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Yong Wang ha ha said, "That’s, that’s …"

The lees’ men are really blessed …
Li Yunyue that narrow-minded is a lot of don’t want to also know that must be worried about this girl stay here uneasy also don’t know how to coax this girl darling willing to leave and vowed to go back to his cooking …
Tut-tut Wang’s younger sister-in-law told everyone that her little son-in-law would love her daughter, be obedient and responsive to her daughter; I really don’t know who gives everything!
How can I compete with the Li family man like this, little girl?
The lees men are all looking at each other. Honesty 168. Chapter 168 Growth 1
The little princess returned to Beijing after leaving Beijing for a month and a half. The princess was surprised that she was still a baby girl and had to stay for half a year.
Since Li Yunyue went to the northwest, even Fangzhou and Li Fu haven’t traveled to Beijing again, and they have only gone out once in ten days.
Even fangzhou doesn’t feel anything strange.
Jin Jin, where is a hiding place? It won’t be long before I face my beloved man again, and I don’t doubt it!
And to determine her identity, her own theory will definitely not let her stay in the northwest.
If that little girl can’t even handle her daughter-in-law, it’s really a waste of time to grow so big and stay in the northwest for so long!
The little princess didn’t rest for two days after she came back, so she couldn’t wait to clamor for learning to cook, and she didn’t have to watch it herself like other ladies!
Can leave the county princess to give a fright!
However, she has to pay back the original. It’s just a temporary novelty for two days, but she is actually serious.
Princess Liu County guessed that she must have asked her with Li Yunyue, and she didn’t hide it and said it directly.
Listen to leave the county princess "…" Right.
My heart is happy and lost.
Baby girl, it’s really grown up, but it’s her fiance …
However, Princess Liujun soon figured it out and was happy to see it come true.
Because every time my baby daughter succeeds in cooking a dish, she must be crossed and hold it for herself to taste.
Well, even if she is her husband, she can still enjoy the delicious food first!
In a blink of an eye, I will go to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and this family of four will have a holiday in Anjun Wangfu.
Leave the county princess already throwing caution to the wind, the so-called two years didn’t talk to xie, unless necessary, more don’t set foot in an county palace.
The little princess didn’t like seeing Zhou Jinyu very much, and she didn’t like her shyness and timidity. She laughed at herself and didn’t do anything as if she had bullied her. She didn’t dislike the government there.
However, it is always so uncomfortable to stay there because of this diaphragmatic response and disgust, and often you can’t help but ridicule Zhou Jinyu’s false grievances and become real grievances, and she becomes a wicked person.
Therefore, when I heard that I was going to the small princess’s mouth over there again, I suddenly pursed up.
Leave the county princess took the baby girl laughed "you now also big don’t want to be so impatient when I was a child! I am optimistic that your brother will ignore her! "
The little princess promised and laughed. "Niang, when do you think I want to talk to her?" Going back to her and wandering around me like flies is disgusting. I am so angry that I can’t help but respond to two sentences. If her eyes turn red, she will cry and make her grandmother scold me again! I ignored her and left. She cried again. I don’t respect her. Her sister doesn’t have her in her eyes! "
The princess of Liujun thinks that it’s not so, and she can’t help but get annoyed. What’s her daughter’s temperament? She knows best. Where can Zhou Jinyu’s poor daughter resist her teasing?
"How many times a year do you suffer and make your grandparents dissatisfied with you?"? What will she say in the future? as one pleases is smiling! And a lot of meat! Every two years, you have to get married and become a wife. How can you be a mistress in the future without a little heart! "
The little princess didn’t realize until she was delayed. Yes, she has grown up! Brother Xu said that he would marry himself when he returned to Beijing two years later. Brother Xu can protect himself, but he should not be a burden to him and let him worry about everything …
Small infanta eyes lit up gradually force nodded and laughed "well! Mom, I understand! "
"It is good to understand! Mother, baby, girl is good! "Mother and daughter two smile at one another.
The original mother and daughter are going to go back in the afternoon near the evening, but just after breakfast, the king of the county will please and smile apologetically, saying that his parents specially told him to leave earlier …
The princess who stayed in the county was very upset and acquiesced to a family of four by car.
In the hall, there was a greeting. As usual, the king of the county left to talk to his brother and father. As usual, the princess of the county and the little princess stayed at the princess of Anjun to talk.
Today, the daughter-in-law and grandchildren of each room also came to Princess Anjun’s side for the holiday, which was very lively.
"Five younger sisters haven’t seen you for a long time!" Zhou Jinyu’s sisters, after meeting their elders, greeted the little princess with a smile and blinked at her, showing a sly intimacy. Only when they are especially close friends can they move slightly.
Princess Anjun, the elder’s favorite thing to see is that the family is in harmony with each other and naturally walks over, making Zhou Jinyu feel more sensible and worthy of being a sister.
The little princess is disgusting and bored! Heart, this two-faced bastard, what’s his idea again?
"Yes, long time no see! Hello, Third Sister and Fourth Sister! " The little infanta still remembers her mother’s words and is bent on being a good wife of Xu’s brother, so she can’t bear to squeeze out a smile and say
Leave the county princess secretly looked up at the sky and turned her eyes to heart. Jin Jin, baby, you are really getting by, so you have to act so really!
The princess of Anjun was so happy that she couldn’t help holding the little princess in her arms and praising her.
Zhou Jinyu was a little sour when she saw the slight discoloration. It was the little princess who gave her a good face once and for all, and her grandmother couldn’t wait to praise her! Although I often praise myself for being sensible, have I ever praised you so much?
Xie pie pie smile don’t smile "this is really rare! How did you suddenly become so sensible! "