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Wu Xiujie walked out with Shi Xiong holding hands and looked at him in amazement. "How long has it been?"

Shi Xiong nodded. "Yes, although we rushed back slowly, it was still a long time."
At this time, Wu Xiujie finally settled outside the cage. Although his mood was still calm before, it was not until this time that he finally took a long breath. "To be honest, after being in the cage for a while, my mood gradually became anxious to avoid being upset. I chose to close my eyes and rest to adjust, and I could feel that it was my heart and not the outside world."
He looked back at the cage and shook his head. "If I have to choose again, I don’t want to enter this cage again."
"Please help Wu Daren to have a rest. There is a temporary rest area. Wu Daren doesn’t have a place to go in Shenshen Town to have a rest first." Tian Tang said that Wu Xiujie didn’t look well and was a little embarrassed.
Although she didn’t grow up chatting with Shi Xiong earlier, Wu Xiujie could come out early even if she came a little earlier.
Shi Xiong nodded with Wu Xiujie to rest.
After two people left, Tian Tang looked at several other caged people.
It has been more than a month since the previous incident in Yangnan County, and these people have been here for so long.
Lu Ying followed Tian Tang. "Does the Lord God want to let them out?"
"Well, it’s just that I’ll come back and let them out by the way, which will save you from keeping people here all the time. If you deal with these people, you should consult with Pei Lao and deal with them according to the existing laws today. They are all soldiers obeying orders. I don’t think there should be any heinous people who need the death penalty."
Tian Tang deliberately went to the death penalty because malicious wounding and malicious killing are not allowed in Shenshen Town at present, but if there are really heinous prisoners, even if they take people outside Shenshen Town’s security area, it should be handled.
Lu Ying nodded, "It’s an angel."
Tian Tang will let people out when he walks to the cage.
As soon as I got close, a guard came to watch.
Tian Tang shook his head. "It’s okay. They can’t hurt me, and they can’t hurt anyone now."
Her voice fell and the others looked at the situation in the cage.
At the beginning, Li Erzhu and Wang Chang were released in this cage for three days, and Wei Liangcai and Wu Xiujie were also released by Tian Tang soon.
Only these people have been detained for more than a month, and they are completely unprepared. Even if they thought about escaping at first, they have given up one by one, so it can be seen that their mental state is not very good at the moment.
After Tian Tang opened the door, don’t say that someone rushed to start work, and no one even got up. It’s better for the guards to go in and bring people out one by one.
Make sure everyone is released. Tian Tang turned to look at Lu Ying. "I need you to be busy during this period in Shenshen Town. It is inconvenient for me to come back in Linchun House. If there is any problem in Shenshen Town, you can write to me at any time."
"It’s an angel, my Lord," Lu Ying said with a hand and looked up and smiled. "I’m afraid no one in Shenzhen lives and works in peace and contentment. What’s worse, there are so many people in this cage during this period, which is a deterrent to Shenzhen people."
Tian Tang had to say, "This is good."
"There’s another problem for the God-made adults?" Lu Ying showed hesitation.
"You ask" Tian Tang nodded and looked at him at the same time.
"The adults will be in the cage? Didn’t you say that you have to violate the rules to enter the cage? " Lu Ying asked, in fact, what did he want to ask most? Wu Xiujie wanted to hurt Tian Tangtian and came back to open the door for him.
Tian Tang smiled and said, "Lord Wu wants to see if the safe area is feasible, so he can make a decision."
Lu Ying was stunned for a while, and his eyes were full of smiles. "Congratulations, God has made an adult a general again!"
Chapter two hundred and eleven Award honeycomb briquette
"Wait for me, wait for me!"
Shi Xiong took Wu Xiujie to have a rest. Lu Ying also had something to do. After they all left, Tian Tang thought that since he came back, he would just walk around the town of the gods and have a look. It was an occasional leisure.
Afterwards, Tian Tang has been in Linchun Mansion all the time, and he only goes back to Shenzhen once in a while. Naturally, he rarely appears in school.
This is the same as when she stayed in Yangnan County. This time, the changes in Shenshen Town are much more than secondary. After all, both the factory scale and the number of residents have increased a lot during this period.
At the moment, it happened that the factory was closed at noon and the school was closed. Tian Tang walked in the crowd, dressed like everyone else, and the whole person was quickly submerged, so no one recognized her.
Behind them are schools and factories, including the small town of Jiatian Tang. If you want to go there, you will be contrary to the current crowd. Regardless of whether you can walk back, if she doesn’t follow the crowd, she will be easily recognized, which will only add trouble.
Thinking about it, I walked around and looked at it. After the people around me dispersed almost, she walked back again, and she heard a shout behind her. She was slapped on the shoulder before she could react.
Tian Tang turned back and just looked at the little girl behind him.
It was a moment when the little girl blushed and hurriedly put it on Tian Tang’s shoulder. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else. I want to find my classmate. You two wear almost the same clothes. I still think you are her."
Tian Tang also returned to God’s face and quickly smiled. "It’s okay for so many people to admit their mistakes."
"Well, I’m really sorry," the little girl said, looking around and looking for a circle, then hanging her head and looking back. "There are too many people, I can’t find her."
"Where are you going?" Tian Tang asked
"I’m going to eat in the small garden." The little girl has a small basket in her hand. "There are many people in the school. It’s quieter in the small garden, but there are several small gardens in Shenshen Town. I haven’t decided which one to go to, or I’d better go back and look for her."
And she turned around and wanted to go back.