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Su Mo’s eyes lit up and he was overjoyed. "Really not dead?"
"You’re not happy either."
Teng Ling said with a smile, "This little monk is dying. I guess in another year and a half, he will completely turn his blood into my blood!"
"Not for a year and a half."
Su Mo’s eyes were murderous and he said slowly, "I’ll send you to die today!"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Teng Ling seems to have heard some wonderful jokes. "Don’t worry, Huang Wu, I will also put you in the blood and let you go to the grave with him!"
Chapter one thousand four hundred and twenty-seven War!
"Young Master, you must do it yourself. I’ll help young master capture the wild weapons!"
A blood rattan family fit can take the initiative to come out.
Teng Ling waved his hand and said with a smile, "No, this man, I want to personally take him into my blood!"
"There are few wild weapons worthy of my hand in the same order of heaven and earth."
Tengling walked towards Sumo with blood in her hand, and the evil spirit smiled, "You can die in my hands!"
"What’s the waste? Come on!"
Sue ink sneer at a big step towards teng ling blunt past!
"How do you want me to fight melee?"
Teng ling smiled.
Blood rattan family less master this life Uber instantly saw through Su Mo plan.
Among the nine fierce families, the blood vine family is bloodthirsty, but its blood and flesh are not strong, far inferior to the protoss, dragon and other fierce families.
It’s just better than the witch clan.
If you can push the blood vine family into melee, you can easily suppress Teng Ling with the help of violet and Su Mo.
"Oh, it’s not that easy."
Teng Ling chuckled and stamped lightly.
Whoo! Whoo!
Suddenly, lines of thick vines grow out of the virtual space, like bloody vines in the arms, winding around Su Mo!
Before these blood vines reach the round face near the top, they open their mouths and show their sharp fangs, flashing cold light!
At the very least, there are hundreds of blood vines winding around and smelling fishy, almost engulfing Su Mo!
Su Mo’s look remains the same, and his feet keep flicking with his fingertips.