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This process attracted her attention at first.

The little girl has obviously never seen such a lovely fruit, and the fragrance from the fruit is very attractive.
She took a bite of the juice, which was sweet and delicious. The small wound on her head healed immediately, and it really didn’t hurt at all.
Hang Yu smiled and asked, "Is it delicious?"
"delicious!" She took two bites of the fruit "just like a big strawberry!" "
Hang Yu’s terrorist strength is very shocking. People are always afraid of powerful and unknown things. Obviously, the old lady is still worried. She quickly said to her granddaughter, "MengMeng can’t be rude and thank this big brother."
Maruko’s little girl has sunk her head and chewed the fruit by half.
"Thank you, Big Brother!" When she heard grandma’s words, she looked up and said, "Big brother, you are really good. You beat the bad guys at once, even worse than my bald uncle."
Children are children.
There is not so much fear.
At the moment, I admire Hangyu very much.
"I just moved here." Hang Yu smiled easygoing. "After living next door, neighbors are welcome."
"Ah, does Big Brother live next door?" Maruko’s eyes suddenly lit up. "Will Big Brother help us beat them away when the bad guys come?"
Hang Yu was amused by the cute little loli.
He pinched some baby chubby faces. "Of course, big brother is super powerful, and I’m not afraid if they come together with ten."
The old lady was also very happy to hear this.
Now people’s hearts are floating and turbulent, and public security is seriously slippery.
There is such a very powerful young man with a sense of justice who lives next door, which makes people feel much safer.
Just then.
Come in a hurry
A bald man rushed into the room and his face suddenly changed when he saw the messy courtyard and blood. "Mom, how are you? Are you okay? I heard that the leopard king egg came to our house …"
Halfway through the conversation
Bald man froze.
Seeing the young people in their own courtyard
Hang Yu also saw Logger Vick’s surprised expression.
No way. What a coincidence. This happens to be Logger Vick’s house?
"How dare you come back?" The old lady was furious and picked up a stick and hit Logger Vick’s head. "Look at what you’ve done to this family. Go away!"
"Mom, stop! Listen to me!"
Logger Vick is a tall man with a height of 1.5 meters.
At the moment, I was beaten by a thin old lady.
Where will the old lady listen to his excuse? "I’m not unfilial. Get out!"
"Pain pain! Stop fighting! You listen to me first! "
"I’m doing something serious with my big brother now!"
"It’s true this time!"
The old lady was so angry when she heard this. "What eldest brother? It’s just hooliganism! What can you do with scum all day! I’m going to kill you today, you unfilial! "
What the hell
tang zhe ye zhong qiang
Hang Yu is watching a lively event
Inexplicably become a rogue, lai, scum is really wronged.
Maruko’s little girl quickly became sensible and ran to Indiana. "Grandma, don’t hit uncle, he will change."
"Mom, don’t talk nonsense!" Logger Vick was scared by her mother. At this moment, she didn’t care so much about grabbing the stick and then came to Hangyu with full respect. "My eldest brother is this. Now he is taking us to start a business. It’s serious business!"
The old lady was too stupid when she was too young.
She obviously didn’t think that this powerful and horrible young man was the eldest brother in her mouth.
Logger Vick quickly said to Hang Yu, "My mother means to offend you. Don’t be angry!"
"Don’t get too excited, old man." Hang Yu was embarrassed and gently coughed. "Yang Wanqiang walked a little crooked before, but he has already received a lesson. He is not completely bad. Give him another chance."
"Ah, Uncle Bald, is this true?" Marutou little loli cried out, "Are you working with this big brother who helped break the NPC?"