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"Gentleman be calm" Zhang shopkeeper saw that he was so impatient, but he was slightly disappointed in his heart and still did his duty. "It’s nothing to endure a moment’s anger! At the beginning, the Deng family didn’t have a sense of life, but now it’s such a big man who has endured a lot of leisure from others! But you saw it. What happened? Winning is not my Lord! It’s the same now! Don’t talk like this, young master. In the future, we can slowly try to get rid of the family involvement, but who can swallow such a large amount of goods except the family? Who can afford the quantity of goods we need? "

"You’re right!" Deng Bai took a long sigh of relief, relieved his emotional slowdown, and saluted the shopkeeper Zhang Da. "Please forgive me for being impatient!"
Being able to occupy such an important place in Quanzhou City as a big shopkeeper is naturally following Master Deng’s confidant. Brother Deng Baiyu is a junior.
"Gentleman, don’t be so old-fashioned!" Zhang shopkeeper hurriedly reciprocate.
"Uncle Zhang can afford it!" Deng Bai in smile busy asked "according to Zhang Shu see what should we do? But-still asking for help? "
Although I heard that Deng Bai was unwilling and unwilling to open the shopkeeper with a sigh, I still nodded, "Gentleman, we have to help our family this way!"
"But you saw the meaning of helping the master today," Deng Baiyu frowned. "Since he deliberately angered me and interrupted the conversation for an excuse, it can be seen that he doesn’t want us to do business again. Even if we can lower ourselves and beg him, can he change his mind?"
"You have to try!" Zhang shopkeeper tone no doubt flatly, "is the gentleman you’ll be wronged, put our attitude down and try to speak well! After all, the two companies have been doing business for so many years-as the saying goes, he should not be too rude if he reaches out and doesn’t smile! "
Deng Bai couldn’t think of any good method after much deliberation. Although he was reluctant, he had to nod and sigh and agreed.
Who knows that when they came to inquire for the audience the next day, the door actually said that the master had gone out and thought it was necessary to come back later, so please come again twice.
It would be foolish to believe that everyone is a mall bum.
Deng Baiyu’s face suddenly changed slightly and he was about to send a big shopkeeper to pull his sleeve gently and laughed. "Why don’t we just wait here anyway?"
Deng Baiyu saw the shopkeeper Zhang, so I have to admit it.
The concierge didn’t expect that he would not go dazed and smile apologetically. "If you don’t abandon the two, please sit and wait in the concierge!" It’s better than being outside! "
If they are left at the door like this, the master will swear if he finds out.
Let them go to the concierge! Deng Bai in the sense of qi and blood rushed to the forehead, and the shopkeeper had already smiled and thanked him. "Thank you very much! The little brother is really a kind person! "
Said pulling Deng Baiyu in.
The concierge who helped the family with deep pockets was also built very spacious. In the second time, a tea was specially separated, and there were benches and chairs in the tea. Although they were all made of ordinary wood, they were also clean and tidy.
Deng Bai frowned and sighed, "I’m a gentleman from the Deng family, and you’re the first semicolon from the Deng family. Now, it’s really-"
At that time, the Deng family begged for this business, but now it’s good that people have picked up Joe!
This is called Deng Baiyu’s willingness?
Opened the shopkeeper smiled and poured a cup of tea to Deng Bai in smiled and said, "please" Deng Bai took a glance at the tea, so he abandoned putting aside the tea table.
Opened the shopkeeper and unhurriedly poured himself a cup from sitting and drinking two smiles. "Gentleman, be calm. This concierge has a good attitude towards us. I want to help the master and I certainly don’t want to do things. He doesn’t want to do things. We have hope! Even if it is right today! "
Deng Baiyu gently sighed, "I hope so! If it weren’t for the difficulty of the eye-that’s all! Since I’m here, no matter how hard he throws his face, I’ll just suffer! "
"That’s right!" Zhang shopkeeper is most worried that he will get angry if he doesn’t agree with a word as he did yesterday. That’s really nothing to talk about! If he is willing to restrain this matter, there is still a 50% hope.
"If you can’t bear it, you will make great plans. The gentleman needs to remember this old saying!" Big shopkeeper low tone, suddenly, dignified mood is.
Deng Bai nodded in his heart. "I’ve been taught, Uncle Zhang!"
The two men waited here from morning till noon, and then from noon until after noon. During the application, they went to the toilet for three or four times, drank several pots of tea, and ate some steamed bread sent by the porter at noon. Finally, they waited for the news that Master Fu had returned to the office.
Zhang shopkeeper breathed a sigh of relief and finally didn’t wait in vain!
Deng Baiyu also refreshed. Does this mean that Master Fu was moved by his sincerity?
The two men followed the guide servant to the room to help master meet.
Who knows that Master Fu is still the same as yesterday’s polite and alienated speech. He didn’t mean to circle around for a long time, but he just ignored them or simply pretended not to hear them!
What can we talk about after all this? Deng Bai in anger from my heart face a clot simply looked at the folded hand way "help master our two is not the first time to do business, we Deng Gu credibility help master maybe it’s not enough? If you have anything to hide, you can say it so that we can discuss it! Master Fu always looks around like this. What does he mean? "
Big shopkeeper also busy hand smile apologetically a way "yes help master do you have any requirements although we discuss! Old man, one more word to help the family fleet can’t run in vain, can you? How many merchants can afford as many goods as the Deng family, and which merchant can get so many foreign goods? Our business is a good thing for mutual benefit, and suddenly-hehe, it’s not obedient. We signed a contract at the beginning! "
Deng Baiyu saw that he was taking his time, and the more annoyed he was with a smile, the more cold and cheerless he was. "What if you give me a happy sentence?" This will save us from bothering you again! "
Help him give a long sigh and stand hand smiled. "If you know that this is a room, do you want to ask again? I advise you not to ask! In the contract, you are really sure that you can win by saying this. Chapter 1346: Don’t say it.
If the two sides make a fuss about the contract, there will be a way to sue the government for adjudication and enforcement.
No one wants to do this unless they have to.
After all, going to court is a matter of wasting energy and money, and it will also affect reputation.
However, the shopkeeper Zhang moved in his heart when he heard this. "Help the master, there are only three of us here. Please help the master to speak frankly, even if we die, let us die in vain!"
Fu Li is so sure that he will lose the lawsuit, so there is a possibility-
Lifu gave the shopkeeper a wry smile and sighed, "The shopkeeper’s words are a joke! Zhang shopkeeper has guessed what is going on and will ask again? If you have something to say, don’t say it too clearly! It’s hard to be confused. It’s hard to be confused! "
Zhang shopkeeper’s heart was as cold as falling. After a pause, icehouse reluctantly smiled and said, "Is it true that the Lord has been looking for help?"
Deng Baiyu couldn’t help but change color "Ah!" A low growl teeth way "why didn’t I think! Not bad! Not bad! But he must be him! "
Fu Li sighed with sympathy and could not bear to sigh, "I didn’t say anything, but you said it yourself!" How can you provoke this adult if you are good? "
Deng Baiyu and Zhang Da, the shopkeeper, saw him like this and didn’t doubt it at all. He just took the initiative to participate and was utterly confused at the moment.
Big shopkeeper sighed, "help master you to help us this time! We are all four families, so bear with it! To put it bluntly, he can be so despicable to deal with us Deng family today, and it is difficult to guarantee that he will not deal with your family in the future! In the long run, master, you can’t go to from ruin! "
Fu Li said, "You have to pay attention to the timing when you do things. I have a shallow foundation now. Can I compare with you? I’m willing, but I can’t-ahem, I didn’t say anything. It was all nonsense! It’s nonsense! "
Deng Baiyu and Zhang shopkeeper saw that Fu Li was so afraid of the government that they couldn’t help looking at each other for half a ring.
Deng Bai couldn’t help but give birth to a little disdain in his heart. Such a person is worthy of helping the family! It’s a pity to help Wei Fu-
Deng Bai was so wronged in his heart that it is hard to say. How could he be afraid of Li Fu if Fu Wei’s father was still there? No matter how long the official hand is, it is impossible to reach the merchants!
"Hey, guys, it’s getting late. If you don’t have anything to do, don’t you-"Fu Li smiled and said, "You must have something to do, so I won’t leave you!"
What else can Deng Baiyu and Zhang Dazhao say? Two people have to listlessly leave.
Suddenly, the shopkeeper Zhang stopped and turned back to Fu Li. "I don’t know which business has succeeded Deng’s family in such a big deal. Can it be convenient for Fu Lao to inform you?"
Help Shirley laughed. "Zhang shopkeeper, when you are clever, you are also confused!" I still ask, do you need me to answer? "
It occurred to me that even Fang Zhou opened the shopkeeper’s wry smile and finally there was no more words. Deng Bai bowed his hand and left.
"Uncle Zhang, what should we do now!" Deng Bai is really anxious this time. One end is the backlog of large quantities of tea, silks and satins and porcelain in the warehouse, and the other end is waiting for foreign goods. If you can’t get out, you can’t get in. Isn’t it anxious?
Shopkeeper Zhang smiled and sighed, "If the old man guessed right, someone will take the initiative to come to the gentleman soon or-alas!"
"really?" Deng Bai immediately busy way "who? Who will there be? "
Shopkeeper Zhang smiled wryly. "Don’t be happy too early, for fear that the gentleman may not want to see each other!"
Deng Baiyu is still in tybalt slain, and the shopkeeper has been driven out.
Sure enough, the next day, even Fang Zhou’s shopkeeper came to the door, expressing his willingness to offer the goods in Deng’s warehouse. According to the place of origin, the goods were transported, hired and managed at Deng’s own expense