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The outfield is a whole circle around the foot of the observation deck. There are flat land, Woods and slightly undulating slopes. Chapter 374 Go home.

The stable is next to the scene, and there are 26 horses specially bought from the grassland behind the wisteria wall. They are seven feet long, athletic, and their fur is as smooth as good satin, and they look arrogant and arrogant!
A few people were full of praise. If it was late, they would ride and give it a try.
Go back to your residence and go back to the hospital to rest.
Even Fang Zhou washed his face and cleaned his hands, then pushed open the window and leaned against the windowsill to look into the distance.
The more soft the glow enveloped her, the more gentle she was than her face, immersed in a kind of sweet feelings
Jessica Fong Ching remembered that after coming out of the maze array, her husband was a thief, and he whispered to himself, "Fang Zhou and Jane are afraid that it is true if they are not acting …" The words can’t help but smile and say with smile, "Look at what is so trance? Still thinking about someone? "
"cousin!" Even Fang Zhou’s face was slightly hot. "Cousin, what are you talking about?"
Jessica Fong Ching, look at her. It seems that she is so funny in her heart. Otherwise, when this Ni is a light cloud, where will she blush?
Well, it’s a rare opportunity to see her ashamed!
"Where am I talking nonsense?" Jessica Fong Ching opened his eyes wide in surprise and said solemnly, "Well, I’m talking nonsense. Do you dare swear that you and your fiance will never have anything?"
"…" Lian Fangzhou said angrily, "Cousin!"
It is said that although she knows everything, she has never experienced anything. Knowing is also a fake understanding of onlookers. She can understand it, but she will be shy when she is in it!
Especially in the past, although she didn’t say anything about acting, Fang Qing and Su Jinghe should all know the truth. Now it’s only a long time before acting becomes the real thing-how hard it is for her to be so thin-skinned!
Jessica Fong Ching "sloped" a smile on her cheeks gently twist a smile "just the two of us what are you ashamed of! Jane actually looks really good, and it’s a great event that you can really get married with him! "
Even Fang Zhou’s face slightly receded and looked up at Jessica Fong Ching a little depressed and asked, "How did cousin tell?"
Fang Qing raised his eyebrows and smiled. "You write everything clearly on this face, for fear that people don’t know. How can you tell?"
Lian Fangzhou was taken aback and said, "Is it so obvious!"
Jessica Fong Ching nodded. "It’s so obvious!"
"…" Even Fang Zhou was ashamed to sip his lips and smiled.
Jessica Fong Ching smiled and pulled Lian Fangzhou to sit and asked, "Did something happen in that maze?"
When Cui Shaoxi came out from there, she said something had left, and she and Jane looked like that again. If they weren’t stupid, they would have guessed what must have happened.
Even Fang Zhou didn’t hide or say, "I met Duke Cui inside and talked."
Fang Qing nodded. No wonder!
Even Fang Zhou said softly, "I think Cui Gong will soon be white."
Jessica Fong Ching laughed. "It’s not urgent!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled at each other, which is actually what she meant.
Since it is only a matter of time before Jane two of a kind gets married, Cui Shaoxi can’t help it even if she is unwilling.
Cui Shaoxi didn’t show up until dinner.
A few people know what’s going on, but no one has it.
Soon after dinner, Fang Qinghe even went back to Fang Zhou’s hospital, Su Jing and Jane.
Jane couldn’t help looking at Fang Zhou more. Where did he fall asleep so late? I really want to take her out for a walk and talk.
It’s a great opportunity to be quiet here!
Even fangzhou did not see his eyes quickly follow Jessica Fong Ching.
This man suddenly seems to have changed his core!
Yesterday, the whole Xiuyuan also visited more than half of the remaining gardens. Now the flowers and plants have not grown well and there is nothing to see. Even Fangzhou Ajian plans to go back first.
Cotton harvest is in sight, and Lianzhou is really at ease.
Fang Qing and Su Jinghe also sent them out without paying attention.
Two people didn’t let Su Fu carriage sent from the market hired straight back to Yu county.
Jane would be dishonest if she lost the carriage.
It’s silly to sit next to a thoughtful person in a closed carriage and be disturbed by others.
But even so, if you want to make out, you have to have a reason. You can’t hold people without saying anything, and that makes you a mountain king in the cottage.
Jane thought for a moment and then smiled, "Fang Zhou, are you tired? Rest on me for a while! "
Before she refused, he stretched out his long arm and hugged her from behind. He bowed his head and looked at her with a smile. His deep eyes were full of smiles.
"…" Even Fang Zhou was forced to lean against his chest, biting his lips and blushing.
What kind of reason is this? It’s not the first time she’s been in a carriage. Why haven’t she seen him so attentive before? Oh, once upon a time, he was serious, broadsword, golden horse and sitting still.
He couldn’t help grinning when he saw her lift her eyes. He gently caressed her face with a thin cocoon palm and said in a low voice, "I’m so happy in Fangzhou! What about you? Are you happy? "
His eyes are full of gentle smiles, and the lines of facial features carved like edges and corners are incredibly soft. How can he say anything negative when he looks so like this and even Fang Zhou’s heart is instantly soft?
"Well," she smiled at him in Zhan Yan and nodded gently. Her lips smiled like flowers, and her eyes were bright
"That’s great! That’s great! Fangzhou! Fangzhou! " Jane seemed ecstatic, hugging Fang Zhou’s eyebrows and smiling all over her face.