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Thousands of hands didn’t choose to pursue, but honestly stopped at the same place and quietly watched Payne go away-and he would never choose to pursue this time if he didn’t pursue the iron.

After all, Payne probably wasn’t careless enough to realize that he could defeat and even destroy Konoha by himself …
If you want to be far-reaching-Nagato is still influenced by uchiha madara or his agent and is ready to carry out the Moon Eye Plan, then Payne’s eye should be a small pepper in Kyubi no Youko … No matter how brave he is, he doesn’t think that the other party will be proud enough to take away a physical strength under his nose.
There is only one acceptable explanation.
The chaos created by Payne is just chaos!

"Wonderful duel!"
Although we have never met each other, Zhen Yong still saw through each other’s identity at the first moment of looking back-this is actually not difficult. After all, the scarlet windmill in her eyes is a kaleidoscope symbol …
Apart from the vultures in Muye, there is only this Uchiha which has just returned to the village …
"I advise you to mind your eyes."
Zhen Yong’s tone was cold, and his eyes passed over each other’s heads-the vulture quickly arrived at the scene behind the swim bladder.
There is a faint warmth in the indifferent eyes … After marriage, they have less words than before, but they have added a few minutes of tacit understanding.
They nodded to each other and everything was silent.
"Go home"
Throwing all the way here, Zhen Yong and the vulture both returned … but the former did not feel uncomfortable because of this indifference, but pulled up his mouth.
Judging from the current situation, it is still insufficient to fight against the immortal’s long door strength … it should not be said that even if there is a face conflict, it may not be able to get benefits by itself.
But none of this matters …
The bureau has laid out the attack plan …
It has also been completed.
After that inexplicable attack, Konoha once again ushered in a relatively peaceful period … Although orochimaru’s defection made people feel sad, because of this incident, the positions of the four generations of Huo Ying can also be locked up.
Namikaze Minato has become the only choice of Konoha. After the Third World War, Konoha Shuang has finally had a chance to become the owner of Konoha.
This is definitely an exciting event for ninja who witnessed a war!
The fourth generation eye-catching ceremony will probably be held later, but for Zhen Yong, who has just recovered from Watergate and is still suffering from demons, there is another happy event to look forward to.
Since childhood, they have been like brothers. No matter what they do, they always nest together, whether they are playing as children or fighting in the battlefield … even their wedding date is chosen on the same day.
This time, it was either unexpected or reasonable.
In the routine physical examination of konoha, sinai and vulture were also confirmed to be pregnant …
That is to say, whether it is Zhen Yong or Watergate, these two young film-level strong people will soon enjoy the joy of their first fathers!
And it’s not just these two people. The whole konoha is rejoicing that these two just gave birth to a little life!
Where there are leaves flying, the fire will burn, the fire shadow will shine on the village and make new leaves sprout. When you want to protect yourself and cherish the people most, the true strength of ninja will be shown …
Konoha is like a real giant tree, but now the strong are rising one after another, and now a generation of heroes can’t wait to get on this huge stage of tolerance!
Konoha rhizome is strong enough, just like saying that Zhongsanren was in the era of forbearance … now it is supported by Mudun, and now Konoha has begun to breed a generation of strong people!

Well, it’s really magnificent, but the four generations of eyes and the captain of the root are even more. Two young men who have just become fathers, Watergate and Zhenyong, are still wrapped in gauze on their heads or are still obsessed with their demons … The parenting manual and maternity precautions have been sent to their respective hands by Mizuho …
"hey! How brave! It is said that it is best for pregnant women to lie on their left side! This is good for fetal development and good for the mother to fall asleep! "
"hey! How brave! It is forbidden to take a bath when pregnant women take a bath! This is not good for the baby! "
"hey! …”

"All remember! !”
Ps third! Seek everything. Chapter two hundred and three, four generations.
Health care, maternity clothes, nanny … prenatal education, milk powder, children’s clothing …
They should have been busy with the village affairs, and they swept through the whole konoha market in the shortest time-there was no shortage of money at the root, and Watergate and Zhenyong searched almost everything they could get from the east and west … There was always a seal scroll at the end, so there was no need to worry about not getting it.
Both men played the role of family cooks for a short time and arranged everything in order … even if the expectant mother had no pregnancy reaction, everything was normal, but she was ordered to leave everything to rest at home!

Probably Watergate and Zhenyong would have been ups and downs in this kind of happiness and trouble for a long time if they hadn’t been ceremonial for four generations …

The night is starry.
After a busy day of putting two expectant mothers to bed, they started the ceremony again soon, and by the time they finished all the work, those beautiful stars had already hung all night.
No matter for one of them, this growth path is full of thorns and dangers-after several lives and deaths, they can finally sit on the roof of people and enjoy the moonlight quietly again as they did when they were children …
It’s brave to raise the glass and drink it all in one gulp. He suddenly laughed with pleasure, just as he was afraid when he was young!
He got up, hummed an incongruous piece of music, and staggered and danced. Those clumsy moves were like the most unprofessional clown, but he enjoyed himself so much …
And beside him, Watergate quietly drinks and drinks, just like when he was a child, smiling and watching him jump, dance, and be silent …
There is always a limit to the responsibility, pressure or secrets a person can bear-and a man like Zhen Yong who has been carrying all the "truth" of this world from the beginning is no exception …
Both of them are already familiar with such a scene.
The man who has been like an adult over a young child since he was very young has his own fragile and childish side … of course, he won’t show his weakness in front of others except his close friends … except Namikaze Minato.
"aha! Watergate, since the day, you are the fourth generation of Huoying! !”
Zhenyong slapped Watergate’s shoulder drunkenly, and the latter also gave a sunny smile.
"hey! What’s the matter after’ Lord Huo Ying’ must be on my side! The idiots of the consultants are all afraid to do things with their hands and feet. It’s not at all simple! "
"Well, they probably have their own positions."