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"Hehe, I hope that Yanglingtian won’t die and come out to fight with us with a sword." Bai Ling smiled. "Alas ~ ~ ~ If only he could work miracles again."

Desperate, two top kings in the world actually prayed for their enemies.
It’s a pity that panic heaven and earth will not change its operation because of people’s will. The volume of the ball of light is getting bigger and bigger. Chapter 11: Head-on.
The two layers of light balls became smaller, and at the same time, a black hole appeared next to it and slowly expanded, and finally the light balls were swallowed up.
"No ~ ~ impossible ~! ! !”
The dark night growled wildly for a long time before it seemed that the ball was self-effacing to sit down.
It’s over!
Glory and strength
They all became empty as the sword was taken away.
He and Bai Ling are both gods and demons, praying for heaven, praying for heaven and earth, and cultivating a proud genius in ten thousand years. If you defeat Yanglingtian and Bai Ling, you can go to the altar to gain the power to resist disaster, but all this must be done before you turn the sword. He will always get the enlightenment and the final disaster will come, and he will just turn to dust like others.
Like the dark night, the light mass was swallowed up by the black hole. At that moment, the place outside Wan Li in the south of Dayan Holy Land was covered with purple clothes, and Xuanyuanhuang also appeared suddenly. The frightening Wan Ren cliff looked into the distance.
"The sword was taken away!" Staring at the king for a long time and looking down at the whole life, he finally murmured with some anger in his voice.
The sword of destiny was created to restrain the sword of turning round, and its only mission is to die with the sword of turning round.
It’s not a big deal that Zhuanlun Sword disappeared, but this generation of Destiny Sword Master has a bitter hatred with him. Without Zhuanlun Sword and Destiny Sword, how can he hide? When Destiny Sword Master grows up, he will find his head.
He is not afraid of destroying everything, and the disaster arrival, 10,000 years ago, the world of the two gods and demons disappeared. When he accepted the identity of the purple emperor, the queen had already made an agreement with him.
If you want him to manage the world well, even if disaster befalls God, you will protect him for weeks. However, if the destiny sword master comes to God, he will not make moves because of this.
If the day gives him another chance, he will definitely attack him as soon as the Destiny Sword Master comes into being, and he will never dream of benefiting from the mutual destruction of the Lunlun Sword and the Destiny Sword.
But now, even if he wants to mend it, the sword master has disappeared from sight that day, and it is difficult for him to find out before the other side appears again.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ Yanglingtian, you are so disappointed." After a long silence, XuanYuanHuang finally sighed lightly and immediately.
Because of destiny, the sword master suddenly disappeared from sight, and he kept watching Yanglingtian’s move.
When Yanglingtian just caused the ice and snow sacred country to bite itself, he tried to rescue it, but for some reason, he hesitated. It was not until the last two mandala artifact disasters were triggered that he woke up, but he was unable to do it again.
"Come on, let’s try if there is any way to find the small sword with destiny earlier! Hope is still coming. "
It’s all empty and empty, and when you look around, it’s gray and you can’t see the edge.
In the center of gray, a two-layer light ball floats quietly, as if there was only one star in the night.
One day for two days.
Three days in January
Time passes quietly.
The dazzling two-layer ball of light seems to have been floating quietly since ancient times, and it tells a story that will never change.
Perhaps it is because the boundaries between the two layers of the ball of light are becoming more and more blurred, and there is a trend of integration between the two layers.
The two-wing shape of the Vajra mandala artifact has gradually shrunk into a single wing, which represents the guardian fetus. The mandala artifact has also become a single wing, a black wing and a white wing, which form a fresh contrast and slowly move closer to the center.
At the same time, the body of Yang Lingtian in the ball of light has gradually become semi-transparent, and there is a faint shadow left in the sacred tree of ice and snow, as if it contained the law that the world is in a state of panic and unpredictability, and the sacred tree of force could not withstand the crushing force of two mandala artifacts and slowly melted into the blood of silver-haired young people’s bones, and along with the gray emptiness around it, it seemed that some of it also melted into the body of sitting cross-legged with the sacred tree of ice and snow.
Yanglingtian’s body is strangely changing with Ximenji, Nangongyan, Huyancheng and others, but the land in the past of the snow and ice holy country appears sadly.
"Are you sure you can find Brother Yang?" Looking at the barren land in front of him, Sun Ning’s smoke gently rubbed his shoulder and asked, although the sacred land of ice and snow is gone, those chills have left a little.
"I don’t know!" Nangong Yan took out a sigh of relief and gently stroked a stone with black light like pebbles. "I don’t know why there was always an uneasy feeling in my heart when Yang Gong and Meng Meng left together, but now this soul stone has not been sensed, and I can’t determine their position."
It was quiet all around, and Sun Ningyan regretted that he would have such a stupid problem. As far as the soul stone is concerned, it can’t sense the kind of soul mark represented by the owner. The person is dead, and he is with Yanglingtian. If he is fine, how can he make something happen?
"You are not too worried!" Nangong Yan Qiang squeezed out a smile. "Although most of the soul stones are dead, as far as I know, once the owner dies, the mark he left in the soul stone should disappear, but at the moment it is still imprinted, so it is said that it is still alive and Yang Gong is naturally fine."
Ximenji snorted. "Hehe ~ ~ Brother Yang’s life is harder than a crab. How can something happen?" He raised his belly and waved gently. "Let’s stop guessing here and look for it quickly. If there is no trace of them, we will move on."
They nodded and scattered all over the ground, looking for it with high spirits. It was the face full of fighting spirit, but there was a hint of unspeakable worry. The most difficult thing to separate in this world was the soul union. With their IQ, they could imagine what power could cut this union.
Everyone knows that even if Yanglingtian two people are still alive, they must be in a horrible place at the moment.
Otherwise, they would not have come all the way here according to the fact that Yanglingtian once came here to find Mu Yiqiao.
Two mandala artifacts plus the law of the sacred kingdom of ice and snow. Once the sacred kingdom of ice and snow was covered in silver, it was already full of eyes. How can there be any clues left?
"What the hell is this place? There’s not even a blade of grass."
After two days of searching, Simon and others finally waved naively along these two days to find the channel and continue to pursue it. Just crossing the channel, a crazy sound immediately came with the wind.
"What? What? He’s dead. What? I still use this sword! ! !”
Looking around, a tall man in a golden robe is screaming at the sky. He seems to be suffering from great pain. He grabs his messy hair in his left hand and tears it as if he has a grudge against it and must pull it out. In his right hand, he holds a sword that belongs to Yanglingtianzhuan.
"Demon emperor extremely! ! !”
"Yang Dage sword!"