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Guests continued to enter pary’s scene, and soon pary also reached its climax.

At first, the monitor played the guide film, which was the brief introduction of the 20th anniversary of Yue Se’s marriage. After the film and television materials were cut and matched, the atmosphere of the music scene could not help but be warmed. The whole venue spread the breath of spring as if a peach blossom could come out anytime and anywhere.
"So good …" Jiang Xuanxuan, with golden eyes staring at the led display screen, could not help but express heartfelt admiration.
Mr. and Mrs. Yue Se met as students, and they all made mistakes when they were students, but the United States did not tightly control adults. They were not suppressed. In that young age, they resolutely chose to drop out of school …
It is obvious that their choice is success.
"Behind the stage is Joseph and his wife." Jiang Xuanxuan was lost in thought and was suddenly taken away by Gu Chen’s words.
Jiang Xuanxuan quickly turned her eyes to the past. She saw a young man in a suit and long hair with a low ponytail, and his pupils suddenly dilated at the stand as if he were scared …
No way …
Jiang Xuanxuan blinked several times and confirmed that she was surprised and occupied!
"Boss, did you say it was the long hair?" Afraid of his mistake, Jiang Xuanxuan quickly grabbed him and asked again
Unexpectedly, Gu Chen confirmed the answer, "Yue Se and his wife have been married for 20 years, and I rarely see the children’s boarding house in the United States when they are 10 years old."
I was even more surprised to hear Gu Chen introduce Jiang Xuanxuan like this
She looked back at the stands again. How could she blink and feel that it was all that person-Allen …
When I met him as a child, he told her that he was twenty-two years old!
Jiang Xuanxuan especially believes in him. He looks so immature. It’s a boy who matures late!
As a result, he is only twenty!
Jiang Xuanxuan stared at Allen with a slight irritation. Suddenly, Allen in the stands noticed that her horse raised a big palm and waved at her.
The small movement was quickly captured by Gu Chen, but there were so many guests in the stands that he didn’t realize who Allen was greeting.
The atmosphere at the scene is still high, but Jiang Xuanxuan has been unable to feel at ease.
She struggled in her mind whether to tell Gu Chen about Allen? I don’t know. Will he be angry if I just tell him? Just like brother Hua’s situation …
I’m not ready to tell him about seeing Allen. Jiang Xuanxuan also wants to avoid this unnecessary situation, but now she’s afraid that Allen will suddenly come over with enthusiasm and say hello to her in case her two-day trip is exposed. I wonder if Gu Chen will get angry …
"Clapped" a burst of warm applause interrupted Jiang Xuanxuan’s train of thought. She looked up and saw Yue Se and his wife walking on the stage at the invitation of the host. They were very right. Just being there was like a beautiful international landscape.
"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen …"
The host is very humorous. The American humor Jiang Xuanxuan doesn’t understand the scene. Everyone else understands it. There is often a burst of laughter at the venue. Jiang Xuanxuan’s head is stupid.
The interview was followed by Mr. Yue Se’s introduction of a new speech. A new smartphone was produced with online games and software, mostly from Gu Chen Company.
Everyone thought that Mr. Yue Se would devote a lot of chapters to introducing the performance and affordability of the new mobile phone, but I didn’t expect that what Mr. Yue Se chewed most enthusiastically was his private life with Mrs. Joseph.
"My wife and I have been married for 20 years. In the past 20 years, we rarely quarreled. At the most difficult time, my wife didn’t have strong arms to support this family. My wife let me know that life is not the ultimate passion. Life is the most important or dull! It’s plain but tasteful. This is what I have tasted about Xinfu life now. This new performance of ours is just like this. In the original design intention, we don’t pay attention to the characteristics of the new product. The focus is on which piece of photographic running hardware pu quad-core performance or both … None of them are particularly outstanding, but each one has reached the best state! " Mr. Yue Se’s unique introduction makes people feel very comfortable.
This is not an Apple mobile phone, but it is also very influential in the United States. newpys English translation game software app is installed in this mobile phone, and newpys has made a good income for a year.
Gu Chen also likes to deal with Mr. and Mrs. Yue Se. He also has shares with Mr. and Mrs. Yue Se in a small branch in the United States.
Of course, what Gu Chen likes best is Mr. Yue Se’s straightforward personality. Now that he has Jiang Xuanxuan around him, he has more affection for Yue Se and his wife.
The couple are rare people in the world who are so happy that Gu Chen re-examines the word’ marriage’.
Because their marriage life is a model, there are many aspects worth learning
"My wife and I have been through ups and downs for 20 years, and there are few big things and small things. Do you know why?" Taimo’s eyes fell on Mr. Yue Se carefully, and he quickly listened to Mr. Yue Se’s fluent English and spit out a word "letter!"
"Wow," a warm applause rang and Jiang Xuanxuan quickly followed with warm applause.
"My wife never hides things from each other! Honesty is the most basic respect for marriage! Without faith, two people’s hearts will go further and further, just like an intersecting diagonal line, there will always be more and more differences, and eventually they will go to different futures. Faith is to break this diagonal line ruler, which can make feelings closer and closer, and finally become a line and go to the end hand in hand. "Mr. Yue Se speaks in standard and fluent English." This new product of ours is like this … Our brand will not innovate before ensuring quality. This is our benchmark, and we have won the reputation of the masses .. "
Jiang Xuanxuan listened attentively to Mr. Yue Se’s speech as much as he could understand.
This kind of speech is very interesting. Jiang Xuanxuan was fascinated by it.
Suddenly, she was placed in the palm of her leg and wrapped in Gu Chen’s hand. There was sweat in her palm. I wonder if he was too nervous or something.
"Do you understand?" Suddenly Gu Chen magnetic mute sounded in her ear.
Jiang Xuanxuan nodded and continued to focus on the stage.
Just understand …