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"Ok, that’s nothing to talk about." Qin Yu patted his legs and got up and sighed and said, "Okay, I’m leaving."

Ling Ye looked at Qin Yu’s side face and asked again, "Are you really not listening to my advice?"
Qin Yu bowed his head and walked to the door of the living room, picking up his shoes, and said flatly, "When I was in the planning area, there was an adoptive father who often told us when I was a child that if some of our brothers came back from work, they would not be able to hand over the earned grain even if they were killed. I asked him what he said. He told me that if he robbed you this time, you would hand over the grain. Then they would not work if you didn’t die. Then he would wait for you to feed. Later, my adoptive father died. I think he was wrong."
"What’s wrong?" Ling Ye asked.
"There are too many people who want to rob you of food. You don’t hand it over this time. That’s because there will be others who want to get something for nothing." Qin Yu looked up at Ling Ye and said clearly, "So I not only don’t pay food, but I also want to call back! If I can’t face it, I will secretly do it. I will rob them how they rob me! "
Ye linyan
"It’s just a battalion chief who won’t fucking let me get tied up," Qin Yu frowned and said, "If I really can’t do it, the boss will fly back to the planning area. What can I do with these people around me?"
"you are really a strange person!" Ling Ye shook his head and commented, "Well, since you said so, I won’t advise you."
"Let’s go!"
Qin Yu stretched out his hand and pushed the door and stepped out.
Ling Ye looked at Qin Yu’s back and pondered for a long time and shouted, "He may ask you to find the key link in one step!"
Qin Yu looked back at Ling Ye and asked, "Is this what he told you?"
"No, I guess," Ling Ye woke up with his shoulder in his arms. "You should plan ahead."
Qin Yu looked at Ling Ye with a smile and suddenly asked, "Do you have a boss besides Han Sanqian?"
Ling Ye was stuck when he heard this.
"Ha ha, you can come to me when you are unwilling to be a purse," Qin Yumenkou said. "You may have told me a lot of lies today, but I tell you that every word is true."
Ling Ye looked at Qin Yu in amazement. "I didn’t tell you the truth."
"Anyway, I thank you for waking me up." Qin Yu reached out and went to the door.
Ten minutes later.
Ling Ye sat cross-legged on the sofa and dialed a number.
"hello?" A male stereo plays.
"Qin Yu came" Ling Ye bowed his head. "He guessed that I sent the message that woke him up."
The man replied with a smile, "This Qin Yu head is really not."
"Is it true?" Ling Ye nodded and echoed. "He has already sensed that we have certain problems with Xiaosan. He has been testing me but I didn’t answer the words."
"… if so, it’s a little early for you to meet him." The man pondered for a long time and said, "You should wait."
"He came to me and I couldn’t push it," Ling Ye explained.
"Don’t contact him for the time being," the man ordered after thinking for a long time. "You don’t want to say much about Xiaosan either. We’ll see later. When everyone has an attitude, I may go back to Songjiang."
"Well, I see." Ling Ye nodded.
"Where can you take care of yourself? Don’t be tired," said the man. "I asked someone in the district to buy you new clothes, which will arrive in a few days!"
"Hey hey thank you bai" Ling Ye smile.