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Wu Daozun casually wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and the purple flame in his eyes was more abundant. After the injury, the fighting spirit did not decrease and the breath rose!

At this moment, our Lord felt a strong will to be fearless and unyielding!
He seems to be able to see the heart of the mind that is full of flames and light from the cultivation of Wu Daozun!
The sky can’t cover it. No!
It seems that there is no power in the world to shake!
"Come and fight!"
Wudao Zun drank a lot and swung up the four holy souls on the top wall of the town prison, and the virtual shadows of the buddhas roared in the sky and surrounded him.
At this moment, the momentum of Wudao Zun has reached its peak and even overwhelmed the head of our headquarters!
Boom Boom Boom
The two men met again and a series of collisions broke out.
The forbidden art competes for blood and blood, fighting in close combat and fighting against the world.
After the injury, Wu Daozun broke out with a strong will, and the fighting power rose again to save the defeat. The Lord was evenly matched!
Even if there is a seal to bless our headquarters, the Lord will still suppress Wudao Zun.
In the corner of the vast star
Looking at the two figures fighting in the stars, the little girl suddenly said, "Although thousands of people in the world are witnesses to the great emperor, this world is as wild as the great emperor."
"It’s okay for us to join hands with him to cut the sky."
In another dark shadow, the old woman directly vetoed that "After all, the comparable emperor is not the emperor of the world, and feng du is almost no one."
The little girl looked cold when she heard the news. "How many people will be sacrificed when he joins the three bodies!"
"How many people are worth the sacrifice?"
The old woman casually said, "Otherwise, those ants will be blocked by heaven."
"Do you think it’s worth it?"
The little girl’s tone has changed, revealing a hint of murder.
"all right"
The bridled old man interrupted lightly and said, "Now we are not suitable to come forward."
"If we don’t show up in heaven, those guys won’t dare to make a move. There is still a chance for the shortage of weapons."
"Once we show up in heaven, those people will come forward with us. Without feng du, the great emperor of the world, it is not good for cutting heaven."
The little girl stopped talking and became silent.
She also knows that the devil is right.
The demon Lord’s heart is not about life and death, nor about all beings in heaven and earth.
The devil has a goal to cut the sky!
But she is different.
The little girl’s eyes fell in the direction of heaven and gradually clenched her fists. The chill in her eyes became more and more intense!
Heaven has been shrouded in the dead.
Counting the plants and trees, all sentient beings wail and wail!
Large areas of green mountains and green waters are in ruins.
Animals die, birds fall, trees decay …
Regardless of race, gender, and level of study, we can control the loss of life, look desperate, and burst into mourning before dying!
Chapter three thousand one hundred and seventy All sentient beings moan
Life on that land has no idea what happened.
Some die in their sleep, some fall in panic, some die in fear …
There are creatures who stare at their eyes until they die.
Be puzzled, unwilling, confused, frightened and die unsatisfied.
"Mom and Dad, what’s wrong with you!"
A four-or five-year-old child looked at the front of his body and hung over his dead face, shouting.
The woman, with a sad face, tried to stretch out her palm and gently wipe away the tears from the corner of the child’s eyes, but she just raised her hand but lost her strength, and the vitality dissipated in front of the child.
Children throw themselves at their parents and cry, but still try to save their lives.
It didn’t take long for the children to cry and gradually fade away.
His face was equally lifeless.
Instead of crying, children squeeze into their parents’ bodies and curl up in their arms, gradually losing their breath.
Some monks ran wildly to escape from this place.
But no matter where he goes, he can’t avoid being infected with the dead, and eventually he will fall into a dry bone and pour it into the soil.
"What the hell happened? Somebody help us!"
A duke in the ancient city looked at the bones all over the city and cried with great sorrow.
No one responded.
Eventually, there was another body in Chengtou.
"Heaven has pity on such a disaster!"
Several creatures knelt down and prayed to heaven.