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This golden fruit is Wudaoguo!

The normal Tao fruit embodies the essence of the yogi’s cultivation, which contains many insights of the secret law.
There can be no life fluctuation in this way.
The situation in Sumo is different.
This Taoist fruit is not the essence of his cultivation, but the essence of martial arts and noble meaning!
More than that, this fruit has also been blessed with great wishes, which contains the will of martial arts and the belief of all beings!
All kinds of forces converge to produce a martial art fruit with life breath and fluctuation!
This phenomenon is unprecedented even in the 3,000-year-old world.
This martial art fruit can be regarded as jumping out of the three realms and not being in the five elements.
Su Mo looked at the golden fruit in front of him and thought for a long time and didn’t come up with anything, so he put it in the bag.
Then Su Mo dragged his aging body out of the cemetery step by step.
Three robberies outside the territory
Many monks are gathering there, and there are many comments.
"The wild martial arts should be the martial arts in this place, right?"
"It should be this crack."
"It’s strange that it’s less than fifteen years since WWI. How can WWI say that it’s been nearly five thousand years?"
These monks came not only out of curiosity, but also because of the clan behind them!
Among them, there are ten gates in the north and family monks in each gate.
Now Su Mo is definitely a big shot in the whole field of fixing the truth, especially in the northern domain!
At the beginning, Su Mo Xuanyu was surrounded by a fit and powerful person after World War I, but he left safely and sickly.
It’s still a mystery that the six great powers have fallen!
For example, Dragon Tiger Pavilion, Yin Ghost Sect and other clansmen who have made bad friends with Zeng Sumo are guilty, and they pay great attention to the situation and movement of Su Mo.
A figure gradually emerged in the three robbery areas of the group repair discussion, and it seems that the evil wind is blowing and it will fall at any time.
The noise gradually died down.
Group of fixed eyes staring at there.
In a short time, this figure has gradually become clear and has walked out of the three robbery domains.
This is an old man with gray hair and wrinkled face. His eyes have become a little cloudy and his blood has declined.
The old man’s spine is bent and bent.
In the past five thousand years, this thin and aging body has been unable to support his shabby blue shirt!
Group repair alpha males slightly open mouth.
Everyone’s eyes show incredible color!
Is this Taoist Huang Wu?