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"Let’s go and register him."

At this time, Yang Xiu just came out from the peak of cultivating medicine and went to the head office to register in the Yunfeng Hall.
After the successful promotion, every friar of Nanling Sect should remember the meaning of readjusting treatment at the head of Mu Yi.
Moreover, during the foundation period, monks can build their own caves in one place except the two main peaks (touching Yunfeng and Peiyao Peak) in the Twelve Peaks of Nanling, which also needs to be registered and approved by the head in name.
Yang Xiu sat for a while and saw Mu Yi’s boss and his brother who had just received him walk out of Yang Xiu from the hall and immediately got up and bowed down to Mu Yi’s boss.
"Brother Yang Xiu, visit the head martial uncle."
"Yang’s nephew doesn’t have to bother. I can’t believe that it didn’t take long for Yang’s nephew to build a foundation. It can be said that he is practicing fast." Mu Yi’s boss is more polite
"The owner is joking. Compared with several other disciples who are practicing medicine together in Peiyao Peak, I think it’s nothing, not to mention sending Zhong Li, the teacher elder sister and Brother Ma. These are all lost to Yang." Yang Xiu modest way.
Yang Xiu entered the Nanling Sect today and received his younger brother twice. During these two times, he never received a genius monk with six spirits or seven spirits.
Originally, there were three people practicing together with Yang Xiu, and the first one was Li Yue, of course. Now it is the mid-term repair of the foundation.
And Liu Yibi Yang Xiu a few months ago, other Zhu Jia, Xu Lin, Ma Chuan and Zhang Yue were also in the practice period. The twelfth floor is not far from the official foundation.
Wait until Gemuduo filled out all the information after the note table. Mu Yi’s head suddenly said to Yang Xiu.
"Yang Shi’s nephew, you are already a monk of Tsukiji Sect. Recently, you are short of an elder of the Law Enforcement Hall. I wonder if you are interested."
Yang Xiu smell speech was surprised.
Of course, he also knows the law enforcement elder, and it doesn’t affect his practice much. He just needs to be looked after by several brothers in the practice period at ordinary times, but he must have a title from a friar in the construction period
Yang Xiu thought about it and guessed that Mu Yi’s head might be because he didn’t know that he and Tianxuan’s great-grandfather Yang Xiu had completed the preconditions in 20 years, which gave people a daydream, and Mu Yi’s reality just happened to accommodate them.
Yang Xiu doesn’t want to refuse this kind of good thing, but let’s take a look at Mu Yi’s reality first. Is it true or true
If he is a fluent Yang Xiu, it is not a pity that if he is sincere, Yang Xiu also feels that he is outnumbered and has offended the Zhang brothers. He can take this opportunity to send a message to Nanling that he is not alone.
"I appreciate the kindness of the head martial uncle, but I am used to living alone and practicing without good communication. I am afraid I can’t win."
In fact, the head of Mu Yi just heard that Yang Jianji was successful and felt that he was a very suitable candidate. Yang Xiu did not belong to several families of Nanling Sect, so he would not destroy the balance of power.
And mainly Yang Xiutian Xuan Taizu is not white. Mu Yi’s head is not clear about himself, let alone others. One day Xuan Taizu is there, who dares to be angry and behave in such a way?
Mu Yi’s boss lived for such a long time, and of course he heard Yang Xiu’s words and didn’t say death.
"In fact, there are not many things for law enforcement elders. You can choose by yourself or arrange fifteen brothers to help you manage your practice. You need to sign up for a few years, and it will be rare for you to solve something yourself. You don’t need too many people to deal with, so don’t refuse."
Yang Xiu didn’t insist on conveniently agreed to come.
When Mu Yi’s boss saw Yang Xiu’s promise, he ordered Ge Muduo to bring a token and a cloth bag to Yang Xiu.
"This is the exclusive token of the law enforcement elders. It can be collected and sent to the sect in 54,000 Li, which is convenient to contact the sect in the cloth bag and give something to the Godsworn in Foundation Period."
Before Yang Xiuqian, I also heard that all factions have their own dedicated letter tools to facilitate the monks’ contact. This kind of tool is expensive. The sects are assigned to the monks in the Jiedan period. I didn’t expect that I now got a piece in the cloth bag, which is a few middle-order lingshi and a common order instrument "Crescent Moon Knife". Yang Xiu is not very interested.
Yang Xiu put away the token lingshi and crescent moon blade and said goodbye to the owner of Mu Yi to find a spiritual vein to build the abode of fairies and immortals
(Please collect it from friends)
Chapter 12 abode of fairies and immortals
The twelve peaks in Nanling cover a vast area, but the aura is still concentrated in the twelve peaks.
These days, in addition to practicing, Yang Xiu is mainly looking for a reiki place to establish his own practice abode of fairies and immortals.
Have a cursory look at most of the twelve peaks.
Over the past tens of thousands of years, most places with strong aura have been occupied by other monks, and there are also several spiritual veins that can be accommodated. However, compared with other places, Yang Xiu is not satisfied, and there is still a certain gap from the hope value.
Of course, the matter of abode of fairies and immortals can’t be directly related to the quality of aura content in it.
Yang Xiulai’s qualification is not good. If the content of reiki in the cultivation area is also poor, it will be even more difficult for him to go further.
Therefore, Yang Xiu is not in a hurry to look around for a while. He plans to remember most of the places rich in aura in the Twelve Peaks of Nanling and finally choose the best place to build a cave.
But after a few days, Yang Xiu had to give up this practice. It is not a short-term task to finish reading the Nanling School area one by one.
It’s not enough to take a look at it. With such surging and scattered veins, it has long been occupied by other monks. How can it stay until now?
At present, most of them are compasses or spirit beasts that can roughly survey the distribution and content of spirit veins, and then it is troublesome to further analyze and confirm by themselves.
But just now, the head of Mu Yi sent a message saying that the abode of fairies and immortals should be built as soon as possible. Because it is convenient for the law enforcers to do things, they have always lived with the elders to practice. Therefore, the head of Mu Yi also specially asked Yang Xiu to build more rooms, and there was not enough time.
Yang Xiu had to speed up the search.
But it is obviously not fast to find a way forward.