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Tianhui and Shuangcheng are sworn enemies, and there will be a battle in the future, but it is not yet time to face off. It is possible for Tianhui to give up enough benefits and invite Dugu Jiansheng to make a move.

"Take a trip to Shuangcheng after you have healed the old man’s injury." In the eyes of our hero, a flash of sneer at him. "You must ask the lone blademaster to make moves even if you pay a big price."
Xiong was wounded by Chen Yan and disappeared for several months.
Wen Chouchou will take care of Qin Shuang to assist in the day meeting.
Although Chen Yan "drove away" the overlord, he didn’t take the opportunity to intervene in the affairs of heaven at all. What he meant was that children’s emperors, paper flowers, food immortals and others jumped up and down to get more profits.
But the children’s emperor is restrained.
Qin Shuang and Wen Chouchou both claim that our hero is practicing martial arts in a closed way. Even if our hero leaves the day, there will be the head coach, Ulrich, who still dare not be too presumptuous.
The third achievement method of health promotion is practiced to a satisfactory level, and the accumulation of Yan Yan is temporarily completed.
Then came a qualitative breakthrough.
It’s a pity that the fourth level of induction achievement method has not been created yet, and even a framework and prototype have not been tried to break through, and they can’t find the direction.
Perhaps the fourth level of perfect guidance can be created only when the realm of "the unity of heaven and man" is achieved.
There is still less than half of the classics in the armory of Tianhui, and Ulrich decided to go and read them first.
Come to the door of the armory
Two figures suddenly appeared in front of Ulrich, and the two of them were our confidants. The master hierarchy was stronger than the broken waves and Nie Feng.
"Manager Chen, please stop."
"This is an important armory. No one can go in without Wang’s order. I hope coach Chen won’t make it difficult for us."
Chen Yan nods, "It’s a bit irregular to enter the armory without a warrant from Wang, but Wang will make a contribution to the armory to see if it’s finished. I’ll personally tell him when Wang comes back, and I won’t blame you."
Chen Yan is a man of rules.
But Xiong doesn’t behave and wants to kill Chen Yan.
Then you don’t have to tell him the rules.
It’s not too much to ask for the fact that Chen Yan entered the armory.
The two masters looked at each other and finally shook their heads. "Manager Chen is really sorry that you can’t go in without Wang’s order."
Chen Yan’s words may be reasonable, but they are our confidants and will not tell Chen Yan any human feelings.
Chen Yan frowned slightly. "Can’t you really bend the rules?"
"Manager Chen, please come back."
Ulrich nods, "Then I can start work."
Ulrich quickly knocked them out with two hand knives and knocked them out at the neck.
The reason why the ex-Chen Yan has been patient with Xiongba again and again is that it is not because his opponent has already defeated Xiongba, so he naturally needs to be patient again.
It’s too much to dominate these years
Chen Yanke almost hurt his hand several times, but he won’t give our face again.
It’s already very worthy of him that Chen Yan didn’t kill him completely.
After entering the armory, Chen Yan found that there are many more martial arts secrets. These are obviously robbed by the sky in recent years. It is cheaper for Chen Yan to receive these secrets.
"It’s not good for God to do other things, but it’s good to collect secrets and classics, which is very to my liking." Chen Yanxiao said
Chen Yan picked up an old martial arts secret and the second half was torn up.
At first glance, this martial arts secret is very ordinary, but after careful consideration, Yan Yan finds it very difficult.
Heaven will collect the secrets of martial arts. If you really take martial arts, it must have been collected by Xiongba. The secrets in this armory are some basics or second-and third-rate goods.
But there’s always a time when you’re wrong
"The highest lightning method?"
Chen Yan’s eyes flashed a trace of joy. "Taoist Leifa is very interesting. Unfortunately, there are no martial arts moves in the active method, but the active method is the most precious to me."
Xingyiquan has the secret method of "Tiger, Leopard and Lei Yin", but it is a relatively basic thing to refine the body, but it can’t make fighters release a strong flow like eels.
Chen Yanjia’s Xingyiquan "Tiger and Leopard Lei Yin" has nothing for him.
Chen Yan has always wanted to flow to refine the body, but suffering from the lack of production flow equipment, Chen Yan can run aground on the plan
The existing "plough thunder method" just solved the problem of Chen Yan.
"With this highest lightning method, I can exercise my body by thoroughly studying the lightning method, and my physical quality will definitely rise to a higher level. At that time, it may be difficult for magic soldiers like heroic swords and snow drinking knives to hurt me."
Chen Yan finished reading the classics department in the armory.
Back to the residence, Chen Yan closed the door and thanked the guests to concentrate on studying the "highest lightning method"
There are creatures in the human body, but humans can’t feel them.
Leishi is a kind of magical energy which contains two attributes: vitality and destruction.
Chen Yan’s body flashes tiny blue arcs from time to time when he practices the "Heavenly Thunder Method".
The more in-depth study of Ulrich, the more I feel that this "Heavenly Thunder Method" is not simple. The fourth-level achievement method framework and prototype Ulrich are slowly taking shape in my mind.
The fourth level of achievement method should be "thunder method"
Of course, Chen Yan didn’t finish practicing according to the highest lightning method, but studied thoroughly the principle of exercising, creating the most suitable practice method for himself, just like doing a math problem, mastering the formula can be easily solved by the formula if the math problem changes.
Half a month later.