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Now they have climbed from the mountain to the top of the mountain. In these three days, both of them have climbed several hills.

At the top of the mountain, looking at the place surrounded by white clouds, sitting beside a big rock everywhere.
Tang Luoling looked around blankly, stretched out his hand and wiped his forehead, and sighed a long time-this mountain is much more strange than the previous ones.
In addition to the lush pine trees nearby, a waterfall can be heard far away. It is quiet around here and even birds can’t be heard.
This is too much, isn’t it? Is there any monster here?
When Tang Luoling was thinking, suddenly a female sadness screamed in the distance, "Ah! ——”
Tang Luoling was so startled that he immediately got up from the rock, and his ears moved to inquire for the sound, looking for the past, and he bowed his head and stretched out to the top of the mountain to see what a darling he was!
What a big nine-color lizard!
It is about dozens of feet long, and its scales are glowing with a circle of light green light, and its head has become a human form.
And this nine-color lizard is laughing and looking down at the other side. The woman is arrogant and excited and shouts, "Yue Xian! You fell into my hands today. Do you think you still have a chance to escape? "
When they came to Tang Luoling in the summer, they didn’t want to pay attention to these things, but the nine-color lizard spoke too loudly and let her hear the word Yue Xian.
Yue Xian?
Yue Xian Palace!
It is the imperial concubine who lives in Yue Xian before the virtuous king. Chapter 991 Yue Xian 1.
That is to say, that woman must be close to Xian Wang!
Sure enough, it’s hard to find it at the iron shoes!
She finally got a clue when she was looking for several people, but the girl named Yue Xian was caught by this nine-color lizard, and it seemed that she had a lot of hatred with Yue Xian!
She raised her eyebrows lightly. "She can’t escape from cousin Lian."
"There is no escape, but isn’t there us?"
Xia Houlian smiled, "If we are here, we can definitely escape!"
Tang Luoling hid a few breaths from the top of the mountain in the tall pine tree in the summer, and she came to the foot of the mountain. When she saw the nine-color lizard at the top of the mountain, she didn’t feel how huge it was.
But when it comes to the ground, it’s different. On the ground, she has to tilt her head back and lean back fifteen degrees to see the head of the nine-color lizard!
Tang Luoling’s appearance in the summer made Yue Xian, who was preparing to fight back, see her slightly, but after seeing Tang Luoling make a gesture to her, she suddenly realized.
Moment raised his head and looked up at the nine-color lizard and said, "Evil animals! What do you want? "
"how about it? Do you remember my queen? "
Nine color lizard mournful asked.
"What queen?"
Yue Xian felt puzzled that he had been busy raising the lotus flowers in the house for Xianwang this year, and every jade lotus in the house had to be carefully selected to make the best nourishing elixir in the end.
Nine-colored lizard snake eyes looked at Yue Xian resentfully. "Do you remember a little blue and white snake three hundred years ago? She came into your mansion because she smelled the fragrance of Yu Lian, and found the place where you refined Dan. She just ate a bottle of Jinlian Jinlian Xindan, which is a great supplement for our demon, and made my queen faint in your Dan’s room on the spot, but you didn’t have the slightest kindness to send my queen to the medicine tripod and treat my queen as a medicine guide for refining Dan! "
Yue Xian realized that it was the little blue and white snake?
So it’s no wonder that as soon as I came out of Yuhe Mansion, I was stared at by this nine-color lizard. Was it revenge for her?
Yue Xian also feel nai "snake king! You know, the little blue-and-white snake ate my bottle of golden lotus in those days, but it happened that it ate the pills that I wanted to save your life! What can I do if it eats me? The wise king wants me to refine it as a medicine if I don’t hand it over, or who will compensate me for my losses? "
Nine-color lizard snake eyes make a gruff voice of hatred, like that broken copper. It’s hard to hear. It says, "You defend yourself less!" Today I must avenge the queen! You will die! "
Nine-color lizard suddenly opened its maw and was about to release venom from its mouth to corrode Yue Xian Yuan Shen Ji, but suddenly it could not speak, and its seven-inch place was inexplicably stung!
Looking down, it turned out that a long mysterious needle had sunk into its seven inches.
Directly let it out of breath and panic, and a calm voice sounded beside it. "I don’t know if it will be a big supplement for me to make your lizard heart into medicine. Chapter 99 Yue Xian.
When did the nine-color lizard look down at its pine tree and see a man and a woman?
What, it won’t know?
Don’t say it’s a Tang Luoling, it can’t win, plus a summer weather, he has no chance of winning!
Nine-colored lizards didn’t even think that they were trying their best to wait for revenge for their queen, but they didn’t expect to get revenge at the sight of great hatred, but one or two nosy humans came out
Of course, the nine-color lizard was unwilling to be angry, so he twisted his body desperately in an attempt to shake his strength out in the seven-inch Xuan needle
When Tang Luoling saw the nine-color lizard, he still wanted to struggle and sighed faintly. "The nine-color lizard didn’t break free. That’s one hundred and twenty mysterious needles that I specially came to practice."
Nine-colored lizards also want to say when Tang Luoling made a move. Her left hand suddenly appeared with five long Xuan needles, which flashed a dark light.
With her brilliant smile, the mysterious needle in her hand has attacked the nine-color lizard!
Five mysterious needles all at once!
Boom ——
There was a loud noise, and the whole head of the nine-color lizard, including its big mouth of blood basin, had been pierced into a hole by the Xuan needle.
After the black light disappears, the whole head turns black. Where is the heroic effort to correct the sample? So the nine-color lizard, which has been cultivated for hundreds of years, died at the hands of Tang Luoling.
Yue Xian was scared to death, and he was going to kill himself for a moment. The nine-colored lizard could not stand the fact that the five Xuan needles of the light-clad woman were instantly shot in the head. !
She couldn’t stand the stimulation and fainted.
Tang Luoling looked at Yue Xian and fainted. "What are you doing? Actually dizzy? "
In summer, Hou Lian’s hands spread out. "In my opinion, I still ignore it. I heard that this nine-color lizard meat is very delicious and it is also a big meat supplement! By the way, your uncle Geng is very suitable for eating these nine-color lizards, which can at least improve his current physical condition! "
Tang Luoling shine at the moment if it can make GengBoBo body better nature is willing to.
Anyway, this Yue Xian fainted and couldn’t run away. She saved her life by herself. See, she’s not the kind of heartless fairy who probably won’t take the opportunity to run away, right?