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The female crested Xiatie sits in

Hands twisted with a silk, eyes drooped, rockhopper hung down, beads dangled with rolling wheels, and I couldn’t see her face.
Outside the chariot, there was a lot of noise and cheers
Arrive at Guanyin temple
The team stopped.
Considering that an Guanyin Temple has long been under martial law.
The woman with the phoenix crown and the maid helped her gracefully.
The master and servant walked slowly into the temple.
The emperor sat on the dragon chariot, etc.
Teams are waiting in place.
Because of the martial law, no pilgrims in the temple are as silent as winter nights.
When she came to the front of the main hall, the woman told her squire, "You wait here for the palace to go in and the incense will come out."
Maid, a moment to receive life.
Women’s hands are light and long, dragging the phoenix robe to pick up the steps.
When the figure of the female rockhopper and the official gown completely entered the main hall and stood on the stone steps, the handmaid looked around and walked to a big tree and sat down on a stone bench.
Staring at the main hall door, she listened attentively to the movement inside.
It seems to be silent.
There was a sudden rustle of clothes in her head.
The maid turned her eyes in astonishment and saw the man’s white clothes fluttering in front of her.
The breath is mixed with the fragrance of herbs. The man’s face is a little pale, and there are two blue-gray eyes. Obviously, he is in poor health.
In this way, suddenly standing tall and slim in front of her is very weak and haggard, but it is still imposing and dazzling, which makes people afraid to look straight.
He turned his eyes coldly and looked at the direction of the main hall. His face sank like water for a moment, and suddenly his eyes swept away and his eyes fell back on his handmaid.
"Night Leave"
The man’s thin lips move suddenly
There is no doubt in the tone.
Maid face a lag.
How did he know?
It is she who leaves at night.
A woman who has just entered the temple is devoted to thousands of feathers. It is easy for her to find someone with a similar figure.
And she easily became a maid-in-waiting of Ziying Palace.
Mo Qianyu said it was her consideration.
In the tunnel where Jiefang collapsed, Feng Yingmo’s body was not dug up, saying that this vicious man was still alive to prevent him from hurting her again.
But also prevent people or some people in Jianghu who hate the royal family from committing any terrorist acts or extreme acts.
Ann’s first school made Li Daitao stiff.
Inside the hall, there are machines, ambushes and other phoenix shadows or other illegal hooks.
Mo Qianyu asked her to leave as soon as she heard the fight inside.
But after all, everything surprised Mo Qianyu.
There is no movement inside.
This man just appeared in front of her.
She didn’t know that he came in as if he were in the encirclement of martial law, and maybe he had been lurking in the Guanyin Temple all the time, and she didn’t even recognize it when she looked in the mirror.
Maybe it’s cheating!
An ordinary maid-in-waiting looked at him in disbelief at night. "Lord Fengtai …"
The other side also looked at her. It shouldn’t be said that the bottom of her eyes was as dark as the whirlpool of the sea in the middle of the night. Suddenly, he came towards her step by step faster and faster. He had reached out and pulled her up from the stone bench and wrapped her in his arms.
"Night away from you never knows that I have never once mistaken you, whether you are a night away or a night spirit or like this at the moment."
The man’s voice is hoarse but faintly proud.
I don’t know what to do when I am shocked at night.
Calling people?
Outside the wall, there are guards everywhere, inside the main hall, there are hidden guards, and outside the gate, there are devoted thousands of feathers and a crowd.
But he has himself.
I don’t know if she didn’t come out because she felt that she was in a bad situation or because of other kinds of thoughts.
However, Feng Ying Mo suddenly let go of her feet and looked at her with painful eyes.
Breathing heavily and looking paler.
I heard footsteps pouring in from the gate before I knew what was going on at night.
As soon as she looked around, she saw a group of armed guards swarming into the courtyard and surrounded the phoenix shadow ink with great speed.
Yellow figure slowly walked out from behind the guard.
It’s Mo Qianyu.
He waved to the night with a smile on his lips.
"Come here!"