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"Don’t cry, or I will be unhappy." Qin Luoyi quipped and stretched out his hand and squeezed his eyes to squeeze the tears back.

"Yeah, yeah, don’t cry, don’t cry, I don’t cry." Heng Xuexiao took a red nose and opened her eyes to force tears back.
"Well, the count’s adult estimates that if he doesn’t go for a long time, he will come." Qin Luoyi took care of Heng Xuexiao like a big sister.
"Yeah, yeah, then I’ll go."
Heng Xue smiled at the stairs and saw that he was coming to the night to practice evil.
_ |||| It’s true that Qin Luoyi was right!
"Why are you so late?" Night evil repair saw Heng Xue laughing for a long time before he asked inexplicably, "I almost went to see you."
"Nothing you go to the principal’s office? Have you been sentenced to 500 years in prison? " Heng Xue smiled and cocked his head and asked innocently
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Act 131 can’t escape swimming lessons
"Silly girl broke her leg. I was scolded for nothing."
In fact, at that time, the evil cultivation was punished and thought for three hours. There was no way. Who told the headmaster that he was his own father?
Besides, vampires are different from humans, and it’s no big deal that a broken leg can be connected.
"Murphy that is to say, the dog fights the man? Because of you, count? " Heng Xue smiled gloomily and looked at the sky thoughtfully.
Is this fucking vampire world so unfair? What’s wrong with a broken leg? !
So what do you mean by what you have? embarrassed
"Silly girl, what’s wrong with dogs?" Ye Xiexiu knocked on the forehead with a little dissatisfaction and gently taught, "First, I’m not happy with dogs. Second, you don’t know the size of things in here."
"That also please please don’t knock my head k? !” Heng Xue chuckled and gnashed her teeth at night evil repair.
"yes! Rabbit princess "
"You will be loquacious." Heng Xuexiao ran quickly ahead and asked Ye Xiexiu behind him without looking back. "What’s the last class?"
"Swimming class" night evil paused to say it.
"hmm? Swimming class? I haven’t seen anything before. "Heng Xue stopped laughing and looked back at night evil repair with puzzle.
"Well, we all just avoided that class before," night evil replied quietly. In fact, he didn’t want swimming class either.
For night evil practice, Guoguo Hong’s body will certainly usher in many anthomaniac;
For Heng Xuexiao, seduction and figure will also usher in many perverts.
For both of them, he didn’t want to see the first escape because they skipped class and got sick for the second time.
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13 swimming lessons ()
But this time, there is no accident as an excuse. Besides, he made a mistake yesterday and applied for leave again.
"Oh oh but is there a swimming pool in the school? I haven’t seen anything before. "Heng Xue smiled and mused. This school is really big, and the swimming pool can’t find a place."
"In the Houshan Gymnasium, there are generally few people going in." Night Evil Xiu finally naively said that he didn’t want to talk.
"Let’s go change our swimsuits."
Yexie Xiu simply wore a pair of boxers, and then he chose an absolutely strict bathing suit for Heng Xuexiao.
Fruit showed two arms and two legs, but a man still felt too embarrassed.
Came to the swimming pool, and a large group of people changed their swimsuits.
Sure enough, the night evil repair is still the most dazzling woman, and it is Qin Luoyi.
Wearing her own style sexy three-point swimsuit, deep cleavage attracted a group of perverts.
Heng Xuexiao’s strong’ protection’ due to evil cultivation at night can finally hide people’s eyes and ears.
"Hi Heng son" Qin Luoyi saw night evil repair and Heng Xue coming with a smile.
"Clothes are so sexy." Heng Xue blinked vaguely.
"I’m kidding. I’m cute, too."
Where did the snow smile sprout? As good as zongzi. Well, she knew Qin Luoyi didn’t want to hurt her self-esteem.
Watching and chatting so well, the two of them are confused at night. Aren’t these two sworn enemies? How can this be so enthusiastic?
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133 swimming lessons ()
Seeing the night evil and wondering eyes, Qin Luoyi replied, "My Lord, I did have some misunderstandings with my son, but we have talked about it and are good friends now."
"Uh-huh" Heng Xue smiled and chimed in.
Night evil repair doesn’t believe that Qin Luoyi will be so kind, but it would be nice to smile and be happy with snow and nod lightly.
The swimming teacher taught the students a few moves and then let them practice freely.
Heng Xuexiao still can’t swim in the pool, and she is afraid of night evil. Xiu hugged her and patiently explained, "Don’t be afraid to learn from me."
Heng Xue is timid when she smiles, and it is even more embarrassing to add Qin’s clothes and smile at her vaguely.
At this time, the shore came to Lun Yuxiao, who was still wearing a school blanket and laughing. He immediately waved at him like a savior and shouted "benefactor!"
Then, regardless of the evil night, I climbed to the shore and rushed to the side of the black silk feather cloud. The two of them chatted enthusiastically.
Night evil hands gradually clenched into fists and smashed a surface of water.
"Count, I’m not very good at swimming either. Please teach me."
Qin Luoyi Sao Jin is full of energy, and the whole body sticks to the evil night to repair the body and moves uneasily.
When he saw a flame in the eye of Night Evil Xiu, he simply took the initiative to stick it to his lips.
Night evil repair motionless at first, then directly hold down the head of Qin Luoyi, and the two of them sank to the bottom of the water and kissed each other heartily …
Hey, hey, I have been a mother for too long, and I want to dedicate Qin Luoyi’s greatness to us for the first time! OK or not? Wow, haha, please look forward to it.
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Truth and plot development (for readers, please have a look)