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Make Donglai watch all night. Although the stars are shining, it makes Donglai’s heart full of loneliness. Finally, Donglai whispers absently. "What will become like this? Why can’t humans live in peace? "

Originally, Donglai regarded this world as his own home, and when he had a home, he would rather be as calm as Xu Ling, and he would rather stop fighting from now on. Unfortunately, the people beyond the Great Wall were eager to move, and the turmoil in the Central Plains affected Donglai’s compassion. He had to return to the rivers and lakes and fight hard in the Central Plains.
Although Donglai is not the kind of villain or the kind of person who is beautiful and outstanding, there is a saying that makes Donglai remember clearly that every man has the responsibility to rise and fall of the country. No matter which world makes Donglai have Han blood in his bones, he has the responsibility to shoulder everything he has to shoulder if his blood is not cold.
And I’m sorry I made you come from the east.
Make the east and look at the recent mind gradually return to cold.
Blade master Yanfei’s virtual weapon will become a rare treasure treasured by the owners of Pegasus Ranch in the past generations. The new owner of Pegasus Ranch makes Donglai naturally own it, so that she will not be stingy with a weapon. She is eager to make Donglai take more treasures.
When the East was distracted, Bi Xuan’s tall figure came out and fell directly into the Baishi Square of Jingnian Temple.
If Donglai is at its peak, Bi Xuan will be seen within the range of Jingnian Temple. Unfortunately, Donglai’s mood fluctuation will not be able to play at the level of 70% in peacetime, and he will be the first to feel Bi Xuan’s arrival.
Fortunately, Bixuan’s goal is not to make the East come, otherwise it will be in big trouble.
When …
The chanting of Sanskrit came to an abrupt end, and then the giant bronze bell in the meditation hall swung out one after another, which was irritating and vibrating, and then one after another, the monks bulging their temples and filing out from the back hall of the bronze temple, and soon surrounded the whole Baishi Square.
Such a battle is obvious.
Chapter one hundred and ten Killing
Chapter one hundred and ten Killing
There are more than 100 monks in the whole Jingnian Temple. If you want to make a careful liquidation, including those sweeping monk chefs and so on, there are only four or five hundred monks. However, there are as many as one hundred monks whose strength can reach the realm of first-class masters in the rivers and lakes, plus four repairs. Li Tong, Qian Du and Guan Long are the same level protectors, and even the masters like a cloud dare not run great risks.
However, Bi Xuan is not an ordinary person. He is a grandmaster among grandmasters.
Bi Xuan did not look at the luxurious laughter in front of him and sarcastically said, "Haha … it will be like this when the two holy places in the Central Plains are clean!"
In order to shoot the crowd, I announced a Buddhist name before I said with shame, "Although Jingnian Temple is a clean place for Buddhism, now the land of the Central Plains is stormy and Wu Zun comes with a killing heart, and we have to make some extraordinary choices to regret it if we want to bear the blame of the Millennium in the future."
BiXuan cold hum a also don’t do "argument" expression is still so calm as a locked prey Wolf swoops down at any time may hang back heavy spear I don’t know when his hand refers to the month BiXuan whole figure into the virtual.
Bi Xuan’s spear weighs 99 Jin. The name of the spear "Agu Shihuaya" is an old Turkic saying, which means that when the moon and the night mark the old days, the grassland has been known as "no one can hit him from the horse’s back"
Bi Xuan brought the moon wolf spear, which means that he has seen the cycle of life and is no longer attached to life. The original Bi Xuan is terrible enough, but a Bi Xuan who is no longer attached to life is even more terrible. I am afraid that even if he is separated, Ning Dodge will end up in the same place.
With Bi Xuan’s command, his body really dived into the void, and then a scream broke the quiet night.
The moon wolf spear pierced a Wu Zeng’s heart, and the blood dripped down the spear shaft to the white white white stone square, which was particularly abrupt.
The bronze bell rang leisurely.
Before, Donglai once suffered a great loss, but he almost became a net prisoner in the monastery. However, Bixuan didn’t have any fluctuation, and his eyes were as cold as ever. There were very few people who should like Yuan Le, be greedy for sniffing and be afraid of emotional fluctuations. With the moon wolf spear waving Bixuan, he forced this limit to be close to the great master realm with only one spear.
However, it is precisely when many monks in the Buddhist temple earned enough disposal that the mysterious array of King Kong’s core, the four dharma protectors, was completed, and Bixuan was trapped in the core on all sides.
There are as many as 16 monks binge drinking at the same time, attacking 16 martial arts and high-powered monks from 16 directions at the same time. Even with superhuman powers, it is impossible to pick up so many overbearing attacks in an instant.
The simplest and most simple one.
Bullying more than one.
However, they still underestimated the horror of the great master. Although the power of these 100 monks can be compared with that of the great master, it’s a pity that it’s just a comparison. For Bi Xuan, who has abandoned life and death, it’s not enough to be afraid of such an attack. Bi Xuan didn’t know how many times he had experienced such a scene more than 70 years ago, and the shocking scene of volley of arrows alone was without three digits.
At that time BiXuan was swallowed up by several spear shadows.
With a full moon wolf spear, it looks like a light spear. The brilliant moonlight wrapped Bi Xuan’s body with a thick and disgusting blood smell. At first glance, Bi Xuan was a light man.
Ding …
With several impacts, all the monks were thrown away.
Although they are not worldly, their accomplishments are not inferior to those of famous people in the Jianghu. However, Bi Xuan’s accomplishments in the past century are extremely pitiful. They feel that they are not hitting a person, but an iron wall, a strange wall that will rebound.
None of the more than 100 monks in this field can grasp Bi Xuanyue’s wolf spear.