legs trembled, she was still stubborn. The emperor looked at her in the eye. "I hate you. I hate that you didn’t protect my mother and daughter, but I can’t hate that your mother said before she died that you didn’t know and asked me not to hate you for telling me that you liked me. I was slow at that time, but I knew that my mother’s heart was full of all you. I didn’t intend to hate you even if I didn’t want to, because I didn’t want to hate you."
Her voice trembled but she was supercilious, and she told the emperor what she wanted to say without hiding anything.
"I’m sorry your mother and daughter want to hate you and hate it! I will … "
"Don’t" seems to know what the emperor is going to say. Huang Fuying refused. "Thank you for letting your mother conceive me, but I don’t want to be a princess and stay in the palace. This is also my mother’s wish."
Huangfuqing sighed and waved his hand. "Go back first!" Huangfuying looked at san huang and Shu Fei and saluted.
"How do you think I should punish you now that I know the crime?" A while silent HuangFuQing stare HuangFuYeRui somberly tone low voice asked.
Shu Fei did not know when she was kneeling to see her crying, "Everything is the fault of the emperor’s servants. It is the failure of the servants to discipline Lei Er that caused him to do something wrong when he was young. If you want to punish him, punish him. If Lei Er is still sick, please spare him!" In fact, even if she wanted to quibble, there was nothing she could do
Only a sincere apology, maybe … maybe a chance to live.
Huangfuye Lei slowly raised his head and his eyes were filled with Confucian longing. He looked at the emperor and looked at himself. He longed for his father’s life since he was a child. "I beg my father to spare my mother’s life, but my mother’s princess is eager to hide the truth and deceive my father. Over the years, my mother’s princess has scolded my son’s wife for being obsessed with ghosts, one step at a time, and I finally got what I should do." After that, he did not wait for the emperor to speak, but he suddenly forced the true qi to make mistakes and atone for himself, regardless of his weakness.
Blood gushed from his mouth and Huangfu Qing realized that something was wrong. "Old three …" It was so sudden that he didn’t respond even if it was priceless. I didn’t expect Huangfu Yelei to do this.
Shu Fei was shocked and looked at san huang, whose body fell to the ground and her mouth kept pouring blood. She couldn’t say a word with tears in her eyes.
When she was conscious in her mind, she was immediately horrified. The whole person knelt before Liancheng and kowtowed, "Bright Princess! Princess Yi, save my son. Princess Yi, please save my son! "
Liancheng didn’t look at her, but went straight to Huangfuye Lei’s side and squatted down to feel his pulse.
"The tendons are broken …" Take back your hand. She looks up at the emperor and shakes her head, indicating that it is impossible to save.
Huangfuqing’s eyes flashed with a painful color for a while before he nodded. He knew.
Even if he should die, he can die like this. His father is in front of him. He is still a little hard to accept.
Close your eyes, he leaned back against the back of the chair and put his hand on the armrest. He couldn’t help but tighten it again, which concealed his grief.
That’s his kid. He grew up watching him act ridiculous, but he’s still his kid, so … so …
"Lei Er ….." Shu Fei turned pale and forced herself to calm down, but it was still difficult to hide the pain in her heart. That bad feeling was that she pounced on san huang and took san huang by her arms and fell on his shoulder and cried. "Lei Er what? Why are you doing this? It’s mother princess’s fault. Mother princess shouldn’t be forced to treat you so harshly … "
Huangfuye Lei looked at her and wanted to raise my hand to wipe away tears from her face. Nai didn’t have the strength. He pulled his lips and barely squeezed out a smile. "Don’t blame the mother princess for doing something wrong because the child didn’t live up to expectations. The mother princess didn’t worry about the child less …"
"No … no! You are right, it’s all the fault of the mother! " Shu Fei shook her head like crazy.
"Mother princess wants to live to live …" His voice is getting weaker and weaker, but he still doesn’t trust Shu princess. He doesn’t trust his mother princess. He looked up at the imperial case with difficulty. "Father … please promise my son to spare my mother princess … Father … I beg you …"
Huangfuqing opened his eyes and looked at his eyes with a dull pain.
"Thank … thank father …" Say that finish this sentence off and on. Huangfuye Lei looked at Shu Fei with a childlike innocent smile, but slowly closed her eyes without words.
Shu Fei hugged his body and cried "Lei Er!"