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Every day along the way, there are hundreds of hearts and minds, and Xu Sirui is true. Are they living in peace?

The seven-day epidemic period is really short-lived. When they went from Izumo Town to Liujiang to look for Xu Sirui, there were already too many waves. In the next few days, they couldn’t catch up with Zhao Yi and them.
However, Xu Sirui burned up again on the way to high-intensity road.
The wound condition of Qin Xugui and Zhong Yan is not good, although they are barely scabbed, but the scab is not stable and the surrounding area is red and swollen, which shows that there is a tendency to infection, even if it is coated with medicine.
In this way, the wound will not be paid attention to before the end of the world, but the system will be strengthened in the fog and the recovery will be slower after the injury
The third dreamland is as promised.
They are not much gentler because they have three wounded people.
When I opened the door and chose the road, several people disagreed again.
"Xu Sirui, you choose" Fang Yin has long known that Xu Sirui’s power is to do this. This may be the most moment of his power in the fog.
Zhong Yan stopped Xu Sirui from moving with a horizontal look. "Yeah, why did that little loser choose?"
Xu Sirui’s face was white, and Zhang Zhang wanted to argue and was scared back by too fierce eyes.
Woo hoo ~ he didn’t dare to make this crazy
The child looked back at Fang Yin’s eyes.
Fang Yin hugged his arms impatiently and said, "Who do you think is coming?"
All the way to the banquet, there are countless words to find fault with. Many times, I tried to sneak away with Qin Sang necklace, but I was caught red-handed by Qin Yougui.
He was tired when he was in trouble, and his spirit was frosted and his temper was tempered by him.
"I’ll come" Zhong Yan’s eyes turned and walked forward. tangdao, who was crossing his chest, stopped him for the first time. Before he entered the dreamland, Qin Yi returned and called out the weapon.
Fang Yin looked at him and smiled. "There are four people here. Old Qin Dou and I agreed to let Xu Sirui choose more than three to win less."
Obviously, this statement, Zhong Yan, was not angry. He just wanted to say something when he saw Fang Yin gently jostling Xu Sirui’s shoulder and asked him to choose quickly.
"If you don’t want to walk, you can go out by yourself and reopen the door." Fang Yin gave him a sarcastic look that was neither salty nor light.
It’s easy for him to say that he has come this far. Where is the chance to find another door to reopen?
Zhong Yan "snorted" and smiled and didn’t talk.
Black at the moment turned out to be Xu Sirui’s choice.
Temporarily lost five senses and returned to normal.
Fang Yin knows that this is the third dreamland officially opened.
It seems to be … lying down.
When he opened his eyes, he found that it was still dark and quiet, like the sticky black water on Styx Road, with a dead and rotten smell.
It’s so cold that even if you can’t see the seal, you know that the gas you breathe out now must be frosted
Why is it so cold? What is the place where he was born this time? He didn’t go into the refrigerator, did he?
Fang Yin raised his hand and tried to touch the surrounding environment. He had already made up his mind what horrible things he might touch.
He bit his lip and his fingers trembled badly, and he touched the cold wall in the dark.
It’s cool
He suddenly felt that he had just made a wild guess that it might be true. It seemed that he was really in the refrigerator or something.
Or a large freezer.
Fang Yin’s palm was hot and melted a small piece of cold, but it was soon covered by colder cold. He quickly shrank his hand back for fear that it would be frozen to the surface if he slowed down a little.
Wipe the cold water stains on the trouser legs.
He has to find a way to get out of here. The temperature here has been too low for a long time. Don’t say it’s a fantasy. Others are frozen in it.
Outside, a tinkling sound came faintly.
There seems to be a fight.