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Ji Chengtian and others looked at Tang Yu slightly with Zheng consciousness.

Although Tang Yu is extremely well-born, her eyebrows and eyes are picturesque, but her Adam’s apple is raised and her chest is flat, where can she tell that she is a female body?
Tang Yu consciously asked, "What flaw?"
Before Su Mo came to Tang Yu, he also looked at his eyes more presumptuous, more rational and more aggressive. He asked Gherardini, "Do Taoist friends want to know?"
Deja vu scene deja vu questioning
Tang Yu’s cheeks were reddish, and she was a little flustered. She wanted to retreat but stopped living.
"Although you are in a faint fragrance, you can’t hide it from me."
Su Mo’s secret book of uniting the Wild Lich King has been opened, and he is much more sensitive to breath than others!
But now two people are very close to each other, and Su Mo says such a thing again. How to listen to it seems a bit frivolous and ambiguous.
Tang Yu was ashamed and angry in his heart, and his face changed several times. He stamped his feet and turned and walked.
Tang Yu, unwilling to walk a few steps, turned around and glared at Su Mo, gnashing his teeth. "You are an apprentice!"
Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine Dispersed separately
Seeing Tang Yu’s reaction like this, and then seeing the stunning man’s cheeks flush, Ji Chengtian and others also suddenly realized.
Tang Yu is playing with a big heart and wants to "flirt" with a small setting, but he was bullied by Su Mo.
They fought back a smile eyes Tang Yu and Su Mo two people wandering.
Tang Yu is dressed as a man, but after all, her daughter’s body is thin and she is caught by everyone. When she looks at it, she can stand it and turn around and leave.
Staring at Tang Yu’s leaving back, her eyes blurred for a long time and she never recovered.
"Xiao Ning, don’t think too much."
Sue ink gently cough a patted small condensate shoulder.
Xiao Ning turned to look at Su Mo and frowned. She still didn’t want to believe it and asked, "Is Tang Gong really a woman?"
Su Mo nodded.
Xiao Ning sighed slightly, and his eyes could not hide his loss.
Su Mo secretly smiled at Xiao Ning. At this age, it was the first time for a girl to be in love. I didn’t expect that the person who made her move was a woman.
Well, the contact between the two people is not long, and there is nothing after the discovery.
It wasn’t long before Xiao Ning recovered and came to Su Mo’s front and said seriously, "I want to worship Danyang Gate."
Although Sue ink has vaguely guessed the reason in my heart, I still asked 1.
Xiao Ning said, "If there is a place in the wild mainland that has added Shou Yuan Dan Yao Dan Fang, it must be Danyang Gate. I want to try it!"
Sure enough, as Su Mo expected.
The biggest motivation and reason for the actual small condensed alchemist is that learning and refining can increase Shou Yuan elixir.
Their eldest brother Su Hong is mortal and can’t practice Shou Yuan for only a hundred years.
Xiao Ning wants eldest brother Shou Yuan to live as much as possible before taking the road of alchemist.
However, the rarest kind of Dan medicine in the field of repairing the truth belongs to adding Shou Yuan Dan medicine.
Don’t say that this kind of Dan medicine has never appeared in the whole territory of the Zhou Dynasty in Qingshuang Gate, let alone a prescription.
It’s rare to have such an opportunity. Xiao Ning doesn’t want to give up!
In fact, Su Mo also hopes that Xiao Ning will join Danyang Gate.
First, his blood crow palace has a deep grudge. When he returns to Zongmen, he is likely to experience a life-and-death disaster. Xiao Ning’s worship in Danyang Gate can just avoid this disaster.
Secondly, Danyang Gate is one of the four major side doors, which is rich in background and strength, far from what Qingshuang Gate can match, and is also suitable for minor repairs.